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The mystery of Harriet Peterson!

The mystery of Harriet Peterson!

Michael M. Thorstad (View posts)
Posted: 1112557614000
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Surnames: Peterson, Thompson, Christenson, Olson, Mory, Larson
The search for my gggreatgrandmothers parents has been interesting. I suspect that she is the daughter of Ole and Tona Peterson, who lived in Clayton, Winnebago County, Wisconsin. I recently received her death certificate and it lists her father as Ole Peterson, born in Norway. Ole Peterson is present in Clayton for the 1850, 1860, 1870 & 1880 census, born in Norway. From family records, Harriet was born 13 Nov 1843 in Murkego, Wauskesha County, Wisconsin Territory. One of her grandsons wrote a family history of her and he reported that her baptismal name as Helga Klokkenvenger. A search of many, many records will get you absolutely nothing with the name of Klokkenvenger!?? Since Winnebago County is only a few counties away from Waukesha County in distance, it is conceivable they migrated after she was born to Clayton in Winnebago County. Anyway, Ole Peterson lists a daughter named Harriet for the 1850 Census (age 7) and for the 1860 Census (age 17). Harriet married a man named Thompson just before he went off to fight in the Civil War. They agreed that she would migrate to Minnesota and stake a claim while he was fighting in the war. Tradition states he died fighting in battle shortly thereafter. Meanwhile Harriet had migrated to Minnesota, Brown County, at the tender age of 18. Word was received there that her husband had died in the war. She remarried within a few months to my gggreatgrandfather, Thosten C. Levig. A search of Civil War records reveal that a Christian O. Thompson did enlist in 1861 and claimed residence in Clayton, Winnebago County, Wisconsin. It also lists his death as 13 Feb 1863 in St. Louis, Missouri from disease. Harriet married Thosten C. Levig on 26 Jun 1863 in Brown County, Minnesota.

Can anybody fill me in on a marriage date for Christian O. Thompson and Harriet Peterson sometime in 1861, hopefully in Winnebago County? Is there any county history for Ole Peterson who lived there for over fourty years? I only found daughters on the census, and I suspect they married into the Christenson, Olson, Mory & Larson families. Betsey Peterson married Hans P. Christenson. Petrean Peterson married an Olson. Tona Peterson is living with her daughter Petrean Olsen for the 1900 Census, age 82. Presumably she died some time after that.

Re: The mystery of Harriet Peterson!

Janet Eiler (View posts)
Posted: 1112571405000
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I checked the marriage index that covers 1848 - 1874 and I don't find any Thompson that married to a Peterson.

Your Ole Pederson & Thona "Kittsdtr' Pederson are both buried in Grace Lutheran Church Cemetery. Tone died in 1904. It looks like Klokkenvenger might be the farm name?

Check and go to the Winnebago County link and then to the cemetery link then to the Grace Lutheran link. There might be a record of the marriage at the church but one was not filed at the courthouse. Of course keep in mind that they could have married elsewhere.

Re: The mystery of Harriet Peterson!

Michael M. Thorstad (View posts)
Posted: 1112835645000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Pederson, Peterson, Olson, Olsen, Christiansen, Klokkenvenger
Thanks Janet for looking up the information on Ole Pederson and Thona "Kittsdtr" Pederson. Also for checking on the marriage of Christian O. Thompson & Harriet Pederson. Family tradition says the marriage was not approved by Harriet's parents, so they may well have skipped to the next county and gotten married.
I have identified three sisters of Harriet's that I was hoping you could check the marriages in Winnebago to see if they are there. First is Petrea or Petrean Pederson and Ole Olsen around 1865. Second is Betsy Pederson & Hans P. Christenson around 1967. Third is Catherine and her spouse and date are unknown. There is a fourth sister who was probably married before 1860. She would have been 19 by the 1860 census and I can't decipher her name on the 1850 census.
I enjoyed the cemetery information for the Grace Lutheran Church. Thank you for all your hard work. It has been a long time since I made any progress on this line as I was stuck on the Klokkenvenger name. I went to Salt Lake City Library a few years back and a freind met me there and we looked up that name in all the references and found nothing! So your help has been most appreciated. Thanks again. Mike

Re: The mystery of Harriet Peterson!

