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Looking for Blackshears from South Alabama

Looking for Blackshears from South Alabama

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My grandmother was Mary Alice Blackshear (b. 1882) in Haleburg, Ala. She married TJ(Thomas Jonathan) Allen in Dothan, Ala, in 1905. I am trying to find the names of her parents and grandparents. Some of her siblings were: Anna, Rebecca, Thomas, and Jesse.


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7 Aug., 1882, dau. of Mary Carolyn Love and
Jesse Emmett Blackshear. Lived at Headland,
Ala., where she d. 1949, bur. Haleburg, Ala. Will filed in Henry Co. Husband, THOMAS JOHNATHAN ALLEN, b. Henry Co., Ala., 19 Oct., 1882, son of Martha Hale and James Allen. D. Headland, bur. Haleburg. M. Dothan, Ala., Dec., 1905. Issue No. 1 Marie Rebecca, b. Henry Co., 28 Sept., 2907, unmarried (1954). No. 2 James Blackshear, b. Henry Co., 27 Jan. 1910. Not traced. No. 3 Homer Eugene, b. Headland, Ala., 7 Dec., 1914, m. Agnes Hartzog, at Americus, Ga., 1 Dec., 1940.
Cit. Lr. Miss Marie Allen, Baton Rouge, La., 1954.
Above entry taken from Blacksheariana. Hope
this helps

Mary Alice Blackshear

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Thank you for the information! It does help. What is the Blacksheariana? Is it a book or publication which I could have access to?


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1. Blacksheariana is a book compiled and distributed
by Perry Lynnfield Blackshear of Atlanta, Ga in 1954.
It has 476 pages of text (and about 30-35) pictures.
It lists names of individuals, their parents and
their children and spouses of same, along with many
miscellaneous comments on the family (profession,
religious affiliation, etc). Its the most comprehensive
work on the Blackshear name that I have seen.
I have the complete work typed into my computer
and have integrated my own findings, including
some 400 plus scanned pictures and other miscellaneous
maps, marriage licenses, birth/death certificates, etc.
Also, one Joe Melton (KBKF07A@PRODIGY.COM)
has requested and received permission from the
PLB family to update and print a formal copy of
Blacksheariana. He's been working on this for
2 or 3 years. I don't know the scheduled release
date or proposed cost (can be obtained from Joe).
This will probably be the last chance for many
years for people to obtain a major update of the
printed copy and I trust he will have great success.
There is also a web site which advertizes the
original Blacksheariana for a cost of $72.00. I
can get the location if you need it.
Finally, there is a web site known as "The Blackshear
Place" on MYFAMILY.COM which has many, many photos
which have been scanned and are available for viewing.
You can access this site by sending an e-mail to
one Vaughn Blackshear at "VBLACKSHEAR@FREEWWWEB.COM" and
requesting access.

Robert Blackshear

Wilson Tolbert Allen

Don Allen (View posts)
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My grandfather (Wilson Tolbert Allen) was born in Dothan, Alabama in 1878. His fathers name was William Allen. William Allen's father was a civil war casualty. Would you have any information on Wilson or William Allen? William Allen and his wife and all thier children migrated to Texas in late 1800's. Most of decendants are still here in Tx. Any information will be greatly appreciated

Don Allen

Wilson / William Allen

Bob Blackshear (View posts)
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Some Allens have married into the Blackshears
but no record of your Wilson or William.

Mary "Evelyn" Blackshear

Dawn Smith (View posts)
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I'm trying to obtain info.on my great grandmother Mary Blackshear and her husband Charles Monroe Roberts,Sr.Their son Charles
Jr. was my grandfather.
The name Evelyn is in quotations because I've
found it to be listed also as Everline in this site.
Anything you can provide would greatly be appreciated.

Matthew Tolbert Allen

Mac Allen (View posts)
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MT Allen was married to Francis Mourning
(Mouring?) Blackshear Jan 4, 1853. Randall
(Randolph?)was her father. Moses Blackshear
was married to Elizabeth Allen (MT Allen's
sister). All were from Henry County Al.

Any help in tracing Matthew or finding out
what Francis died of would be appreciated.

