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Thomas Joseph Royce born 1870-1880

Thomas Joseph Royce born 1870-1880

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Surnames: Royce
Royce families in Galway???? Circa 1870-1880

Re: Thomas Joseph Royce born 1870-1880

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There are Royce's in Galway East 43 births recorded and 17 in West Galway. In the 1850's the Griffiths Valuation took place, it name owners of land, their tenants and their sub-tenants.There were 23 Royce's listed names John, William, Charles and Mary. These can be seen at and

Is there someone in particular you are looking for. Galway has no bmd data base, however, the website
+ Galway has loads of information.

You can use the website if families moved to US,UK, Canada as the 1880's census for these countries is there. Under 'search records' a 09/2009 PILOT project has been put on line. You can do all kinds of things with this website, it carries death records after 1864 and estimated year of birth from date at death. This works well for people who stayed in Ireland. There are birth records and marriage records with the registration districts (see for divisions of Ireland)also passenger lists and early to late US Census records.

I have at home a CD from LDS which has been replaced by the PILOT but the CD records parents names as well only those born between 1864-1875 are present, so I could find you Royce families/children within those dates.

Annette Code
'genealogy for fun'

Re: Thomas Joseph Royce born 1870-1880

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Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I will have a look at the links later today. I am very greatful that you have taken the time to copy those links. I have been researching this family for 20 years. Every U.S. record Thomas Joseph Royce stated that he was a native of Ireland. Just this past week my husband was given a scrap of paper with the place name Gallway written on it. I am searching for the birth record for Thomas Joseph Royce born 1870-1880. Most likely 1873, 1874 or 1875. Supposedly his father's name was Thomas.
Thank you again.

Re: Thomas Joseph Royce born 1870-1880

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Re: Thomas Joseph Royce born 1870-1880

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Annette, I would like you to take a look at the CD you have at home of the births in Ireland for the years 1864-1875. Does it have marriages and deaths too?

I have combed the familysearch pilot site several different ways, i.e. first name only, specifying years. A second look through your eyes would be most helpful. I have read in some tutorial that births at sea and births abroad to Irish parents would have been registered at the back of the original record books. I don't know if those pages have been filmed. I am trying to learn more about that.

Thank you, Carolyn Royce

Re: Thomas Joseph Royce born 1870-1880

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Hi again: I tried Galway - no Thomas and none with father Thomas. So did a complete Ireland search.

I finally found that there were different spellings (varients) for Royce. Royse, Roice,still no Thomas.
Finally I tried the varient that I did believe impossible and it was Rice. All the searches I did when you put in Royce turn to Rice or the other spellings:

Thomas Joseph Rice born 31 Jan 1869 #692 South City No. 1 Dublin. FHL#101186.

No promises that is the right one but the only one.

In Galway in the 1881 & 1894 Commercial Directories - like out yellow pages is a Patrick Rice, Dominick St. Physician and Surgeon.

Also in the directories were other's also spelt as Rice
and in 1881 a Thomas Rice was a sessional Crown Solicitor at 11th. and Fermoy, Dublin.

The Dublin Griffith's was done in 1852 so quite a date difference.

A strange outcome? There were many Royce's in Wexford Co.


Re:Thomas Joseph Royce born 1870-1880

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Surnames: Royse


Edward Hoskens Fitzgibbon Royse was Sub Inspector of the
Irish Constabulary in Oughterard, Co. Galway in 1857.
(Later Royal Irish)


Re: Thomas Joseph Royce born 1870-1880

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Wow, what a long name. Thanks for the info. You have any connection?

Re: Thomas Joseph Royce born 1870-1880

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Surnames: Royce, Royse

Hi Carolyn,

No connection!

In the Surnames of Ireland by Edward MacLysaght he states:

"A well-known Anglo-Irish name in County Cork and Limerick since the beginning of the 17th century. It is of Norman
origin akin to Rose." He does not record "Royce"!

You can find a Thomas - born in Ireland - in the Scottish
census for 1871 and also English census for 1841. See

In the Irish census for 1901 the Royce's are Roman Catholic
while the Royse's are Church of Ireland. This is important
when trying to check records.

The Church of Ireland Records are in Churchtown in Dublin South. You will have to make your own arrangements as they
do not do genealogy queries.


Re: Thomas Joseph Royce born 1870-1880

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What a wealth of information. Thank you! I have been tracing this line for 20 years. You are an answer to my prayers. Bless you!
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