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Edward Doty/Sarah Faunce

Edward Doty/Sarah Faunce

Carolyn Johnson (View posts)
Posted: 940278694000
I would like any info on Edward Doty, dob of
1637. He married Sarah Faunce. His parents
were Edward Doty and Fayth Clarke. Thanks!!

Edward doty/sarah faunce

Dave Combs (View posts)
Posted: 940596897000
What kind of info do you need? I have some if you email me directly.

Edward Doty - Sarah Faunce

Posted: 944552125000
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I am have information, including marriage date, her parents, children, line, if you need it. Please tell me what you need.


Carolyn JOhnson (View posts)
Posted: 944591627000
Thanks for replying, I need all the info.
In need the parents of Sarah and the children's names too. All info is appreciated. Thanks!! Carolyn J.

Edward Doty and Sarah Faunce

Posted: 944674599000
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OK, here goes.
Sarah Faunce was the daughter of John Faunce and Patience Morton, who came over on the Ann. Patience was born at Leyden 1615and amrried John Faunce 1634. Edward Doty and sarah Faunce were married 25 Feb 1662-3. Sarah having been born at Plymouth about 1645. Edward Doty husband of sarah Faunce drowned in Plymouth harbor with his son John and Elkanah Watson, 8 Feb 1689-90. Sarah married 2nd 26 April 1693 John Buck of scituate, Mass. Sarah died Scituate, Mass. 27 June 1695. In Plymouth, 9 July 1695 Thomas Faunce and John Dotey, were appointed guardians of the minor children samuel, Benjamin and Mercy. Children of edward Doty Senior (father having died) and Sarah, his wife, are entered in the town register of Plymouth: Edward, b. 20 May 1664; sarah, born 9 June 1666; John b. 4 August 1668; Mary and Martha, twins, b. 9 July 1771; Elizabeth, b. 22 Dec 1673, married before 1696 Tobias Oakman; Patience b 7 July 1676; Mercy b. 6 Feb 1678, died last day of November 1682; Samuel b. 17 May 168`; Mercy (yes, there were two) b. 23 Sep 1684; Benjamin b. 30 May 1689. Edward the first son died between 1690 and 1696. John, as already mention, drowned in the harbor with his father; Patience died Feb 26, 1690-1.
This is from p. 31 and 32 of The Doty-Doten Genealogy by Ethan Allen Doty, 1897, Brooklyn, New York.
I have the book, and also several updates. There are 1035 pages to this book, and although there are some mistakes in it, it is an incredible undertaking, done mostly by written letters. If you need anything, let me know.

Sasha Stanley

Samuel Mary Brown Doty

Posted: 945549060000
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Can you please check your book for the following:

Samuel Doty Sr. (1765 NJ-?)
m. 1781
Mary Brown (abt 1765-1829 Butler Co, OH)
Samuel (Jr 1800/01 KY-? TX)
m. 1832
Margaret (B. 1814/15 KY-? TX)
|(IL-TX-AR)|(IL-TX) |(IL-TX) | -OK)
John P. Margaret Samuel G. Van Swearington
(TX-CSA) m. (TX-CSA) m.
Sarah Sarah A.E. Cook
dau. of Jacob
Ona Adaline)
Any help would be deeply appreciated.


