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Pound Gap Batt'n - Civil War

Pound Gap Batt'n - Civil War

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Co. C “Pound Gap Battalion” (1st Co) Va.
-afterwards 21 Battn. Va. Inf.
Enl. Sep. 17/61 for 12 mos.
Millsham, Russell J. – C
Bales, Archelous, - 1
Speak, Nicholas – 2
Pace, Absolem – 2
Mustard as Indpt. Co Apr 30/62
11 of this company subsequently enlisted in Co. “G”, 27 Battn. Apr. 25 Regt Va Cav & some in various other Cos.
No rolls, Lee Battn. Return
Rolls for Apr 30/62 with Milsham’s Co. Va. Inf.

21 Battn. Va. Inf. (1st Co.)
Co. D Pound Gap Battalion, Va.
Enl Sep 24/61 for 1 yr.
Manness(?), Alexander – C
Neeley, Wilborn P. – 1
Bishop, John W. – 2
Rose, Samuel S. – 2
Remarks on Sept 23/62 roll show this company was finally composed from members of all cos. Of the Battn. Who did not re-enlist and that 12 mos men were mustered out Sept 23/62.
At reorgn. Apr. 16/62, the re-enlisted men of the Co. were transf’d. to other Cos., principally 2nd Co “C”
All rolls filed herewith.
Co. D. (Pound Gap) Battalion, Va.

Co. “D”, 21 Battn. Va. Inf. (2d Co.)
Formerly Capt. James S. Hayne’s Co. Va. Inf.
Enl. Apr 5/62 for 3 yrs or war
Subsequently became Co. “D”, 64 Regt. Va. Inf> (Mtd)
(which see for sub. Rolls)
Haynes, James S. – C
Holdway, Henry W. – 1 R. Aug. 25/62
Day, Lexington M. – 2 – C
Wolfe, Oliver M. – 2 DIED JULY 24/62
Peters, Samuel R. – 2 – 1
Gray, Samuel L. – 2
Fletcher, James D. – 2

Co. “E” Pound Gap Battalion (1st Co) Va.
Afterwards 21 Battn. Va. Inf.
Enl. Sep 30/61 for 1 yr.
Tyler, Geo. N. –C (to Co D, 29 Battn, aft. Co K 64 Reg)
Ely, James R. – 1
Miller, John – 2
Jaynes, John – 2
This Co. appears to have been disbanded Apr 17/62 and men assigned to other Cos. – Quite a number to Co. “A”.

Co. “E”, 21 Battn. Va. Inf. (2d Co.)
Formerly Capt Harvey Gray’s Co. Va. Inf.
Enl. Apr 6/62 for 3 yrs or war
Subsequently became Co. “E”, 64 Reg’t. Va. Inf. (Mtd)
(which see sub rolls)
Gray, Harvey – C
Fugate, Martin B. – 1
McConnell, Hiram K. – 2
Daugherty, Sylvester P. – 2

Company F (2d Co.)
21st Battn. Virginia Infantry
For 1st Co. “F” see 2d Co. “C”
Ratliff, Sparl(?)….C R. Jan 5 63
Ratliff, Jacob M…..1
Fuller, George….2.1. R. Dec 20 62
Ward, George…2
Assigned as 1st Co. F, 64 Regt. Va. Inf.
(1-92-264) No Rolls
This Co appears to have been disbanded about Jan 1863.
Quite a number of the members enlisted Feb 28/63 in Co. “F”
10 (Diamond’s) Regt. Ky. Cav.
Some in Co “G”, and some in other Cos. Of that Regt.
Some to Co. “B”, 22 Va. Cav.

21 Battalion Va. Inf.
Return of 21 Battalion Va Inf for month of Oct, 1861 shows station,
Camp Lane Lee Co Va

Co. A 21 Battalion Reg’t Va Inf
Company return of the organization Named above for the month of Oct, 1861 shows station of company,
Camp Lane, Lee Co. Va.

