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1929 Michener-Worthington Reunion

1929 Michener-Worthington Reunion

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Surnames: Michener, Worthington
Several years ago, I purchased 3 photographs of the people who attended the 1929 Michener-Worthington Reunion in Bucks County, PA. It was 3 different "slices" of one panorama photograph. Unfortunately they are not in scale so I can't scan them, then stitch them together electronically.

#1. Does anyone know where the original of this photograph hangs?

#2. Does anyone have a digital copy of the COMPLETE photograph?

#3. Does anyone have the identities of the people in the photograph?


Re: 1929 Michener-Worthington Reunion

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Surnames: Michener, Ott, Jacobs
This is the photo - I was able to stitch it!

Re: 1929 Michener-Worthington Reunion

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Surnames: Worthington, Michener
What a great photo... thanks for your efforts in putting the pieces together and for posting!
I have Worthington and Michener ancestors, but the last Worthington in my direct ancestry lines died around 1918 (g-grandmother), and the last Michener in my line died about 1852 (g-g-g-grandmother). So in 1929, the people pictured are probably cousins, nieces, nephews, etc. of them, but I really have no idea who they could be.

Jim Finney

Re: 1929 Michener-Worthington Reunion

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Surnames: Michener
Thanks, Jim, for the compliments! The photo was sold in a 3-piece set, with the middle one being on a smaller scale! Go figure! Anyway ... I was able to increase the size of the middle photo by 30% and, luckily, they stitched together! Even those the lighting is not exact, at least the picture is all one panorama now! I love it! I only wish I knew who the people are.

Tell me you last Michener relative - it might be someone in my line!


Re: 1929 Michener-Worthington Reunion

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My last Michener relative in my line is:

Susanna Michener
b. 20 Sept 1790, Plumstead Twp, Buck County, PA
d. 3 January 1852 [BC Intelligencer]
or d. 11 Jan 1852 in Salem NJ

She married:
Charles Paxson
b. 20 Dec. 1782
m. 6 June 1811
d. 11 Jan. 1852 in Salem, NJ

Her father:
Isaac Michener
b. 1753 in Buckingham, Bucks County, PA
m. abt. 1772 in PA
d. 02 Aug 1814 in same

Her grandfather:
William (III) Michener
b. 08 Aug 1729, Plumstead Twp, Bucks County, PA
m. 13 Apr 1754 in Buckingham Mm, Buckingham, Bucks County, PA
d. 31 July 1802 in Bucks County, PA
bd. Buckingham Burial Ground, Buckingham, PA

Her g-grandfather:
William Michener
b. 04 Dec 1696

Her g-g-grandfather:
John Michener
b. 25 June 1656 in Ash Parish, Surry, England
m. 06 October 1686 in Warminhurst, Sussex, England
d. 1765 in Horsham, Montgomery County, PA

So, are we related somewhere in this line?


Re: 1929 Michener-Worthington Reunion

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Well ... yes, it looks like we do connect but WAY back! William Michener (1696-1780) is my 6th great-grandfather (according to Family Tree Maker)!. You decend from his son, William III and I descend from his youngest son, George! We both sure have deep roots in Bucks County, PA!

Re: 1929 Michener-Worthington Reunion

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Ah, cousin, in your info, you have a death year for William of 1780! Very good... that is news to me... is there any other info on these people I may be missing? I think I gave you all the facts I had found regarding them.

Here is what I have going back a little further (from info I found on the web):

William's father:
John Michener
b. 25 June 1656 in Ash Parish, Surry, England
m. 06 October 1686 in Warminhurst, Sussex, England
d. 1765 in Horsham, Montgomery County, PA

William's mother:
Sarah Moore
b. 17 June 1664 in Warminghurst, Sussex, England
d. 1757 in PA

William's paternal grandfather:
Robert Michener
b. 1606 in Parish Ash, Surrey, England
m. 1631
d: 09 Nov 1704 in Parish Ash, Surrey, England

William's maternal grandfather:
William Moore
b. 04 Dec 1642 in Warminghurst, Sussex, England
m. 19 Dec 1660 in Lewes, Sussex, England
d. 05 Jun 1674 in Lewes & Chichstr, Sussex, England.

William's maternal grandmother:
Margery Seldon
b. abt. 1642 in Warminghurst, Sussex, England
d. 26 Jun 1674 in Lewes & Chichstr, Sussex, England

William's wife:
Mary Custer
b. 01 Mar 1699/00, in/of Plumstead, Bucks, PA
d. 02 Feb 1793 in Buckingham, Bucks, PA

William's wife Mary's parents:
Johannes Custers
b. 10 Dec 1670, Crefeld, Rheinland, Germany
christened: 12 Dec 1670, Evanf Ref Church, Kaldenkirchen, Rheinland, Preussen
m. 31 Aug 1692
d. 06 Aug 1740, Germantown, Philadelphia, PA

Elizabeth Cassell
b. 1670 in Kriegsheim, Palatinate, Pfalz, Germany
d. 08 Jan 1727/28 in Germantown, Phila. PA

Re: 1929 Michener-Worthington Reunion

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Jim ... My source for Michener information was the book "Micheners in America". I lived until 2007 in Doylestown, PA and it was in the Bucks County Free Library. I would check it out from time-to-time and update my family tree. I now live in Lebanon County, PA.

I have William MICHENER dying on June 10, 1780 in Buckingham, Bucks County, PA.

About JOHN MICHENER I have these facts:

(1) John Michener was a manservant to William Penn in England and married Penn's ward Sarah Moore. He came to America with Penn's group, but not as an indentured man.

(2) John Michener lived in Horsham, England and is listed as a bondsman in the Penn home. In 1683/4 he was jailed in Cowfold, Sussex (near Arundel) for attending a Meeting in Horsham, re. Besse's Quaker Sufferings.

(3) John Michener was one of the founders of the Horsham Monthly Meeting in Pennsylvania in 1716. He was buried at Horsham, PA burial grounds.

William MICHENER was married to Mary Custer on June 27, 1720. I have this note about William:

(1) In 1725 he owned 400 acres. In 1725 he was one of twenty settlers who petitioned Court for the organization of a new township, afterward called Plumstead. On January 19, 1730, he was one of four trustees to whom was granted fifteen acres whereon to build a Friends' Meeting House. "Owner of the Levi Huber Farm, Plumstead, which is one of the properties north of Danboro on the west side of the Easton Road. It is on the higher grounds of the long slope down to the North Branch valley. Here is a very large stone barn close to the road. The stone house is a little more distant and south of the barn." - From Wanderings Through Historic Plumstead with Edward Mathews", 1994.
Will was made in 1778. Left the farm to his son, William.

Do you have the names of William and Mary's 10 children that include your William and my George?

Unlike you, I didn't go back any further than his father, John.

Sorry! Carol

Re: 1929 Michener-Worthington Reunion

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Thanks, so much for the info! That filled in a few holes.

Well, here is the only information I have on William Michener and Mary Custer's children... someone put it online:


Re: 1929 Michener-Worthington Reunion

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Hey Jim ... Something is strange here ... All of the children were born in Buckingham, PA except William Michener III who was born in Plumstead. The other thing is why was he named William Michener III when his father's name was John???? Carol
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