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Stallard Springs Hotel??

Stallard Springs Hotel??

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Somewhere I once read about a Stallard Springs Hotel. I am assuming it existed about the same time as Dawson Springs' hotels and possibly the Chalybeate Hotel, but I have no proof. I have no ties to this particular area of Warren County, but I happen to live close to a Stallard Springs Cemetery. I was just informed this weekend that a hotel existed on Kelly Harris Road years ago that was very nice and very large. (??? I always take things with a grain of salt) I always assumed this area was nothing but farm land, so now I am captivated. Does anyone have any info on the following:

1. Was there a hotel on that road and is there anywhere that you know of that I can find out more short of deeds?

2. Does anyone know where Hammett Hill Road got its name? I saw where an engineer named Hammett lived close according to census records.

3. Did Stallard Springs connect with Woodburn at some point? I read something that made me think it did, but surely I misread or misunderstood.

4. Is this area the highest point in Warren County?

I would love to hear from anyone who knows about Warren County history. Thanks!

Re: Stallard Springs Hotel??

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I saw your post and hoped that someone would send you some detailed information. I am interested in knowing more myself. I have little information on the subject, but will tell you what I do know.

When I visited the Stallard Springs Cemetery about 45 years ago with my parents, my father drove down a country road nearby and said that he was looking for the sulfur springs that had once been on some of our relative's land. He said that there had been a "hotel" there where people came to bathe in the sulfur water for its health benefits. The family must have sold the lands with the springs before the hotel was built, because I don't think they were ever in the hotel business.

In researching my family, I seem to be related in one way or another to most of the older families in the Hadley/Stallard Springs area. My g-g-grandparents are buried in the Stallard Springs Cemetery. Many more family members are buried in the Mt. Lebanon Cemetery which is nearby. My father, grandparents, and g-grandfather are buried in the Woodburn Cemetery.

My branch of the family worked for Charles Roemer who operated a large timber business. Evidently, Mr. Roemer had a timber business in the Hadley area. Then he purchased a large holding of timber in the Woodburn area. My family moved to Woodburn sometime around 1925 to cut the trees and work at the new sawmill that Mr. Roemer built between Woodburn and Matlock.

One branch of my Hanley family was living in the Woodburn area at the time of the 1880 Census. In 1922 when their daughter married, my Hanley g-grandparents were living in the Hadley/Stallard Springs area. In 1925, my grandparents and both sets of g-grandparents (Van Meter and Hanley) moved to Woodburn with the sawmill. My grandmother's brother eventually moved back to the area and lived the remainder of his life on Blue Level Road.

I apologize that I do not know more to tell you, but maybe you can glean some bit of information that will be beneficial in your search. I will be glad to give you more detailed information if you are interested. Just let me know. --CV

Re: Stallard Springs Hotel??

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I am trying to find info on the 1880 Martin Village and Clay township, but so far, no luck. I can tell you (and I hope this don't confuse you, anymore) that the Chalybeate Hotel you mention was in southern Edmonson County (about 17 miles from BGreen). Woodburn-on 231 S. Woodburn is on 31W-So. of BG and that is where the W'burn located. Hadley Community and Hammett Hill Rd are located NW of B.G. and out H.Hill Rd is Stallard Springs Cem. I will keep looking for S.S.Hotel and W.Co.Dist 229 1880 Martin Village. T.C.Smith

Re: Stallard Springs Hotel??

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Thanks for the info!

I read something (somewhere) that made me think that the Stallard Springs Hotel was somewhere near Woodburn, but of course the Stallard Springs Cemetery is on Kelly Harris Road. I would love to get my hands on old DETAILED maps of Warren County.

I have photos of most of those stones in Stallard Springs. I placed some on, but I get busy and have to leave it for weeks sometimes. If you will let me know who you are related to then I will send you photos if you would like them for your records.

I had heard from a neighbor (who has lived on Kelly Harris since 1940) and my uncle by marriage that Kelly Harris Road was all once a Martin farm. Now, I always take stories with a grain of salt. I don't have time to get to the courthouse, so who knows.

There is a spring on Hammett Hill Rd. (It's spelled so many ways, that I will just abbreviate) When you drive up to the top of HH Rd., you will plateau for about...1/2 mile or so. Right before the hill goes back down, a road breaks off to the right and that is Clarence O'dell. Kelly Harris turns off of that. Now, if you were to bypass Clarence O'dell and go down the other side of HH Rd., there is a spring not far on the right. HOWEVER....I have neighbors that say there is a spring on Kelly Harris Rd. at the back of a man's property. They stated the hotel was there. The spring would be on that road, on the left side about 1/4 mile before the Stallard Springs cemetary. I don't know if the road has changed, but there is a VERY sharp curve to the left and as soon as it straightens out the cemetary is on the left. They recently fenced it and put up a brick sign.

