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Opal Wohlgemuth

Opal Wohlgemuth

Becky (View posts)
Posted: 981913615000
When I said that I was Jimmy's daughter, I meant that I was Opal's son. If you knew Opal,then you know who I am talking about. Sorry about the confusion.

Wohlgamuth history

Posted: 984052180000
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I have noticed many people spell Wohlgamuth with an "e" instead of the "a." I met my biological father, who died approximately 9 years ago. His name was Thomas Wohlgamuth, his parents were Ivo and Gertrude Wohlgamuth.
I was told the name Wohlgamuth is common in North Germany. Does anyone know?
My biological father and his family lived and live in Ohio. His parents died in the 70's.
I would appreciate any information provided. You can contact me via e-mail.

Thank you,


Posted: 990096688000
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I too, am a Wohlgemuth (with an "e")and have a nephew Thomas. I believe your father was a Thomas, right (same name probably no relation). However, my ggrandfather could have had brothers, one of which could be your ggrandfather.

My ancestors Benjamin C. Wohlgemuth came from Russian Poland and spoke German. There is a Mennonite video(out of CA)with much information on the Wohlgemuth's. Benjamin's father was Peter and it lists many ancestors related to the Wohlgemuth's. Very interesting. If you want more information, please reach me by E-mail.

Brunswick Wohlgemuths

Alfred Andrew Wohlgemuth (View posts)
Posted: 991040790000
I was born in 1956 in Brunswick, Mo to Alfred Arnold Wohlgemuth, second son of Roy Isaac Wohlgemuth, son to Andrew Jackson Wohlgemuth. I believe Opal Wohlgemuth to be my Great Grandmother and Mother to Roy Isaac.


Becky (View posts)
Posted: 991247188000
I talked to my mom and she remembers where you lived in Brunswick. They call you Andy, right? Opal and Roy were sister and brother. Their parents were Andrew Wohlgemuth and Allie E. Pennington.Opal was my grandmother.

Brunswick Wohlgemuth

Andy Wohlgemuth (View posts)
Posted: 991282435000
Thanks Becky. Ok, so Opal is my great Aunt. I remember Gran had a sister named Opal who lived near the west end of town. I guess I thought that their mother was also named opal, but I guess I was wrong. I remember Gran and my Dad calling her Ma.

We moved to Poplar bluff in 1960. Dad worked for Coca Cola there until 1969. In January of 1970, we moved to Salisbury Maryland for two years. In May of 1972, we moved to St. Louis where we lived until I left for the Air Force in 1977. Mom and Dad moved back to Poplar Bluff in the summer of 1977 where they still live.

From 1960 to 1969, I spent 2-3 weeks each summer in Brunswick. I alternated between Gran's house and my maternal Grandmother's house on Hickory street. Her name was Mary Duffield, married to Grover Duffield, her second husband. She originally was married to Wayne Barbour (of Mendon)who died in 1961 of lung cancer. She was remarried to Grover in 1963.

I think I've been to your mother's house. I remember it having a large screen porch and sitting at an odd angle on an irregularly shaped lot? Am I right? Of course, that had to be about 1968 so my memory may be wrong.

Wow. Too much information, huh? Stay in touch.


Posted: 991300009000
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Thank you for replying to my message.
Yes, I am interested in learning more about the Wohlgamuth
name. I am curious about the "e" vs. "a" in the spelling.
Please contact me at my email address:

Thank you,



Becky (View posts)
Posted: 991334530000
I don't know for sure which house you are talking about. Opal and Bob's house was on a corner lot but it didn't have a screen porch? We were on the big hill!
My dad, Jim, is Opal and Bob's son. They still live in Brunswick.
My husband (and I!) spent 20 yrs. in the AF! His first assignment was at Scott AFB, right outside of St. Louis. Then we were in MD. for 16 yrs!(Small world)
I don't remember you, but I do remember Uncle Roy and Aunt Oveta, is that right? Don't remember your Dad, but I think that Fran was in Brunswick not too long ago.
I have some info on the Tree but Uncle JA has most of it. Grandma was always wanting me to find something in Illinois. Nice talking with you, maybe someday we will get to meet. Becky

Brunswick Wohlgemuths

Andy Wohlgemuth (View posts)
Posted: 991377442000
Dorothy was the eldest, then Fran, my Dad, and Douglas. Doug lives in the St. Louis area. Fran lives in Peru, Indiana. Dorothy lived from 1961-2000 in Van Buren Missouri. She's now in a nursing home in Jefferson City suffering from Alzheimers. She and I were very close because we spent so much time with them. Van Buren is only some 38 miles from Poplar Bluff.

I remember Gran (Roy) mentioning some connection with Wohlgemuths in the Collinsville, IL area. That's pretty close to St. Louis. I don't have any other details except that when the original family came to the US, they split up with one going to Collinsville and one going to New Orleans. I don't think those who went to New Orleans were ever heard from again, but I may have that wrong. I seem to rember hearing that Alma had a family bible with details going all the way bact to Germany.

Back in 1982, I got to visit with Aunt Alma when she visited Dorothy. I really liked her.

As I said before, Mom and Dad live out in the ccountry about 10 miles west of Poplar Bluff. Dad worked for Coca Cola from 1948-1976. Then he went to work for Keebler (the cookie and cracker corp.) and retired from there in 1993.

I have 3 sisters, Kay, Freda Ann, and Kristina. Kay and Ann live in the Columbus Ohio area and Kris lives in Madison Mississippi. I live in a far northern suburb of Houston, Tx more than 35 miles from downtown. I have 3 children, Chelsea (13) Clifton (12) and Caleb (8). My wife is Tina Fornell Wohlgemuth who was born and raised in the Houston Area. I was in the Air Force from February 1977 until October of 1981. I spent the last 28 months in Schwaebisch Hall Germany, near Stuttgart. I speak German passibly.

Enjoy the details. Nice chatting.


Brunswick Wohlgemuths

Willie (View posts)
Posted: 991378685000
Sorry to hear about Dorothy. I saw her at our last reunion. There will be another reunion at Warsaw., Mo. this Aug 11 at the community building . All of you come.
E-mail me at
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