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Edward Keating b. 1832-43

Edward Keating b. 1832-43

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Surnames: Keating, Blake
Looking for ties to Edward Keating born County Clare, Ireland in 1832-34. Came to USA and ended up in first in Redding Ridge, Fairfield County, Connecticut and then went on to Venango County , PA. He worked for the railroad. He married Margaret Blake also of Ireland. He was married before or in Connecticut. I think in Connecticut. Believe he had a sister Margaret, a brother John. (Yeah what Irish guy didn't).

Re: Edward Keating b. 1832-43

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Griffith Valuation 1855 (Edward would of been 23 and if married might of had his own house and land, if not and still at home you will need to look through the 80 other Keatings

Edward Keating Parish of Killeely, Townland Woodcockhill,
Poor Law Union Limerick, tenant of Marquis Conyngham

#17a house and land 62 acres 0 roods 6 perches

#19 a 1/10 share of mountain land 226.1.2 (probably for
grazing cattle/sheep)

There are no Blake's listed in this parish but 83 in Co.Clare. Assuming that Edward and Margaret IF married
in Clare would live in the same area. The Poor Law Union covered an area of about 12 miles from the named town
and it would contact parish's, villages etc. They wouldn't of lived too far away. However, if married in the USA they could of come from anywhere.

In the same PLU of Limerick there are 2 Blake's:

Catherine Blake, Parish of Kilfanaghta townland Ieverstown
PLU Limerick, tenant of John A. Levers

#13 house and outbuilding

Johanna Blake, Parish of Kilfintinan, TL Ballyliddan West, Sixmilebridge (part of)

#5 a house

County Clare does not belong to the Irish History Foundation with bmd's. You could look for local parish records as there are some online.

There is a book out about Tracing your Clare Ancestors if you go back to the postings I made within the past two weeks. Rootsweb - home page will have some information by
county you should try looking there.

There might be microfilm in the LDS records
You can to to the main page and scroll down to the list on the left to UK/Ire, click on this then on next page on
Ireland (7) as there are some parish record there, might be worth looking for. Also the IGI has some good information.

Annette Code

Re: Edward Keating b. 1832-43

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Surnames: Keating, Blake,
Hi Annette...I have checked LDS. Nothing for Edward Keating and wife Margaret Blake Keating.. Did you get the Griffiths Valuation on this site? I tried to find it and didn't. But I thought it was on here. You are correct about them marrying. I believe they married in Connecticut because that is where they had their first born in Ct. Hannorah Keating in 1856/1857. My next step is to find the birth record for Hannorah. As well as her death record. I believe she was born in New Haven, CT. Their second son Thomas Blake Keating was born in Redding Ridge, Fairfield Co, in 1859 CT. So I have a snippet of a lead there. Thanks for your help. Will check out those leads as well.

Re: Edward Keating b. 1832-43

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Sorry I thought I would of included Griffith Valuation.
They are not on the LDS site. (with property description)

or (less information - name, parish, townland only - good for finding matching parishes)

Do you have a membership with Ancestry. I've never looked for a birth record in the US. Would an early census show that?

I look for Hannorah but only found a 1 year old
Hanora Bating, Norwich New London and next to this
is a correction to Hannorah Keating, was born in Canada. The actual cencus is terrible, very faint places and how they even came up with Bating I have no idea.

The Canada could be possible as many immigrants came through Canada as the passage was cheaper.

A child named Thomas Keating age 3 born Conn. and living in 1870 Fairfield Co. has parents Patrick & Nora Keating

A child named Thomas Keating age 1 born Conn. living in 1870
parents Peter & Roseanna, Southington, Hartford, Conn.

An Edward Keating born (1830 from census) (or May 1855 is someones error I think )age 69, immigrated 1856, resident in USA 44 Inmate in Fairfield Conn.
USA Census 1900

USA Census, Buffalo, NY
Edward Keating born 1840 age 60 teamster born Ire, immigrated 1860 in USA 40 years
4 children born and 4 living
Margaret Keating age 65 born 1835 Ireland
John Keating age 32 born NY 1868 teamster



Re: Edward Keating b. 1832-43

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Keating, Blake
Hello Annette..thank you first of all for your hard work. FYI...i have Edward on all the census after 1860. In 1850 I believe he was in Ct. I found him but his name was misspelled as Katen, and another time it was misspelled as Caton. Also..on the one...they had first name as Nathan. (that is very odd as the name of Nathan appears nowhere repeated in the Keating line.) anyway..I could not find where Edward came , immigrated with anyone. It seemed to me he came alone. They had their first child, a Margaret Keating in New Haven CT. I believe another researcher found that kindly for me a couple years back. I have all the children's names and dates and birth and death. I have Margaret's info as well. I believe that i found a record at some point that had Edward and Margaret Blake getting married in Connecticut. It would have been around the Fairfield, Redding Ridge area. They stayed in CT and had John "Daniel" Keating there as well as son Thomas Blake Keating in 1859 but moved to Oil City, Venengo Co,PA around 1860-1861 because they then had Susan and Mary Ann in Oil City, PA. Sadly Edward died in a catastrophic event in Oil City, that was a fire and flood explosion that killed so many people, that they did not have time to do death records or proper burials etc. So..his death record does not exist, I was told. So, I have no availability in verifying his parents. THOUGH..I have one resource left. He , Edward Keating, had a sister..Margaret Keating who married an O'Connell. I believe that Margaret Keating O'Connell died in Oil City, Venango County, so I will have to obtain her death record next. I do have Ancestry among many other sites I use. I have been at this for 19 years. I love it. I have exhausted many resources and now have to go back for untouched clues. Edward continues to allude me. The one family you listed, of Edward , Margaret and John..i have to check to see if they were in Oil City, but I think I have the same census you put up there. Their son John WAS a teamster but he also worked for the PA RR. He DID move to NY. And..I know that both Margaret and Edward died in Oil City, Venango , PA. My mom was from there. I visit it every summer. i have yet to find their graves though. AND I sure have tried.(I know what cemetery they are in as well.)

Re: Edward Keating b. 1832-43

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Sometimes when you blow up a census, not literally you can see the spelling better. People reading them often made errors
in what they think they saw. How would you get Nathan out of Edward? Then on top of that people changed the spellings or someone changed the spelling for them. 20 years - you have staying power. You can contact the Clare genealogy office although it is commission work only. I asked for a quote
once from Wicklow and depending on how many generations the cost would of been 500Euro. I flew to Ireland for less than that as the exchange rate was higher than today.


Re: Edward Keating b. 1832-43

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Surnames: Keating, Blake, Sheridan
I know its all so silly. I do know that so many transcription errors I have seen. With and Irish or English accent... "Keating" does sound like "Caton" or Katen". ALso, if the person writing it was not listing well enough Nathan can even sound like Keating. Hmmm. Yes, the name Nathan has never appeared in my line anywhere. It is absolutely 100% my correct family. (My mom knew this line very well) ...Her aunt knew them personally, and my mom knew some of them. So's certain. Anyway...I have to be really careful because ironically there is another Edward Keating married to a Margaret.(My Margaret is Margaret Blake daughter of John Blake and Nora Sheridan). They also have children (a couple of them not all ) with similar names if not the same. ). I am focused on New Haven Ct and Redding Ridge Fairfield County. That for sure, I have them tied to. I know they were NOT married in Ireland. My guess...Connecticut . Their first child Margaret was born in New Haven I believe.
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