Co. A, 21 Battalion Va Inf
Company return of the organization named above for month of Nov. 1861
Shows station of company
Pound Gap Wise Co Va

Co. A, 21 Battalion Va Inf
Company return of the organization named above for the month of Dec 1861 shows station of company,
Pound Gap Wise Co Va

Co A, 21 Batt’n, 21 Virginia Infantry
Known also as Pound Gap (special service) Battalion
Company Muster Roll of the organization named above for Jan 31 to Apl 16, 1862
Dated Apl 16, 1862
Shows station of company,
Sulpher Spring Russell Co Va

2d Co C, 21 Batt’n Virginia Infantry
Formerly (1st) Co F, Thompson’s Battn.
Company Muster Roll of the organization named above for Oct 17, 1861 to Jany 31, 1862
Dated Jany 31 1862
Shows station of company,
Pound Gap

2d Co C, 21 Batt’n Virginia Infantry.
Company Muster Roll of the organization named above, for Aug 31 to Nov 31, 1862 Dated Nov. 30, 1862
Shows station of company,
Hickry Flats, Lee Co Va

1st Co D , 21 Battn. Va Inf
also known as (1st) Co D Special Service Batt’n.
Company Return of the organization named above, for the month of Dec, 1861 shows station of company,
Pound Gap, Wise Co Virginia

….for the month of Jan, 1862 shows station of company
Pound Gap, Wise Co VA

…for Jan 31 to Apr 17, 1862,….
Camp Sulpher Spring Russell Co Va

…for Apr 17 to Sept 23, 1862 shows station of company,
Camp Turky Cove, Lee County Va

2d D 21 Batt’n., Va. Infty
Formerly Capt James S. Haynes Co (A)
Bounty Pay and Receipt Roll… shows station

1st Co E 21 Batt’n Virginia Infantry….
For Jan 31 to Apl 17, 1862…
Shows station of company
Camp Sulpher, Russell Co. Va

1st Co E 21 Battn Va…also known as… Pound Gap Batt’n
for month of Jan 1862, shows station of company,
Pound Gap

Re: Pound Gap Batt'n - Civil War

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Classification: Query
Below are names as indexed at for
"Twenty-first Militia; Twenty-first Battalion, Infantry (Pound Gap Battalion, Thompson's Battalion, Special Service Battalion)"