Janet Eiler (View posts)
Posted: 1112837321000
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Your welcome. The closest one I find is a Bertha Pederson who married a Hans Christianson on 31 Aug 1870. I only have an index so I don't know if this is the couple you are looking for.

It wasn't required that they file the records until 1907 so you might want to check with Grace Lutheran Church as they might have it in their books! Church records can be gold mines. Go back to the link I told you about for the cemetery reading and click on the History link and there is an email address for David Christianson. He is a nice fellow and recently retired. He might be willing to look thru the records for you.

Another thing to keep in mind is that it was not uncommon, even today, for the Winchester area residents to tend to their business in Waupaca or Outagamie Counties Sometimes being on the edges of the county line it was shorter to conduct business in the neighboring county.

The farm name you were trying to look up doesn't do much good here in the states. It usually refers to the name of the farm where they came from across the ocean. When you research there it might come in handy. So, don't discard it yet.

Good Luck

Re: The mystery of Harriet Peterson!

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1860 Census - Town of Neenah, WInnebago Co, WI

Peterson, Ole aged 45 yrs old, Norway, Farmer
(wife) Thona aged 44 yrs, Norway
(daut) Harriet aged 17 yrs, WI
(daut) Petereann aged 14 yrs, WI
(daut) Betsey aged 12 yrs, WI
(daut) Catherine aged 3 yrs, WI

Marriage records WERE required

Posted: 1112898451000
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Edited: 1132948030000
Correction: While births and deaths were not required to be recorded until 1907, marriages were supposed to registered. However, pastors from the far end of the county were not about to hitch up and drive to Oshkosh to file paperwork the next day, the post office might not be too handy (rural home delivery was not established until after 1900), and papers got stuffed into pigeonholes to await the next trip. From Winchester, the easiest travel was actually by steamboat in summer, but winter weddings might have waited for the first boat trip of spring. You can see in the record books that some pastors turned in 6 months or so of marriages at a time. And of course, some may have gotten lost in the process. But the church record is often better anyway, especially in the earlier years.

Re: The mystery of Harriet Peterson!

Posted: 1238488598000
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Surnames: Pedersen, Pederson, Peterson, Klokkenvenger, Klokkerengen, Engen, Olsen, Olson
Hi Mike,

Hoping that you still subscribe to

I'm descended from Petrina Pederson, sister of your ancestor, Harriet. Petrina had many children; there are lots of her great-grandchildren and great-grandchildren in North Dakota and Oregon.

Would be fun to compare notes. For example, I think that Klokkenvenger is a variation on Klokkerengen and Engen is another variation - Harriet and Petrina's father often gave his name as Ole Pedersen Engen (listed on his marriage record from 1840).

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely, Elaine C. Portland, Oregon

Re: The mystery of Harriet Peterson!

Posted: 1360411955000
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Hi Elaine,
I am currently out of the country and will not return until April. It has been years since I have accessed this site. I have made a pilgrimage to The Norwegian-American Genealogical Research Center in Madison, Wisconsin and I have lots of new information about Ole Pedersen or however you want to spell his name. I was able to access the Flesberg farm history books, because the folks at the research center all read, write and speak Norwegian. It was a wonderful trip, filled with lots of new information. Thank you so much for leaving "a breadcrumb" to follow. I would very much like to connect and compare notes. My sister lives in Parkdale, Oregon and I drive through Portland all the time when I go to her house. By any chance, do you have a photograph of Ole Pederson? You can respond to this email as I am able to access my email periodically. I do not have my research with me, so anything I tell you about would be from memory and that could get me in trouble. The most exciting thing out the trip was that Ole was involved in a great silver ore robbery in the Konegisburg mining distrit. This was about 1839 and he and his wife and daughter sailed to American in 1842 to the Muskego settlement in Wisconsin. They latter moved to Winnebago County in 1849. Ole was one of the signers of the Muskego Manifesto published in the Norwegian newspapers about "Nord Amerika"! I look forward to hearing from you.

Michael M. Thorstad
P. O. Box 881
Stanwood, Washington 98292
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