Samuel Doty and Mary Brown Doty

Posted: 946030314000
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Hi, John - sorry to be so late in replying but just returned from vacation. Your Samuel Doty does appear in this book, p. 301-2, family 3331. Samuel Doty born Stony Hill, Somerset Co., N.J., s/o Isaac Doty and Mary, his wife. Other children were: Henry, b. 1769; Rachel b. prob. about 1763-4; Sarah, who married a Stewart, no date of birth for Sarah given. Rachael was also married to a Stewart (David). This is the family line of Samuel, child of Edward Doty and Faith Clarke, Edward being the Pilgrim Edward Doty who sailed on the Mayflower 1620 and who signed the Mayflower Companct. I am also from this Samuel line and although I live quite close to Butler Co, OH, my family of Dotys went to the north/central section of Ohio whereas others went to Butler and Hamilton Counties of Ohio. I will quote you verbatim from the book: 3331. Isaac Doty, son Samuel Doty and Abigail Springer, b. Somerset Co., N.J., prob about 1740; m. there a wife, Mary. He lived on Stony Hill, Elizabethboro, N.J., which is probably still called Stony Hill, and in the present town of New Providence, N.J.
At the first call of the Revolutionary War he enlisted in the Continental army, and was wounded at the battle on Long Island, August 27 and 28, 1776. His will was signed there, and as it was proved at Bernardstown, Someset County, N.J., October 30th following, it is almost certain that he died from the effects of the wound, and probably within a day or two of the date of the will which reads as follows: "First year of the American States - 1776, this 28th day of August, I, Isaac Doty of Elizabethboro, Someset County, N.J., lying wounded at Long Island," etc. He divides his lands, which lie on Stony Hill, between his wife, Mary, his two sons, Samuel and henry, and his two daughters, Rachael and Sarah.
From the records of Cayuga County, N.Y., at Auburn, N.Y., 1796, April 16, henry Doty and Mary, his wife, and David Stewart and Rachel, his wife, all of Somerset County, N.J., sell lands in the town of Dryden, Onandaga County, N.Y., (now in Tompkins County, N.Y.), "issued to Isaac Doty, a gunner in the American army during the Revolution, and by him at his death bequeathed in his will one-half to his son Henry Doty and one-half to his son Samuel Doty, which said Samuel Doty is since dead, leaving no children or lawful heirs, except his brother Henry Doty. Rachel Doty, now rachel stewart, his sister, and Sarah Stewart, sister to said Samuel Doty.
As shown by the above documents, Isaac Doty and Mary, his wife, had children born at Stony Hill, Someset Co., N.J. (as I have previously given to you.)
I would like to add that the Doty migration to Butler Co., Ohio was large, and, having researched Butler Co. for Dotys, I have many of the family lines. I used to correspond with a gentleman whose Dotys also went to Butler Co. and then to Illinois and this may have been your line - he died a few years ago, regrettably. If I can help in any other way, please let me know.
Sasha Stanley
Greene County, Ohio

Doty History

Posted: 971099702000
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How refreshing to find that there are folks who are actually researching and documenting their history! I have been appalled at some of the material on Edward Doty...for instance.
Unbelievable! My husband and I are both descendants of Daniel Doty of Butler Co. OH...he is a g.g.g.grandson. We have a photo(done from a portrait) of him and his wife, Elizabeth well as photos of their graves in Middletown, OH.
Enjoyed reading your branch of the early history in Somerset N.J. My husband and I are 6th cousins, once removed.

Thank you.
Roxann Rhea

My husband I are both


Our Dotys

Posted: 971112401000
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Hello, Roxanne (and husband) - I am thrilled to meet you. Your Daniel Doty and my Allen Doty, my g-g-g-grandfather, were 1st cousins, 1 generation removed, so that makes us all even closer. When I first started tracing the Dotys, I didn't know which line was mine, and so I concentrated quite a bit on the Butler Co. Dotys. Butler Co. is just one county below where I live and I spent many many weekends tramping through the cemeteries and gathering records at the courthouses, etc. So I have quite a bit of information and would be happy to share it with you, if there is anything you have missing in your records. I might not have the information, but I'll check. Another line of mine also married into the Potters of New Jersey, only later than this time period and farther west. When you say that you have a picture of Daniel Doty's grave and his wife's, I am assuming that is surmane Crane and not Potter, am I correct? I do not know at this point where his (Daniel's) first wife surname Potter died. Do you? I would eventually like to find that there was a relationship between the Potters, Dotys and Holloways, my other line I mentioned. All were NJ families at the time they started west. Thank you.

Our Dotys

Posted: 971119328000
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How nice to hear from you! I knew we had to be some kind of cousins.
Yes, it was Daniel's second wife, Elizabeth Crane, who is also buried there in Middletown. It pays to go over records every so often. I am looking at Elizabeth Potter(have no death date for her, except prior to May, 1794) and wondering if, indeed, she was his first wife. Believe that info came from Littel's book, which is notorious for errors. Also cannot imagine why she would not be buried in the Presbyterian Cemetery of New Providence. I think I may change her to a possible.
We are probably missing many items,
but I try to stick to the direct. Should
you have anything on the death date and burial of Ruth(Miller)Crane...mother of Elizabeth, I would appreciate it. Apparently she died in Middletown...but no proof of that.

When I mentioned the photos..I did, of course, mean these are photos of the original tintypes which my husband's cousin has.

It is another cousin who has done much of my Doty history...has worked on it over 30 years.
Thanks again, Sasha. If there is anything I can help you with, please tell me. You may e.mail me at, if you would like to.

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