Absher, John
Absher, William
Adams, Henry R.
Adams, James M.
Adams, William T.
Adkins [BLANK]
Adkins, Elias
Agner, William P.
Airington, Elisha
Aldridge, Francis
Aldridge, Isaac Newton
Allen, John
Allen, McDaniel
Ambrose, Frank
Ambrose, Henry
Apason, John
Arnold, James E.
Arrington, Elisha
Ash, John
Ash, John D.
Auldridge, Isaac N.
Bailey, Peter H.
Baldwin, James W.
Bales, Archelous
Ball, Thomas J.
Ball, William N.
Barber, Elijah
Barbour, Elijah
Barker, Charles W.
Barker, Francis M.
Barker, John B.
Barnett, Eli
Barnett, John
Barron, James F.
Bartley, Isaac
Barton, Thomas B.
Bayse, William
Beatty, John A.
Belcher, John
Belcher, Moses
Bellomy, William C.
Belomy, James P.
Belomy, John W.
Belomy, Joseph W.
Belomy, Nathan
Belomy, William C.
Belott, John W.
Belvin, Benjamin
Belvin, Henry
Benton, Addison L.
Benton, James W.
Benton, Robert C.
Benton, Zachariah
Berry, James F.
Berry, John N.B.
Berry, John N.V.
Bevins, George W.
Billups, George W.
Bird, William K.
Bishop, Andrew J.
Bishop, George W.
Bishop, J.W.
Bishop, James W.
Bishop, John W.
Bishop, Mathew
Blake, John A.
Blakemore, Charles F.
Blakemore, John T.
Blankbecklar, John A.
Blankinbecklar, John A.
Blanton, Isaac
Bledso, Bishop
Bledsoe, Bishop
Bledsoe, David D.
Bledsoe, Preston
Bledsoe, Sampson W.
Blevin, John
Bloomer, Jefferson
Bloomer, Martin V.
Bloomer, T.J.
Boatright, James V.
Boatright, John M.
Bobbeywell, Burwell
Bohannon, Andrew
Boles, Martin V.
Boles, William R.
Bolin, Britten
Bolin, James
Bolin, Lewis
Bolin, Samuel J.
Bollin, James B.
Bollin, John J.
Bollin, Samuel J.
Bolton, Noah
Bonnaville, John
Bonnawell, Burwell
Bonnywell, William
Booker, Charles E.C.
Booker, John L.
Booker, Lewis T.
Boss, Joseph
Boss, Joseph T.
Boswell, John F.
Bowlen, Hiram C.
Bowlen, John J.
Bowlin, Britten
Bowlin, James B.
Bowlin, John J.
Bowlin, S.
Bowlin, William H.
Bowman, James J.
Brady, Morris
Breeding, Alford
Breeding, Newton
Briant, Jefferson J.
Brickey, Daniel M.
Brickey, James A.
Brickey, Parish
Brickley, Elijah C.
Bristow, George H.
Bristow, John A.
Bristow, Peter W.
Bristow, William B.
Broaddus, William T.
Broadwaters, John
Brooking, Henry W.
Brooking, John W.
Brooking, William
Browder, Edmun T.
Browder, Edward T.
Browder, James B.
Brown, James H.
Brown, Jefferson
Brown, John R.
Brown, William
Browning, James G.
Brushwood, Levi C.
Bryant, Jefferson J.
Burk, Thomas J.
Bush, Calvin
Butler, Thomas
Byington, William
Callis, Thomas H.
Cambell, Thomas W.
Campbell, Isaac
Campbell, Thomas W.
Carmines, Daniel
Carmines, James M.
Carroll, Thomas J.
Carroll, William
Carroll, William J.
Carter, Charles L.
Carter, Dale W.
Carter, Henry C.
Carter, James H.
Carter, John F.
Carter, Morgan C.
Carter, Nelson P.
Carter, Peter
Cary, George M.
Casteel, Henry F.
Casteel, John D.
Casteel, William F.
Cattron, Thomas F.
Cavan, Frank
Cecil, James W.
Chapman, Samuel B.
Childress, Elijah
Childress, George
Childress, Huston
Childress, William
Church, William
Clair, John D.
Clare, John D.
Clark, Francis B.F.
Clark, Washington
Clark, William
Clayter, James R.
Cleek, John R.
Cleek, Michael L.
Clevingen, James
Clevingen, John
Clevinger, Frederck
Clevinger, Lewvis
Clevinger, William H.
Clifton, John
Clifton, William
Clous, Henry
Clows, Henry
Cluverious, Benjamin C.
Cluverious, Washington L.
Cluverus, Benjamin C.
Coalman, Mathews
Coalman, Miles
Coalman, Richard
Coke, Nelson
Cole, Felix
Cole, Joshua
Cole, William F.
Coleman, Davy
Coleman, John F.
