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Saw query re: haplotyes below (9 Apr 2013). I've sent in my
DNA several months ago and rec'd matches, yet they seem more
like family tree computer matches than DNA matches. So now I see "haplotypes" mentioned, yet I've never received anything
even mentioning dna. Just family tree matches. Where did I go wrong?? Is Ancestry holding back on giving us/me actual
DNA results?

Re: Haplotype

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I think the answers you are looking for are in the thread you referenced:

but I'll give a quick summary.

You took the autosomal test. What it is doing is comparing your DNA against others who have tested, and if there is a match, compares your family trees to try and determine where that match might be.

Haplogroups are typically determined by the Y chromosome test which is totally different. However, the test you took does look at some markers on the Y chromosome that might identify your haplogroup, and then maybe not. To find that you need to run 3rd party tools like Promethease.

David Mc

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Aren't Haplotypes used in reference to mtDNA in addition to Y-DNA tests?

Quick and very basic
DNA test reference reminder (for original poster):

Y-DNA tests male lineages, only males of a line can test
mtDNA tests maternal lineages, can test M and F
Autosomal DNA (also known as AncestryDNA) tests SNPs
to find similarities, does not provide Haplogroups.

Each test has different values and different things that it reveals and helps genealogists in different ways.

Re: Haplotype

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"Aren't Haplotypes used in reference to mtDNA in addition to Y-DNA tests?"

That's correct, but ancestryDNA also happens to look at some of the things on the Y chromosome related to haplogroups. To clarify, the haploTYPE consists of your values for specific "markers" known as STRs and are shown as a series of numbers. Your haploTYPE can then be used to predict your haploGROUP, i.e. your ancestry. To actually determine your haplogroup, there are other types of markers called SNPs, and those are what ancestryDNA looks at. Therefore, if ancestryDNA tests SNPs that also correspond to ones used for haplogroup determination, you can use that to determine the haplogroup. It's inconsistent though, some groups will have their corresponding markers tests and others willl not.

To determine this for your DNA you have to look at the raw data since ancestryDNA wasn't designed to report haplogroups and only uses those SNP values to compare your DNA for matches and ethnicity. The same goes for medical information. That wasn't their intent, but some of what they report can be used for that.

David Mc
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