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Confused on GILLIAM ancestors can anyone help?

Confused on GILLIAM ancestors can anyone help?

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Surnames: Gilliam, Flood, Henshaw, Brown, Pembroke, Dean, Mason, Clanton, Johnson, Briggs, Battle, Fountayn, Dennys, Woodhouse
I have come across different information on the Gilliam family, it is the same family, but different wives or dates. My Gilliam family starts with Temperence Gilliam who married Phillip Klepper.
I will list my ancestors, who I am not so sure anymore if its accurate, in the direct line of Gilliams.

Temperence Gilliam b 1771 VA
John Gilliam and Mary Clanton or is it Johnson?

John Gilliam b 1748 VA
(LT)John Gilliam and Ann Mason

Lt John Gilliam b 1716 VA
John Gilliam and Sarah Battle Briggs

John Gilliam b 1696 VA
Captain Hinchea Gilliam and Fortune Flood

Cap. Hinchea Gilliam b 1663 VA
Lt John Gilliam Jr and Margery Henshaw

Lt John Gilliam Jr b 1614 England/or VA
Cap. John Gilliam and Amy Fountayn

Capt. John Gilliam b 1594 England
John Gullim and Francis Dennys

John Gullium b 1565 England
John Gullim and Margaret Woodhouse

John Gullim b in England
Thomas Gullim and Isobel Dean

Now thats what I have, here are some other info that I found from someone else
starting with Hinchea Gilliam and Fortune Flood

Hinchea Gilliam b abt 1663
John Gilliam and Margery

John Gilliam b abt 1640
John (joe) Gilliam and Margery Henshaw

John (joe) Gilliam b 1614
Richard Devereaux Gilliam and Dorthy Pembroke

Richard Devereaux Gilliam
Walter Gilliam

This is confusing! I am not sure what information is right anymore, there were sooooooo many JOHNs! lol
Please someone help

thanks for your time,,cyenthia

Re: Confused on GILLIAM ancestors can anyone help?

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I have John Gilliam and Frances who lived and acquired land and raised much of their family in Granville NC. He is the father of Major Robert Gillam of the American Revolution who married Miss Sankey. Is there any connection?

Re: Confused on GILLIAM ancestors can anyone help?

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Can you tell me more about John and Frances Gilliam of Granville?
How do you know he is the father of Maj. Robert Gillam?
How do you know Maj. Robert Gillam married Miss Sankey?

Greg Gilliam

Re: Confused on GILLIAM ancestors can anyone help?

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Surnames: Gillam, Caldwell, Sankey,
I recently ran across documents of John and Frances will and named children and mentioned Frances as his wife. That is where I got her name.

Many Dar applicants were confused or purposefully attributed the Robert Gillams to a John Gilliam who married Miss Henry connected to Patrick Henry, more esteem for that connection. There are a ton of Johns in the Gilliam line but very few Roberts. Our Gillams are for sure connected to Caldwells and if you check wills and local histories you will find that the case.

Talking bout Miss Sankey was stated in a local history. I can look that up but its not readily available at this moment. I have been investigating the Gilliam for some 30 years and I have found a lot of junk and a few well documented researchers. I am in no way an expert but what I have read and found in documents points to this. Don't trust all the DAR stuff just use it as a guide of where to work.

I personally have tracked the Patrick Henry line and we don't fit at best we are cousins removed would be my guess. My line is not etched in stone and fully proven but I do try to use documents to track them. Would love to work with you if you are interested. Let me know we could compare stuff. I have so much info it is boggling. Truly. Let me know Donna

Re: Confused on GILLIAM ancestors can anyone help?

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Now I am confused as well! I am researching my wifes family from Jessup Gilliam born 1840 son of William Gilliam and Elizabeth Roark. His father was Charles Gilliam and his I thought was Robert. But I also found one listing instead of Robert It was Devereux. I need help if any one has this line.

Re: Confused on GILLIAM ancestors can anyone help?

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Surnames: Gilliam, Skelton, Bathhurst
I come from the same line of Jessup Gilliam. My great-grandfather was his son Sam.
I have Charles Gilliam's parents as Robert Gilliam and Lucy Ann Skelton.
And Robert Gilliam's parents as John Gilliam and Elizabeth Poythress of Virginia.
The John Gilliam above descended from a line of John Gilliam's that goes back to Wales.
Hope that helps your wife.

Re: Confused on GILLIAM ancestors can anyone help?

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Would you be interested in sharing that info that goes back to Wales? My wife was a Gilliam as I stated but My mother was a Thompsom and from the same family as Jessups wife. Small world. Please contact me if you will at

Re: Confused on GILLIAM ancestors can anyone help?

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I doubt that Robert Gilliam and Lucy Skelton had a son Charles. Lucy's Will, which may be found online and published in the William and Mary Quarterly, carefully distributes her property and makes conditional bequeaths provided her children do not reach the age of 21 or fail to produce heirs. I doubt that she would have overlooked a son.

Genealogies of this family published by this family who have continued to live on some of the original patents granted to this familiy in the 1700s do not mention a son Charles born to Robert and Lucy. (These genealogies are 300 plus pages).

It seems more likely that the line of William Gilliam who married Elizabeth Roark belongs to one of the other Gilliam lines of southside Virginia. I have been told that among William's children are a Jessup, Minyard/Maynard and Harris Gilliam. If this proves to be fact, then that would point to the Gilliams of Charlotte County, VA. For on July 6 1772 Maynard Harris was made administrator of the estate of William GILLIAM, and made guardian of Martha, Maynard, Harris, and Charles, orphans of Wm. GILLIAM, dec'd.

Greg Gilliam

Re: Confused on GILLIAM ancestors can anyone help?

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Thank you. My dad had hand scratched notes that had the name Harris Gilliam and also the name Maynard in an old family Bible. He also had the name William Gilliam. This was just information that was handed down to him. Other family members did their own search and told me the info I posted on here was accurate. Guess I should keep listening to my dad even after he's gone.

Re: Confused on GILLIAM ancestors can anyone help?

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Since so many family names repeat in the Gilliam lines I would suggest to all that research to not only list James and dates but places where they come from. This becomes a very important information in research in a line such as ours....Just a thought. This has been a really great chain to follow....thanks everyone for your input! This is great stuff.
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