Coleman, Richard C.
Colends, Jeremiah
Collens, Enoch
Collens, Ivin
Collens, William
Colley, Joshua
Colley, Richard J.
Collier, John H.
Collins, Arthur
Collins, Clark W.
Collins, Evan
Collins, Jeremiah
Collins, Noah
Collins, Thornsberry
Collins, William
Collins, William K.
Collinsworth, William H.
Colmon, James
Compton, James K.
Cook, Simeon
Cook, William A.D.
Cooke, Thomas S.
Cooke, Warner T.
Coole, William F.
Corr, Charles T.
Corr, D.F.
Corr, Levi P.
Coumpton, Green B.
Coumpton, Jasper M.
Coumpton, William R.
Cox, William H.
Cox, William R.
Crabtree, Henderson
Craft, Irvin
Craswell, Richard A.
Creech, Alexander L.
Creech, William
Cress, Henry A.
Cromley, Samuel
Crook, Atlantie Ocean
Crook, Pacific O.
Crook, Thomas J.
Crosswell, Isaac
Croswell, Hezekiah L.
Croswell, John T.
Croswell, John W.
Crumbley, Samuel
Cruser, James M.
Crusoe, James M.
Cumpton, John B.
Curfman, John H.
Curry, William H.
Cutchins, M.
Dale, Abner
Damold, John
Darnell, William W.
Daugherty, Sylvester P.
Daugherty, William
Davidson, Goolmon
Davidson, James W.
Davidson, Joseph
Davidson, Wayne
Davies, Landon N.
Davis, Benjamin
Davis, James K.
Davis, S.M.
Davis, Thomas J.
Davis, Wesley
Davis, William K.
Davison, Goldman
Day, Francis M.
Day, Lexington M.
Deal, John
Deming, John
Demming, John H.
Denton, William
Dews, Zachariah
Dicken, William
Dickson, William
Didlack, Charles R.
Didlake, Charles R.
Diggs, Joel F.
Dingus, Thomas J.
Dixon, William
Dobson, Joseph H.
Dorton, Colbert
Dorton, John M.
Dougherty, William
Dudley, Thomas
Dudly, Thomas
Duham, Jame G.
Dulaney, William L.
Duncan, C.
Dunford, William
Dunkin, Claven
Dunstan, Powhatan D.
Dunstan, Thomas J.
Durham, Franklin H.
Durham, James G.
Durham, James H.
Durham, James K.
Durham, James R.
Dutton, Philip H.
Dutton, Phillip A.
Dutton, William F.
Dykes, James M.
Eagle, Ambers H.
Easter, Elijah
Easterling, Henry S.
Eastridge, George
Eastwood, Alexander G.
Edwards, Dunbar
Edwards, James
Edwards, James R.
Edwards, John W.
Edwards, Thomas J.
Egan, Elijah
Egan, Emery
Egan, Henderson
Eiger, John
Elit, Michael
Elliott, Charles C.
Elliott, William H.
Elswick, Harvey
Elswick, Henderson
Ely, George W.
Ely, Jacob M.
Ely, James R.
Ely, Thomas S.
Ely, William
Emmit, John
Estep, Andrew J.
Estep, Nathaniel
Estep, Samuel
Esterling, Henry S.
Ewing, Joseph
Falien, William A.
Falin, William A.
Fance, William
Farley, Gerome H.
Farmer, James
Farmer, Osker
Fary, Thomas M.P.
Feeles, Samuel
Field, Zachariah
Fields, Joel
Figg, Mathew
Fisher, Edmond
Fisher, Ira
Fitts, J.R.
Flanary, David C.
Flanary, Reese D.
Flanery, Creed F.
Flanry, David C.
Flanry, Rees D.
Flaury, Creed F.
Flecher, William C.
Fleener, Wesley J.
Fleeney, Wesley J.
Fleming, Joseph C.
Flemming, Joseph C.
Fletcher, Caleb M.
Fletcher, James D.
Fletcher, James L.
Fletcher, Jonathan D.
Fletcher, Jordan T.
Fortney, William Perry
Fortune, William
Fosque, John L.
Foster, John B.
Fouch, James H.
Foxwell, Solomon
Fraley, C.C.
France, William
France, William H.
Francisco, Cornelius
Frasier, James P.
Frasier, Solomon
Frasure, Solomon
Frayser, William A.
Fraysure, William A.
Frazier, Daniel
Frazier, William A.
Freeman, David F.
Freeman, David T.
Friley, C.C.
Fugat, James P.
Fugate, James
Fugate, James P.
Fugate, Joseph C.
Fugate, Martin B.
Fugater, James P.
Fuller, George
Fuller, Harrison
Fuller, James
Fuller, Thomas
Fuller, Whitley
Gadsey, William
Games, William E.
Garreard, Edward
Garrett, Edward
