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deals and cherokee?

deals and cherokee?

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I am trying to find out if the ancestory of the Deals is partly based in the cherokee heritage. I am also tyring to find anyone who knew Luther B. Deal of Lynchburg Virginia who is I believe no longer living. Thank you

Deals and Cherokee

Debbie Tyrrell (View posts)
Posted: 944304492000
Saw your post today. My grandmother was Callie Deal. She was Cherokee. Her father was Mark (Mack) Deal. I believe his parents were Jacob and Addie Deal. Callie and her dad are on the Dawes Roll. They lived in the Rogers County area of Oklahoma. Does this ring a bell at all ? Let me know. We may have a connection.

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Thank you so much! I am adopted and knew my father and mother in my early years. I teach native american spirituality and have always been told I was part cherokee but don't know how to find out. Your post meant more to me than you can imagine.

My dad's name was Luther Deal and my mother was Nellie Blank Deal. Both are dead now. I need to trace my history for my own peace of mind and because I would like my daughter to know her blood line.

My family of Deals lived in Lynchburg, Virginia. Any ideas how I can find out who my dad's parents were or how I can trace my own line back to the roll? Thanks again! You made my holidays. Mary Anne ...Aka delores ann deal

Deals Cherokee

Debbie Tyrrell (View posts)
Posted: 944329280000
Have you checked out the NARA 's website yet? You can access the Dawes Roll from there. That's where I saw my grandmother's name on the roll. You can even see the actual application card. I just don't remember how you go about it. But it's all on the website. If you haven't tried it, I would suggest that as your next step. Good Luck ! I'm in the process of applying for Tribal enrollment. Both my grandparents and my father are enrolled. I want to be a part of the Cherokee Nation as well as my children. It just takes time. Wish me luck as well...

thanks again

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Hi..I teach Native American Spirituality and have for almost 30 years now. I too would like to find and become one again with my heritage. I have been to the page you mention but I haven't figured it out yet. LOL Please do keep in touch. My email is I wish you much luck in your continued efforts~ Aho

deal and cherokee

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it has long been held in my deal family that at some point there was a Cherokee ancestor. If true the most likely link is thru Matilda Gibson, the wife of Thomas Deal. Other than a birth date of 1825 i have no other information on this person.

Deals and Cherokees

Micheal Deal (View posts)
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Deal is a not uncommon surname in North Carolina and Tennessee
Which may account for the Cherokee connections. In fact, Deal's Gap, situated on the NC and Tenn. border only a few miles from the reservation for the
Eastern Band Cherokee was the sight of a trading post established by my ancestor of that name
for the purpose of trading with the Cherokee.
It is not very far from Tellico, TN (which is a corruption of the Cherokee name Tallaquah).

It is not unlikely that some Deals went west with the Cherokees during Removal,
just as John Ross (who was only 1/8th Cherokee by blood).

Deal to Mayhand or Mahan- Cherokee

Leona Clark (View posts)
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Delores: I was told when i was a child that i had Cherokee blood in me. My greatgrand mother was Sarah Deal Mahan her father was John Deal Mayhand.Her mother was Rainie . Sarah was to have been a fuel blooded indian.She was to have had a bother by the name of Bud. I was told that they left the reservation and went to lived with a family with that would have been John Sarah father
was said that he took the family name at that time was mayhand or mahan. If canbe of any help please e-mail me at. thanks. would like to find my roots l.c.

Deal Ancestry in Georgia, NC, and surrounding areas

Rebecca Deal Van Cleve (View posts)
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Deal Michael:

I find your query interesting. According to family lore, one Jacob Deal had a mill at Deals Gap, N.C. This Jacob Deal is my Gr Gr Grandfather. I have not been able to prove this though. But, he and his father (William) went to Elijay(Northern Georgia), Ga. probably along with other siblings of Jacob. My great grandfather (John Wm.) was born in Elijay and my grandfather (Benjamin Jacob "Ben" was born in Spring Place, Georgia. This is where the home of John Ross and the Capital of the Cherokee Indian Tribe is located. This is what is so interesting. Seems like there must be some connection, but as yet I have not been able to find anything.


Rebecca Deal Van Cleve

Deal's Gap and Jacob

Micheal Deal (View posts)
Posted: 947770815000
Talk about serendipity!

Although the link is not clear, at least one geneaologist suggests that I am of the Jacob Deal line, through son Henry M.
who supposedly migrated to Tennessee.

I would be interested in comparing notes.
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