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Samuel & Lucretia Pool / Martin McCann - Georgia

Samuel & Lucretia Pool / Martin McCann - Georgia

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Surnames: McCann, Prince, Leggett, Lewis, Jones, Saucedo
Hey Evelyn:

I found the following info in my notes. It was sent to me from another researcher and I have no idea of the validity.

1860 Census - Hancock County, GA (Mayfield -614/684)

Pool, Peter, 24 b. GA
Pool, Mary, 18 b. GA
Pool, Infant Son, 1/12 b. GA

Living next door:

1860 Census - Hancock County, GA (Mayfield - 613/613)

Poole, John, 24 b. GA
Poole, Sarah, 20 b. GA

On the 1850 Early County Census it shows that both Martin McCann and Lucretia (Pool) McCann were born in N.C. It's entirely possible that their families knew each other prior to relocating to Early County, Georgia. I've never been able to get any info on where in NC for Martin; but it's been some time since I've researched this so maybe someone else has made a connection.

According to my records; Martin died 03/16/1863. Lucretia filed the pension claim on 03/09/1878 - 15 years after his death.

On the 1850 Early County Census it shows Lucretia's age as 51. On the 1860 E.C. census it shows it as 63 so there is a 2 year discrepancy there. She would have been born between 1797 and 1799 I believe so she had to have been around 100 when she filed for the pension? She filed in Blakely, Georgia so it's doubtful she would have moved far after that. I had one researcher tell me years ago that he had actually seen Martin's grave (and it is likely that Lucretia's would be nearby) in either Randolph or Early County ... and another researcher tell me she could not find record of the death of either so ... I dunno. That was years ago tho and everything was done by mail so it would probably be easier now.

If she still had family in Hancock County .. perhaps she and/or Martin returned there. Do you have any info on Samuel Pool? He is not my line but if they knew each other's families prior and we can track down Samuel; we might find some McCann's nearby. That happens alot.

I don't have a copy; but I have a note here that neither were found on the 1870 EC census. I don't know if that is correct. Since she filed in 1878 in Early County, she had to have been close-by somewhere.

The pension Lucretia filed for was the War of 1812. It was denied as there were no records found for Martin serving in that war; however, there is a note on the pension claim that he actually served in the Seminole (Creek-Seminole) Wars and that is what I was told a kazillion years ago thru the family grapevine. I still don't have a lot of time for research; but I do think that I will see if I can get any info on that. If there is some record of where he signed up then we may be able to track the place of birth more readily.

My notes are not clear; but apparently when I stopped researching I was trying to track down a Joshua McCann that I thought might be Martin's father. Dunno where I was going with that. Too long ago and too much Oldtimer's .. but I'll probably try to figure that out before too long as well.

If you get any additional info; please forward it on. I am going to post this on the McCann / Pool / Poole Roots-Web board and it would be great if we could do our correspondence on that so that any other McCann/Pool etc. researchers could have (or correct) the info as well.

I hope this is of some help or; at the very least, gives you some clues to follow.

Are we all crazy .. or what?


Re: Samuel & Lucretia Pool / Martin McCann - Georgia

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Classification: Query
I am a ggdaughter of John Council Pool from his second marriage. He was born 1825 in NC or SC. I could not find Evelyn's original query on this, so may be redundant. Lucretia Pool married Martin McCann in 1840 in Early Co. John Council Pool married Eliza S. Jordan in Early Co. GA in 1847. I have wondered if Lucretia could be John Council Pool's mother since his first daughter was Lucretia, b.1851. Possibly Lucretia McC was applying for a pension from her marriage to Samuel Pool?

If this redundant, please forgive, since I just began replying to messages. Any help would be great.

Re: Samuel & Lucretia Pool / Martin McCann - Georgia

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Surnames: McCannPrinceLeggett
I just now saw this and hope you are still checking the boards. Lucretia Pool was the second wife of Martin McCann and I believe the boy was the son of Samuel and Lucretia. I moved not too long ago and all of my boxes are packed but I have had several inquiries in the last couple of days so I will get the info out and attempt to get it in some order.
I can tell you that I have an old email addy for some folks who I've shared with quite a bit over the years. They have the Pool(e) info. and I will try that addy and see if it is OK to post it. Give me a couple of days and I'll repost.

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