Garrett, Lumpkin
Garrison, Allen
Garrison, Andrew J.
Garrison, Daniel B.
Gibson, Alfred
Gibson, Gilfred
Gibson, Harvey
Gibson, Huston
Gibson, Jinkins
Gibson, Joel
Gibson, Martin
Giles, George W.
Gillam, Peter P.
Gilliam, F.M.
Gilliam, John R.
Gilliam, Peter P.
Gilliam, Thomas
Gillium, Francis M.
Gillium, Peter P.
Gilreath, Thomas S.A.
Gipson, Harvey
Gipson, Joel
Givler, Peter B.
Glass, William T.
Glenn, Peter W.
Godsey, William
Good, John
Good, Timothy
Gott, David
Gr, Lewellen
Graham, Thomas N.
Graham, William R.
Graves, Andrew C.
Graves, James C.
Graves, Thomas
Gray, Harvey
Gray, Samuel L.
Grayham, William
Green, David C.
Green, Henderson
Green, James M.
Green, Joseph
Green, Martin W.
Green, Morrison
Green, William M.
Greene, Joseph
Gressett, William W.
Griffin, Edward
Griffin, Thomas J.
Griffin, William J.
Grim, Charles
Groff, Henry B.
Groom, Albert C.
Groom, Joseph
Grubb, Benjamin
Guthrie, Elijah
Guthry, Elijah
Habern, Benjamin F.
Habern, George W.H.
Haburn, Benjamin F.
Haburn, George W.H.
Hains, Robert S.
Haley, James
Haley, Virgil A.S.
Hall, Aaron C.
Hall, Arthur C.
Hall, Daniel
Hall, Esquire
Hall, Harvey M.
Hall, James H.
Hall, John
Hall, John D.
Hall, John F.
Hall, Lincon P.
Hall, Palestine
Hall, Richard
Hall, William
Hammons, Amos
Hammons, James H.
Hammons, Jenkens
Hammons, William S.
Harber, Milton
Harison, John R.
Harrel, Milton
Harris, Alexander
Harris, Cyrus
Harris, James E.
Harris, M.D.
Harris, Nathan
Harris, Nathaniel
Harris, Robert
Harris, Robert S.
Harrison, Henry
Harrison, William E.
Haynes, Henry
Haynes, James S.
Haynes, Samuel
Haynes, Thomas
Haywood, Joel
Haywood, Thomas R.
Head, George M.
Head, George W.
Head, Hezekiah P.
Head, John B.
Head, Levi
Hedrick, Jefferson
Henager, David C.
Heneger, John M.
Hennegar, David C.
Hennegar, John M.
Hensley, Eli
Hensley, John A.
Hensley, William D.
Herendon, Larkin
Herndon, Larkin
Hewell, James H.
Hewell, Reuben
Hewell, William T.
Heywood, Joel
Heywood, Robert
Heywood, Thomas R.
Heywood, William
Heywood, William B.
Hiatt, John A.G.
Hibble, John L.
Hibble, Thomas
Hickam, Isaac W.
Hill, John
Hill, Robert
Hinshaw, Leonard W.
Hobbs, David C.
Hobbs, David L.
Hobbs, Francis M.
Hobbs, John Z.
Hobbs, Joshua E.
Hobbs, William Z.
Hogg, George
Hogg, Gipson
Hogg, James
Hogg, John H.
Hogg, Joseph T.
Hogg, Peter
Hogg, Robert A.
Hogg, Stephen
Hogg, Thomas H.
Hogg, William
Holt, Andrew J.
Hood, William
Hopkins, James
Horn, Henry
Horton, Enoch
Horton, Enoch H.
Horton, Lilburn H.
Horton, Robert H.
Howard, James T.
Howard, Philip A.
Howlett, Madison
Hubbard, Noah
Huell, James H.
Huell, Ruben
Huell, William T.
Huicut, William R.
Hundley, Richard H.
Hunicutt, William R.
Hutton, William E.
Hyden, Granville
Hyden, John M.
Hyden, John R.
Hyden, William
Ingle, Isaac
Ingle, William
Jackson, Jason J.
James, Samuel
Jane, John
Jarvis, George R.C.
Jaynes, John
Jenkins, Elijah
Jenkins, George W.
Jenkins, William
Jenkins, William B.
Jennings, H.J.
Jennings, Michael M.
Johnson, Charles W.
Johnson, George W.
Johnson, Gilbert
Johnson, Isaac
Johnson, James
Johnson, Nathaniel
Johnson, William
Johnston, G.W.
Johnston, James F.
Joiner, James A.
Joiner, William A.
Jones, George
Jones, Griffith R.
Jones, Henderson
Jones, James
Jones, Perry R.
Jones, Walker F.
Joyner, John H.
Joyner, John M.
Keen, Isreal O.
Keen, James L.
Keen, James W.M.
Keen, Mathias
Keen, William
Keen, William
Kelley, Richard
Kelly, Richard
Kemp, James R.
Kemp, Philip A.
