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Burns from Manchester and Oneida Ky

Burns from Manchester and Oneida Ky

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I am looking for information on Charles Burns Parents Charles was born abt.1710 in Scotland.He was married twice. I have one document that states his dad was George Burns. No name listed for his mother. Thank you.

Charles Burns

Larry Jordan Montgomery (View posts)
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Hello Becky,
The Charles Burns Sr. who died in Henry Co. VA in 1789 was married twice. Probably from Scotland but not proved. I've run across the George Burns several times, came from someone's gedcoms; no source. Do you have a source ? I am descended from his son Alexander and maintain a data base of roughly 5,000 descendants of the "old Scotsman". Send me your email and snailmail addresses and I will connect you to the data base and send you more information.

Charles Burns Sr.

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I posted a message to a lady named Delores. She emailed me back with alot of information.I can send you a copy of what I have. I need your email address. Mine is My address I will give to you once I have your email address.In this record I send you it states that where he came from is unknown, but there is an immigration record of a Charles Burns on a ship that sailed from London. Seems this Charles was in trouble.I think this is our Charles.The time and location are right. He was under a 7 year indenture and by the time he filled that saved money. Email soon.

Charles Burns Sr.

Larry Jordan Montgomery (View posts)
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Hi Becky,
Thanks for the reply my
You are probably a descendant of Charles' son William who died in Clay Co. KY. Many, many, many expert/professional researchers have worked on Charles his line since 1894!
None of us can prove that our Charles came directly from Scotland. The person you mention that sailed to Maryland, I have the full story of from a London genealogist via Dr. Cranford H. Burns who hired him in the early 70's we know the "story" of the Charles Byrne who sailed on the Pretty Patsy, the problem is we can't prove his is our Charles. email me back and connect yourself to William Burns Sr., include snailmail address and I will mail you off some info. There are now a LOT of researchers working on your line and I can connect you to them. Configure your search engines for Charles Burns Will and you should find a site and another cousin. Hope to hear from you soon.
Larry Jordan Montgomery
2629 Norwood Avenue
Anniston, Alabama 36201

George Burns

Glenn Attaway (View posts)
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Just started looking into the Burns family - made to George and am trying to get a foothold to Scotland. My brother is over there and if I can find an area he can do some research from that end.

Re: Charles Burns Sr.

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I, too, am related to Charles Burns, Sr.

Charles Burns, Sr.
William Burns, Sr.
Andrew Burns, Sr.
Perry B. Burns
Alexander Burns
General Burns
Nedra Burns
Mark Haller (me)

In the email thread, Larry Jordan Montgomery had said that there were lots of researchers that were working on this line. I would appreciate any and all help that anyone could provide with this.

BTW, I have also heard the “story” about Charles Burns coming from Newgate Prison in London and I have also seen the undocumented and unsourced connection to a “George Burns” from Glasgow, Lanarkshire Co., Scotland. Has anybody found out anything more to these stories?

My contact information is:

Mark Haller

Re: Charles Burns

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Surnames: Burns-Stevenson-Pigg
Hello Larry,

Charles B. Burns, Sr. was born in Lanarkshire County, Glasgow, Scotland. He was the only one from his family that came to America. Charles also had a brother James Burns.

Charles departed from Greenock, Scotland on the Ship Monima in 1737; arrived in either Virginia or North Carolina

Charles' father, George Burns lived in a home called ROSEBANK, on the Clyde; he was described as a humble man, had long white hair and beard and dressed like the early 1700's apparel. George Burns married Mary Probst.

Charles' grandparents were Rev. Dr. John Burns and Elizabeth Stevenson.

I have spent a lot of time on our Burns family.

There is a document on line called Descendants of Rev. Dr. John Burns. When I read it, it had a lot of mistakes in it. The sad truth is that I contributed to that document and I should have read it before it was posted.

Charles married (1) Mary Ann Morris-Webb (2) Ann Rea/Rhea, daughter of James Rea and Joanna/Johanna Callings.

Some of the information on our Burns came from a document from Scotland.

I would love to see your information on our Burns family.

I descend from William M. Burns, Sr. and Nancy Chandler

REV. DR. JOHN1 BURNS: born May 1659, Glasgow, Lanarkshire County, Scotland; died Unknown.
Notes: Minister of the Barony Parish Church of Glasgow, Lanarkshire: Glasgow-Burgesses and Guild-Bretheran, 1751-1846 and 1811-1825.

This is the rol of the Parish of Portpatrick above tuelve years of age according to my knowleg and subt. Be me Master John Calduell, Minister throf this day of October 1684 – M.J. Calduell
County: Lanarkshire
(The above was kept as M.J. Calduell wrote it.)
Burns, George, Merchant, B. and G.B. As younger 1, son to Rev. Dr. John B., Minister of Barony Parish Church of Glasgow, B. and G.B. 10 Jul 1816
Rev. Dr. John Burns married ELIZABETH STEVENSON about 1680, in Glasgow, Lanarkshire County, Scotland. She was b: 1655/1659 Glasgow, Lanarkshire Co., Scotland

b: 1680 Glasgow, Lanarkshire Co., Scotland
d: 1705-1755, Glasgow, Lanarkshire Co., Scotland
Occupation: Merchant, Glasgow, Lanarkshire Co., Scotland
b: 1690 Glasgow, Lanarkshire Co., Scotland

Re: Charles Burns Sr.

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Hello Mark,

I just posted information to Larry on this site regarding our Burns family, specifically, Charles B. Burn, Sr., George Burns, Rev. Dr. John Burns, etc.

I have a copy of the home that George Burns lived in. I have been researching my Burns family for a long time.

A lot of my information came from my grandfather, who had a very old chart on Burns'.

Charles B. Burns, Sr. departed from Greenock, Scotland in 1737 on the Ship Monima and arrived in either VA or NC. Charles would have been something like 17 years old. He was the only one from his family that came here.

Charles' father: George Burns married Mary Probst
Charles' grandparents were Rev. Dr. John Burns and Elizabeth Stevenson. Our Burns family lived in Lanarkshire Co., Glasgow, Scotland for more than a century.

Original name was spelled BURN.

Re: Charles Burns Sr.

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I don't think that is our Charles B. Burns, Sr.

Our Burns family came from Lanarkshire County, Glasgow, Scotland. Charles was the only one from his family that came to America. He departed from Greenock, Scotland on the Ship Monima arrived here in 1737 in either Virginia or North Carolina. My best guess would be Virginia.

Father: George Burns and Mary Probst
Grandfather: Rev. Dr. John Burns and Elizabeth Stevenson.

Charles had a brother James Burns.

I have a photo of the home that George lived in called "ROSEBANK" by the Clyde.

Our Burns family has been in Scotland for more than a century.

George was described at a humble man, had long white hair and beard and still dressed like those in the early 1700's.

Re: Charles Burns Sr.

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Surnames: Burns
(Glasgow Digital Library)

According to this page above, that has the photo you refer to, the dates and information you have given for Rev. Dr. John Burns are incorrect, he married Elizabeth Stevenson but was not even born until 1744. Therefore, he could not be the father of George, supposed father of Charles. The son he had named George was not born until 1795.

Carolyn, I keep seeing your Charles Burns posts and you mention a document from Scotland you have but I've never seen you put it online as proof. You seemed to be very knowledgeable about his voyage, his divorce, how the children felt about it and how much he adored his second wife Ann but this document I just found when I searched the Rosebank by the Clyde makes me wonder if you have the right Charles Burns info. and maybe just the parents/grandparents names are incorrect? Would appreciate input from anybody on this.
T. Fox
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