Matthew T. Allen

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Hi Mac
Are you the brother of Don Allen from Lockhart TX? If so, I'm your (distant) cousin, descended from Matthew's son James David. I hear you are going to Haleburg, AL to do research this summer. My mother and I were discussing people we could put you in touch with. My email address is

Genie Usher


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MOSES No. 1, b. Jones Co., N. C., about 1761, son of Elisha Stout Blackshear and Susasnna (probably Ward). Lived in Jones Co., N. C., and Twiggs Co., Ga. D. 27 Sept., 1822. Wife, ELIZABETH DAVIS, of Duplin Co., N. C. M. about 15 Dec., 1782. Issue No. 1 Isaac, m. Benita Bailey. No. 2 Elizabeth, m. Saunders. No. 3 Randall, m. Anglin. No. 4 William, m. Anderson. No. 5 Mary, m. John Blackshear. No. 6 Joseph, m. Paul. 1782 Marriage Bonds Duplin Co., N. C., in Archives at Raleigh, Moses Blackshear, 15 Dec., 1782, and Elizabeth Davis. Bondsman Abraham Bailey.Witness W. Dickson C.C. Family tradition gives the name as Dawson.
1788-13, June, entered Claim for 50 Acres on the south side of Trent River, Jones Co., N. C. Cit. Land Grant Office Raleigh, Book 76 p. 7
1790-16, Nov., Granted as above Cit. Book 76. p. 7. Listed in Federal Census.
1794-6, Dec., Received Grant of 50 Acres on south side of Trent River Jones Co., N. C. Cit. Book 86, p. 122.
1796-9, Jan., Moses and Elisha made Deed to James Goodman, total 144 Acres in Jones Co., N. C. Consideration 125 pounds current money.
1798 Drew 125 Acres in Washington Co., Ga., in the Ga. lottery of 1798.
1806 Drew more in the same County in Lottery of 1806, while living there.
1808 Mentioned in the will of his Father.
1818 On Tax List in Twiggs Co., Ga.
Cit. Family Chart by J. Appleton Blackshear, 1866, via P. L. Blackshear. Family Chart circulated among Alabama Families
1890-1900 via Raines Vol. S. pp. 1-24. Lr. Wm. St. J. Blackshear, (Descendant) of Santa Barbara, Calif., 1953.
Land Grants and Deeds in N. C. via F. Census via V.

MOSES No. 2, farmer, b. Henry Co., Ala., 28 Oct., 1823, d. Henry Co., Ala., 21 May, 1892, bur. Haleburg, Ala., son of Katherin Anglin and Randall (Randolph) Blackshear. M. ELIZABETH ALLEN, b. Henry Co., Ala., 1827 (?), d. 1 Nov., 1904, at Haleburg, bur. there. M. at Haleburg. Issue No. 1 Idoac, (?), d. infancy. No. 2 Elizabeth, m. Lewis Whiddon. No. 3 Argie, m. J. B. Boone. No. 4 Nonie, M. Riley Hales. No. 5 Annie A., m. A. L. Stephenson. No. 6 Robert, m. Martha Vann. No. 7 Donie Callie, m. S. T. Hall. No. 7 Ida Lillian, m. A. L. Stephenson. M. B. No. 2 was member of the Primitive Baptist Church. Census of 1860 lists property at $1360.00
Cit. Ls. Mrs. D. W. Hollis (granddaughter), Headland, Ala., 1953. Mrs. R. H. Mouring (niece), Columbia, Ala., 1952. Raines Vol. S. pp. 24-26. 'phone interview with Albert
Blackshear, Atlanta, Ga., 1952, (James Albert), (great nephew).

MOSES No. 3, son of Nancy Crawford or Mattie Churchwell and John G. Blackshear. Wife, OLLIE MAY BIRDSONG. M. Twiggs Co., Ga., 11 Aug., 1909. Issue No. 1 Marshall. No. 2 Grady. No. 3 Lillian, m. Epps and Martin. No. 4 Rogers. No further traces.
Cit. Lr. Mrs. J. P. Sanders, Miami Springs, Fla. Book 1 Twiggs Co., Marriages, Jeffersonville, Ga.
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