Kemp, Thomas
Kern, John L.
Kern, Madison W.
Key, Isaac
Key, James
Kilgore, Thomas B.
Killgore, Thomas B.
Killion, Wilborn
Kimberland, James S.
Kimberling, James L.
King, William
Kirkmeyer, William N.
Kirkmiah, William N.
Kirkmire, William N.
Kirkmoil, William N.
Kirkmyer, William N.
Kirkmyre, William N.
Kirts, George
Knowels, John
Koger, John D.
Lamberth, John R.
Lane, Abraham
Lane, Dutton
Lane, James E.
Lane, James W.
Lane, John M.
Lane, Martin
Lane, Nathan B.
Lane, Samuel
Lane, Wilkerson
Lane, William J.
Laney, Joseph S.
Lang, Anthony
Lang, Joseph S.
Langley, James
Lany, Robert V.
Larege, Anthony
Lark, Joseph
Larmer, Emmit B.
Lawson, Henry P.
Lawson, John
Leavitt, William R.
Lee, Richard
Leedy, Rufus
Leigh, John W.
Lewis, Benjamin
Lewis, John T.
Lewis, Martin
Lewis, Thomas
Lewis, William J.
Lial, Robert F.
Livesay, George S.
Lockhart, Squire J.
Looney, Daniel
Looney, Mathias
Looney, Robert
Lord, Timothy
Love, Thomas
Lovel, John M.
Lovel, Thomas H.
Lowe, Henry
Lucas, Thomas
Lucus, Jonathan M.
Lucus, William J.
Lunsford, Nelson
Lunsford, William
Luste, Alexander
Luster, Michael
Lyal, Robert F.
Lyell, Robert F.
Maddox, James H.
Maddox, James W.
Madox, James M.
Malone, William
Maness, Alexander
Maness, Hiram
Maness, Hustin
Mank, Jesse S.P.
Mann, Robert
Mann, William J.
Manus, Alexander
Manus, Hustin
Marcum, James
Marcum, Joseph
Marcum, Robert
Marcum, William C.
Marion, John P.
Marshal, John H.
Marshal, William J.
Marshall, Dan
Marshall, William C.
Martin, Silas
Mason, John A.
Massie, Thomas A.
Masters, Henry
Matney, Daniel
Matney, John
Maury, John
Maxwell, Andrew J.
Maxwell, William H.
McClanahan, George
McClanahan, Isaac
McClanahan, James
McCline, John
McConnell, Berry
McConnell, George W.
McConnell, Hiram K.
McConnell, Stephen C.
McConnell, William G.
McCord, William
McCoy, Edward
McCracken, Andrew
McCrackins, Andrew
McCurry, John
McGhee, Lewis
McKee, Benjamin F.
McKenzie, David
McMullen, William N.
McMurry, John
Mead, George W.
Mead, Henry
Mileham, Russell J.
Miles, Charles P.
Miles, Henry B.
Miller, David
Miller, George P.
Miller, Jacob
Miller, James
Miller, James W.
Miller, John
Miller, Peter F.
Mills, James
Minick, George W.
Minnick, George W.
Minor, Thomas J.
Minter, samuel H.
Monk, J.S.P.
Moore, Anderson
Moore, Basil
Moore, John E.
Moore, Robert
Morefield, Andrew J.
Morefield, Daniel
Morrison, Michael
Mory, John
Mosier, Ira E.
Muire, Richard
Mullens, Elijah
Mullins, Ambrose
Mullins, Harvey
Mullins, Jacob
Mullins, Lewis M.
Mure, Richard
Murfey, William H.
Murphy, Edly H.
Murphy, Henderson
Narbour, Abraham
Nealy, David
Nealy, W.P.
Neeley, David
Neeley, Wilborn P.
Nelson, William W.
Nelson, Wilmer W.
Netherley, James
Newton, Thomas
Nigh, John
Noe, Joseph
Noe, Samuel
Nolls, John
Nutall, John J.
Nye, John
Olinger, Andrew J.
Olinger, David C.
Olinger, Harvey G.W.
Olinger, Jacob J.
Olinger, John B.C.
Oliver, Riland
Oliver, Thomas
Oliver, Thomas A.J.
Oliver, Wash J.
Oliver, Washington
Orsburn, William
Osborn, James K.
Owens, James
Owens, Robert
Owens, William H.
Oxford, William M.
Padgett, James F.
Padgett, Richard L.
Page, James C.
Page, John
Page, Thomas
Page, William
Page, William P.
Palmer, Samuel
Pane, Abraham
Pane, Alexander
Pane, Solomon
Parsons, William
Parsons, Zion
Pearce, Robert B.
Pearson, William
Pendleton, Lilburn H.
Penington, Edward
Pennington, Abraham
Pennington, Abram
Pennington, Edward
Pennington, John Z.
Percell, Austin
Perry, Fortney W.
