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Hughes' Station

Hughes' Station

Paul Jacobson (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Surnames: HUGHES
I have a reference to a place called Hughes' Station, which supposedly was the same site as Lousiville (or very close to it). A Station was a settlement/fort any the Hughes uncle of my ancestor was supposed to have set this place up back in the 1770's to early 1780's (don't have an exact date). Is there a history buff out there that knows anything about this Station?

Thank you for your help,

Paul Jacobson

KY Tips / Hughes Station not listed :(

Paul Jacobson (View posts)
Posted: 926251200000
Classification: Query
Surnames: HUGHES
Thanks, I had seen that page but not explored it before. I went through it and found many interesting things, unfortunantly, Hughes Station was not one of them, so I am stuck again.

Anyone out there know where Hughes Station was (I thought it was in/near Lousiville)?

Thanks for your help.


Hughes Station

Laurie Ronan (View posts)
Posted: 926251200000
Classification: Query
If you've never been there check out:

I've found all sorts of interesting historical information about KY people and places, including Jefferson County. I've also gathered information specific to my 'kin' I remember one issue which specifically covered the various posts and stations throughout Kentucky.

hughes station

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Surnames: Hughes
Morgan Hughes station was run by Morgan Hughes.
I think Captain Squire Boone - Daniel Boone's brother (he might have been mad) surveyed for it and Morgan Hughes ran it. There is a
Morgan Hughes listed in 1790 census for Jefferson County,
KY. It was formed in 1789 on Long Run Creek. Long Run was named
this for running from the Indians. Morgan Hughes station
is 1/2 mile from Long Run Baptist church. Abe Lincoln's
grandfather is buried there.

I am kin to Jesse Hughes who went to Hughes Station with his
uncle - maybe it's this Morgan Hughes. This Jesse Hughes
is not the Indian fighter. Jesse Huges was born in 1767.At
age 17 - 1784 he went with an uncle to Hughes Station.

You can email me if you need to.

Hughes Station

Paul Jacobson (View posts)
Posted: 966945600000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Hughes, Drake
Hi Cindy,

Thanks for replying to my Hughes Station query. This ideed sounds like what I am looking for. The only info I know about Jesse Hughes I have found in the History of Clinton Co Ohio by Beers (if you dont have that I will be glad to send you the extract of what it says). It says that he was
born in VA, moved to PA with family when young, then when he was about 17 his fathers bother took him to KY with him. (Nevers names his uncle).

While in Jefferson County, KY he married Elizabeth Drake and moved to Wilmington OH where they had a bunch of kids (names and dates for most of them). While in Ohio, he referes to living at "Hughes Station" in KY but in all my searching, I had been unable to find any reference to it. Obviously not one of the bigger, well known forts of the time. (I assume)

I will need to get my maps out an look up these places and see if I can find any of them. Thank you very much for this bit of info.

I am descendid through his daughter Mary b 1815 who married Robert P Wood.

I would be interested to know if you have more info on Jesse or if you have had any luck finding his parents.

I tried to e-mail you at the address on your message but it bounced back as undeliveralbe. Please e-mail me at and tell me more. This man is one of my Brick Walls.

Paul Jacobson

Jesse Hughes,Morgan Hughes

Posted: 967118400000
Classification: Query
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Surnames: Hughes
Hi Paul!

Guess we are cousins. Don't know why the email bounced as
I am at Yes, Jemima Hughes is not listed
at times but is his daughter. I have Mary D. listed as a
sister in
my book - maybe Mary D(Drake?). I bet there are lots of
cousins out there besides us.

Lately I have found out a little bit more about Morgan
Hughes of Morgan Hughes station. Since I haven't found
any more information on Jesse, thought I'd look at Morgan.
I found a little book for kids (ha) "The Incredible Adventures of Daniel Boone's Kid Brother". On page 54 it
lists who was in the company of Squire Boone.Here's the
list of 1780 that Squire Boone sent to Col. Bowman (23
people) Squire Boone,Captain,Alex Bryant,John Buckler,
Richard Cates,Charles Doelman,John Eastwood,Joseph Eastwood,
Jeremiah Harris,Abraham Holt,Morgan Hughes,Evan Hinton,
John McFadden,John Nichols,Peter Raul,John Stapleton,Robert
Tyler,Abraham Van Meter,Allen Wickersham,Jacob Wickersham,
Peter Wickersham,James Wright,George Yunt.

I have found Morgan Hughes in an Indian War Affadivit when
I searched on Rootsweb for "Morgan Hughes". It's there under

I also go to the Dallas Public Library every once in awhile.
I looked at wills in the Chester Co. Pa. There was one
for a Morgan Hughs dated 1726-1727 Easttown. Wife Elizabeth. Eldest son Benjamin,daughter Dorthy. Witnesses Wm.Davis,
Morgan Hughs,Richard Iddings.

So I'm thinking Morgan
is maybe a grandson of this Morgan Hughs. The spelling of
the last name Hughs - is considered the same as Hughes.

Another will in the Chester Co. Pa was Edward Hughes Easttown. 1716,1720.Wife Mary. Youngest son Morgan Hughes,
daughter Margaret Hughes,Mary Hughes,youngest daughter
Elinor.Grandchild Mary daughter of John David.Granddaughter
John David and Katherine Viz(?)David & Elizabeth.Exrs son Evan & friend William Davies.Guardians brother Morgan Hughs,
Brother in law Philip Daivd and Thomas Edwards. Wits Hugh Nowell David Thomas.

So I'm thinking Jesse when to Chester Co.,Pa since kin are
there. Morgan looks like he may be from there, also.

Right now I'm trying to look up Morgan Hughes in a rooster
somewhere. It's not easy as he was in the Indian Wars and
not the Revolution. Squire Boone got an honorary for
being in the Revolutionary War due to all of the wounds
from the Indian Wars he was in. It's amazing he survived.

Also Jesse Hughes was under George Rodgers Clark in 1784.
Can't find anything about Clark at Hughes station. George
Rodgers Clark was William Clark's brother of Lewis and
Clark famous. Geez! Our background keeps getting better
and better.ha

I have found Hughes Station written up by another. Said it
wasn't much of a station. I think we'd only know of it
since it was by Abraham Lincoln's grandfather's place.

You can try to email me again. Don't know why it bounced.
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