I guess I am fascinated 1) because I live in the area of the hotel and 2) why on earth after 30+ years in Warren County am I just now hearing of this hotel?

Mt Vernon...I think that is the church on Clarence O'Dell. I pass it everyday, so if I can help with info there then let me know. I have been trying to find a graveyard for someone else on here and we have had no luck, but I believe I know exactly what you are speaking of with Mt. Vernon.

Well...I could yap about this forever. Let me know what graves belong to your family! Check out too. They might already be up, but most of them I have not put on yet.

Re: Stallard Springs Hotel??

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I wonder....I was told Kelly Harris Road used to be the Martin Farm. Apparently they owned most of the land???? I don't have proof- it's only a story I was told. Maybe this area (I live near HH road and Kelly Harris Rd.) was Martin Village?

I wish I could remember why I thought the Stallard Springs Hotel was near Woodburn. I know it doesn't make sense, but something made me think this. For some reason, I think it was a diary of a Union Soldier named Marcus Woodcock. One of my family members was mentioned in the book and I read some of it. It seems like they mentioned it during a march from Nashville. I'll have to go check it out again at the library. Of course, depending on the route they took, maybe they came up through Woodburn then angled off through Rockfield? I am just guessing, so there is no rhyme or reason here.

I know where the Chalybeate Springs Hotel was, but do you know the years it was in existance? I wish there was more to read about these hotels!

Re: Stallard Springs Hotel??

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I am trying to locate James T. Reeves. I know he lived in Stallard Springs in 1900, but can not find any evidence of his existance before that date. He was born June 1, 1865 and has a sister Sarah who was born in 1862. Can anyone help me?

Re: Stallard Springs Hotel??

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Found your post and became curious about the name "Chalybeate", so I did some research and found out the following, some of which has already been posted:

The word "calybeate" derives from the Latin language by way of the Greek language, and means "containing or impregnated with salts of iron, as a mineral spring or medicine". It's pronounced kuh-LIB-ee-it.

It seems that folks around the turn of the last century folks believed that water containing iron was good for what ailed you, hence the popularity of the numerous chalybeate springs across the country.

The Western Kentucky University web site states that there were chalybeate springs and a Massey Springs Hotel on the Green River, although no exact location is given. It also mentions a Glen Lily springs and a hotel at Stallard Springs, but with no other information.

If you go to
and click on "old post card photos of the resort", you will bring up a photo of the C.S. Hotel. (Although it says "photos", only one comes up). Be sure to scroll down and read the info below the photograph. Looks as though it was quite a nice place!

I haven't accessed the Warren County Historical website, but I wonder if additional information is available there.

Thanks for your and Smith's posts. Because of them I've learned a little more of western KY history!

Re: Stallard Springs Hotel??

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I was so excited to see people talking about mineral spring resorts in Kentucky; they are a lost part of our history. The mineral spring resorts of the Bluegrass region are well known and well documented in both historical documents and archaeological investigations, however those that existed in other parts of the state are not.

I am a native of Kentucky and am currently a masters graduate student at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green. I am writing my masters thesis on Massey Springs Mineral Resort, which was located in northern Warren County. It was a really happening place in the early 1900s before it was destroyed by fire in the 1910s and later demolished. People would travel in on the river but also along the road from Bowling Green. The waters there are chalybeate (iron rich) and I have tasted the water (the spring still flows) tastes like a rusty can! Along with this work, I am helping my professor work on an extensive inventory of mineral spring resort hotels in western and central Kentucky for a paper that we hope to get published once completed this year.

With that being said, we have combed the archives and continue to do so looking for any photos or other documents about the spring resort hotels in the western/central Kentucky region. I would really appreciate any information you all may have and I would enjoy talking with you! There is so little known about these sites; it is my goal to get those stories out there and make sure these places are not forgotten!

Please, feel free to contact me anytime, it would make me so happy!

Re: Stallard Springs Hotel??

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I am looking for some record or information of the Buress family that lived ion Stallard Springs. My great grandfather was born there in 1884 or 85. If you have any information, I would really appreciate it. His son was named Frank Oliver Buress.

Re: Stallard Springs Hotel??

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I also pass the church on O'dell rd. everyday and the name is Mt. Lebanon most of my family is buried there . And I live right across from Stallard Springs Cemetery have for 25 years ....
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