Peters, Christopher C.
Peters, Elkana K.
Peters, Elkanah R.
Peters, George W.
Peters, James
Peters, Joseph T.L.
Peters, Robert L.
Peters, Samuel R.
Peters, Tilmon H.
Peters, W.W.W.
Peterson, A.Y.
Philips, George W.
Phillips, George W.
Phipps, Elkanah
Pierce, James
Pierce, Robert B.
Pippen, Edward A.
Pippen, William T.
Pitts, James W.
Pitts, William J.
Pointer, Daniel C.
Poore, James M.
Poteet, Benjamin
Poteet, Benjamin F.
Poteet, David
Poteet, Henry C.
Poteet, Job
Poteet, Nimrod
Poteet, Samuel
Poteet, William H.
Powell, Lorenzo
Powers, James H.
Powers, Oliver S.
Price, Francis M.
Price, James
Pridemore, Auburn L.
Pridemore, Hiram D.
Proctor, John R.
Puller, Sam D.
Purcell, John
Qualls, Samuel P.
Quillen, Henry B.
Quillen, Joseph
Quillen, Thomas
Rainy, M.D.
Raising, John H.
Ramey, Harvey W.
Ramey, Hiram
Ramey, John H.
Ramey, Joseph
Ramey, Patton
Ramy, John H.
Rank, Philip
Ransone, Alexander
Ransone, James H.
Ransone, James R.
Rany, Hiram
Ratliff, Alderrine
Ratliff, Jacob M.
Ratliff, James
Ratliff, James T.
Reasor, Daniel S.
Reasor, James H.
Reasor, William A.J.
Redman, Heary B.
Redman, James M.
Redman, John H.
Redwine, David B.
Redwine, Jerome B.
Redwine, John C.
Redwine, Joshua N.
Reed, Amus
Reed, Humphrey
Reese, Charles A.
Renfrow, John W.
Rice, Joel
Richardson, Fleming W.
Riley, Henry G.
Riley, Richard
Rilie, Benjamin
Rilie, Henry G.
Rilie, Robert L.
Ritchie, Alexander
Roane, Warner P.
Robberts, John
Robenet, Zachariah O.
Roberds, Carter H.
Roberds, John
Roberts, Carter H.
Roberts, John
Roberts, Richard B.
Robinett, Isaac
Robinett, William
Robinette, Isaac
Robinette, Z.O.
Robins, Isaac
Robins, James W.
Robins, John
Robins, John C.
Robins, Robert C.
Robins, William A.
Robinson, David
Robnett, Zachariah O.
Rogers, Arthur
Rogers, George W.
Rogers, James M.
Rogers, Jefferson
Rogers, Milton
Rogers, P.M.C.
Roller, Harvey
Roller, Harvey J.
Roller, William
Rose, Samuel S.
Rouse, John
Rowe, Albert
Rowe, Benjamin
Rowe, Benjamin A.
Rowe, Benjamin T.
Rowe, James
Rowe, John F.
Rowe, Leroy
Rowe, Lorenzo
Rowe, Ralph
Rowe, William
Rowe, William A.
Runions, James M.
Russel, Alexander K.
Russell, Alexander K.
Russell, Robert S.
Sampson, William H.
Sarver, John
Scanlan, Michael
Scoonover, John C.
Scott, John
Scott, John W.
Sears, Henry S.
Sears, John
Sears, Thomas H.
Sears, William A.
Seawell, M. Boswell
Seawell, William H.
Seawell, William T.
Settle, Henry P.
Sewell, John H.P.
Sewell, William T.
Sexton, Benjamin F.
Sexton, Robert
Shackelford, Albert F.
Shackelford, Alfred
Shackelford, George W.
Shackelford, Henry C.
Shackelford, William
Shackleford, John W.
Shackleford, William
Shelton, William L.
Short, James
Shortdrige, Anderson S.
Shortdrige, Robert S.
Shortridge, Benjamin F.
Shortridge, Elijah
Shortridge, Robert
Shotdrige, Horvey
Shuck, John
Simcoe, Henry Clay
Slemp, Campbell
Slemp, Hugha P.
Slemp, John
Sloan, Andrew
Sloane, Andrew
Slone, Andrew
Slone, Frankling
Slone, Hiram
Slone, Isaac
Slone, James
Slone, Morgan
Slone, William H.
Smith, Barcley
Smith, Barcley F.
Smith, David
Smith, George E.
Smith, Henry
Smith, James
Smith, James L.
Smith, John T.
Smith, Samuel
Smith, Thomas
Smith, William
Smith, William M.
Snodgrass, Joseph
Snodgrass, Samuel
South, Hugh A.
South, John L.
Southern, Cornelius
Southern, Daniel
Spangler, Francis M.
Speak, Nicholas
Speares, Charles H.
Speek, Nicholas
Speer, Charles H.
Speers, William H.H.
Spencer, James F.
Spencer, Oliver
Spirdle, Philip S.
