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Gilbert surname Cherokee?

Gilbert surname Cherokee?

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Surnames: Gilbert
i belive my family is from canada. and through the years ive been told im cherokee. i cant find them by thier last name . which is Gilbert. I belive the name was given in the states. i can only find the ones in the states, two generations back. after that they disapear. my great-grandfather is from canada and his name was joseph gilbert . and thats as far as i can get. i cant find his birth or death records. and i cant find him in any census. do you have any sugestions on what i should do next? thank you . the lost indian

Re: Cherokee ? Ancestors

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Surnames: Gilbert, Guilbert
How about taking your mind off the possible Native connection, of which there is only a very slim chance with most French-Canadians, and focusing on the genealogy part? Have you posted the information you have to the GILBERT surname board and asked for help? Have you searched under the French spelling Guilbert? Have you obtained birth, marriage, and death records for everyone possible? In the USA did you obtain the Social Security applications and all military records? People are willing to help you online once you have done your homework as much as you can.


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Re: Gilbert surname

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Surnames: Comtois, Gilbert dit Comtois

I agree with Sharyn on this. Forget the possible connection for the present until you have actual proof as stated in a marriage record. You probably want the Gilbert dit Comtois family from the Lanaudiere region of Quebec (there's a specific number of message boards for this region), most of whom went by Comtois in Canada. After coming across the border to the US, they could have taken either surname. In your next post, please give the names of the last couple you have found (husband and wife with maiden name). Probably someone will recognize the couple you're looking for and be able to answer your question. Best of luck in your research, Dennis B.

Aborginal or Native American sentiment and the difficultly researching facts

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Surnames: Veillette/Robitaillle/Magnan/Chaille/Vezina/Perry or Poirier/Boutte
I find it interesting that families do not want to admit to maybe having "aborginal" or "native american" ancestry. My father immigrated from Saint-tite,QC to Maine, our facial features (high cheek bones and the red deep tan and the males with scant chest hair) have always been a question as to if we have indian ancestry but when asked if we did we were always told "NO" and reacted in a way as if how dare you ask or that Indians were somehow "inferior" .. I came across some old black and white photos and my great great grandmother has to be a aborginal or her parents were. I am proud of my Quebec/American ancestry and will be a honor to find the tribe of my ancestors, Isn't that what ancestry is ..finding the truth whether we like the truth or not..Alot of Quebec people do not like to admit to aboriginal ancestry .. I think it is a shame that so many will tell me "STOP LOOKING FOR WHAT IS NOT THERE" sorry but it is.. many of our ancesters that came from France probably could not have survived the harse terrian without the help of the natives..

Re: GILBERT surname Cherokee? Joseph GILBERT

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Surnames: GILBERT
Hi What time frame are you researching ? When do you believe your Great Grandfather Joseph GILBERT - was born . When did he co to USA? Did he marry in USA or Canada.
Where were the children born? Is Joseph GILBERT still living . If Not - When did he pass away? Where ?
Joseph GILBERT - may have made application for Citizenship - have you searched - that will show personal information -may show place of birth - names of parents etc
REGISTRATON of MARRIAGE - long form marriage certificate - will show all personal information as required at the time - include names of parents and maiden name of mother
REGISTRATION of DEATH -Long Form Death Certificate - will show all personal information as known to the informant - names of parents including maiden name of mother etc Place of birth
USA Census. Canada Census -
Cheerrs Stella
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