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nora ready?

nora ready?

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nora was mother of michael t ready,
b about 1859 in dunbar, haddingtonshire
scotland. he is listed as living there,
1861 census, and as a border. there
is a michael ready. don't think the father
as he is abt 65. nora marries peter kilderry
who was also born in cty clare, probably
around 1826. nora and peter lived in birkenhead
england with michael..think 1871 or 1881 census.
michael's last name listed as rudy and listed as
stepson. was ready nora's maiden name or her
married name? was the older michael ready nora's
father? why was michael-1861 census not with his
mother nora, why was he born in scotland? was
probably roman catholic as his son, michael joseph
became bishop of the columbus, ohio diocese.
older michael ready listed her father?

Re: nora ready?

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The Griffith Valuation of 1855 has 9 Kilderry's listed
none named Peter so have probably already left. None from the same Parish as the Ready's.

At least he should have a name easy to find, as both first and last names are unusual.

Catholic families needed to baptise children very quickly as compared to Church of Ireland/Methodist etc. So if Nora went home to mother for her delivery her son would of been possibly there. No hospital deliveries in those days. Perhaps she was visiting Scotland or possibly you have a couple of Michael's mixed up? Families in those days would take on other families children either out of financial necessity or perhaps for school.

If her son was Michael Ready then that should be her maiden name or possibily a first husband's. I would imagine
Michael Rudy would be from the first marriage as there is 8 years between him and his sister Ellen. She could of been married more than once!

I'll come back as I need to take grandchildren to school.

Annette Code

Re: nora ready?

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thanks for replying. 1861 scotland census, dunbar haddingtonshire-east lothian- residence listed as that of bridget fallon. she has 2 daughters. a michael ready-64-b abt 1797 ireland-boarder b ireland. bridget ready age 30- b abt 1831 ireland- boarder. ann ready b abt 1853-ireland-boarder. michael ready b abt 1856 dunbar haddingtonshire john ready b abt 1859 dunbar haddingtonshire boarder.

is ann ready bridget ready's daughter since she was also b
ireland? are michael and john ready brothers since both b in haddingtonshire? 1871 census birkenhead cheshire england- nora, michael's mother married to peter kilderry-
michael listed as michael rudy- no john ready.

Re: nora ready?

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Classification: Query for Scotland has good info - free compared to Scotland Families a pay website.

John Ready 1861 Census born 1859 Dunbar, Haddington age 2
LDS film #103823
Michael Ready 1861 Census born 1856 Dunbar, Haddington age 5
also LDS film #103823

The film may have parents listed?

I looked at a partial 1861 UK Census with Anne Fallon, and the two boys, I would think they maybe her brothers as
Michael 64 is probably the father. Bridget & Ann are possibility sisters as they are same age, could be twins but likely their ages are out by a year or two.

You will need to go and pay Scotland's people for a full
census. I have tried 3 options and none show the full census.


1841 Scotland Census:
Ann Reedie born 1826 (15) Ireland Gorbals, Lanark Scotland

Female_____Reedie age 40, born Ireland

Many Michael Ready's in the armed forces, army, navy etc. differents ages and places born, Cork, Limerick, Kilkenny

There are 5 Michael Ready's in the Tithe Applotments for

Kerry, Clare,Westmeath, Tipperary & Waterford

Neither Kerry or Clare belong to an online database operated for the majority of Irish counties.It is a pay website but not for profit Irish History Foundation.

Kerry is on line at

Re: nora ready?

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Hmm, I've been through the civil registrations for Scotland but the only Ready were Ruddie and all in the 1600's, then a blank for anything later.

I used to have a membership with Scotland's People but the last time I used it was 2011 and I seem to have been removed.

Went looking for Ellen the daughter of Peter and Nora:

18 Feb, 1864 Helen Kilderry, Kirkcudbright, Scotland
Fa:Peter Kilderry and Mo: Norah McKeen LDS C11869-1
Scotland ODM #6035516

Does this fit your time frame?

Why were the children born in Scotland, probably because of work. Obviously that didn't work too well and they find themselves in Birkenhead, Cheshire, England.

1861 Census: Michael age 5.
Maybe that although Michael looks like Rudy it isn't, it could be Reedy? Sometimes writing is hard to read:

Michael Reedy born May 12, 1856 Registration District Kelton, Kirkcudbright #102842

Also Reidy with details as above Husband is Michael Reidy and Nany McKean and same again with spelling Reedy
I guess nobody could decide what the correct spelling was when they tried to transcribe them.

I don't think this is coincidence but the same people

I tried to find the marriage of Peter Kilderry and Nora but keep getting asked to spell it differently.


Re: nora ready?

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really appreciate your info.
guess i'll go back to states.
know michael t ready in connecticut
& his son michael j born there.
michael j became bishop columbus
ohio diocese. father always said were
related to him why i wanted to find
our more about his past. spelling last
name ready usually reidy. cousin said
ggrandfather insisted name spelled ready.
letter from national library dublin said
ready rare spelling. said
one county with a lot of readys county clare.
thanks again for your info.

Re: nora ready?

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Classification: Query
looked again 1871 birkenhead, cheshire
census. peter kilderry & nora had 2 daughters-
ellen b scotland- agnes b birkenhead. am going to
check public member trees at ancestry to see if info about her.

Re: nora ready?

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Classification: Query
Good idea. I am off on holidays tomorrow and won't be home for a month. Hope you get more info. Annette
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