Sprinkle, George
Sproul, Josiah B.
Spurlock, Richard R.
Stacy, Shastrick
Stair, Jeremiah
Stair, Oscar F.
Stalker, James
Stallard, John W.
Stanberry, John W.
Standerfer, David P.
Standerfer, William J.
Stanly, G.H.
Stapleton, Robert C.
Starns, William H.
Steele, Harvey
Stewart, James W.
Stewart, Robert H.
Stewart, William
Stewart, William H.
Stiltener, David
Stiltener, John H.
Stiltener, Mathews
Stiltener, Motteson
Stiltner, David
Stiltner, John S.
Stiltner, Mathews
Stiltner, Wesley
Stoakes, Charles R.
Stokes, Charles R.
Stone, James B.
Stone, John M.
Stone, Martin G.
Stone, Robert
Stone, Stephen J.
Stone, William H.
Strong, George W.
Stubblefield, Wade E.
Stubblefield, William A.
Stubbs, Ed
Stubbs, Lawrence S.
Suleier, Larkin
Sulser, Larkin
Summa, Alexander
Summerson, Richard
Suttle, Alexander
Sword, Michael
Taliaferro, John P.
Taliaferro, Thomas S.
Tate, James G.
Tate, John M.
Taylor, Charles H.
Taylor, Henry
Taylor, Isaac T.
Taylor, James
Taylor, Milo
Taylor, Samuel
Taylor, Sylvan S.
Taylor, William C.
Teagle, William E.C.
Thomas, Charles
Thomas, George S.
Thomas, James
Thomas, John
Thomas, Joseph R.
Thomas, Levi
Thomas, Washington
Thompson, George W.
Thompson, Henry
Thompson, Isaac
Thompson, John
Thompson, William H.
Thorton, Francis C.
Thrift, Hiram D.
Thrift, Hiram L.
Thrift, William J.J.
Thrift, William Jackson
Tillage, Joseph
Tillage, William J.
Tillen, George
Tillen, Samuel J.
Tomlinson, Nathaniel
Townsend, John W.
Travillian, William
Travis, James
Travis, John R.
Travis, William
Tritt, Alexander L.
Tritt, James
Turner, Joel
Tyler, George N.
Tyler, John A.
Vail, William H.
Vale, William H.
Vance, Alexander
Vance, Elijah
Vance, John G.
Vance, William H.
Vandike, Walter
Vandike, William
Vaughan, Charles R.
Venable, Isaac
Venable, John
Venable, Joseph L.
Veneble, Isaac
Vickers, William
Voss, John C.
Walker, Aaron
Walker, George
Walker, John
Walker, John M.
Walker, Martin
Walker, Richard H.
Walker, William L.
Wallace, William
Wallin, Rubin
Wallis, William
Ward, George
Ward, John A.
Watkins, G.W.
Watkins, Joseph J.
Webb, William
Webb, William S.
Webster, John
Weddle, James F.
Wells, Benjamin F.
Wesman, Colbird
West, Benjamin
West, Frank
West, Garry
West, George
West, Isaac K.
West, James
West, John
West, John M.
West, Robert
West, Warner
Wheeler, Joseph
Whisman, Colbert
White, John R.
White, William
White, William B.
White, William M.
Wiatt, Washington
Wilkins, John M.
Wilkins, Thomas F.
Willett, Jesse T.
William, Gilderoy
Williams, Carter
Williams, Christopher
Williams, Christopher A.
Williams, Edward
Williams, James E.A.
Williams, Jefferson J.
Williams, Martin
Williams, Peyton G.
Williams, Thomas A.
Williams, William
Williams, William H.
Willis, John D.
Willis, John R.
Wilson, Benjamin F.
Wilson, Elisha
Wilson, James M.
Wilson, Marcus D.L.
Wimann, Robert
Winter, Samuel H.
Wirick, Flanders
Wise, John
Wise, Thomas J.
Witt, Alfred
Witt, Jacob
Witt, John
Witt, Robert
Witt, William
Wolf, Oliver M.
Wood, William
Woodard, Henry M.
Woodard, Nelson
Woodland, Benjamin F.
Woodland, Solomon
Woodward, Christopher
Worley, John R.
Worrel, Joseph
Wyat, Washington
Wygal, Crockett
Wygal, Newton
Wynegar, James O.
Wynn, Robert
Yates, George
Yates, John
Yates, Linzy
Yates, Samuel
Yearry, William J.
Yeary, David J.
Yeary, David N.
Yeary, John J.
Yeary, William J.
Young, Hezekiah
Zion, George W.
Zion, William
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