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James D. Davenport Davenports in Texas

James D. Davenport Davenports in Texas

Leslie D. Gudermuth (View posts)
Posted: 967651278000
I am looking for information/documentation on my grandfather James D. Davenport who married Margaret (Maggie) Josephine Poteet 28 Feb 1894 in Comanche Co., TX. They owned a farm near Gorman, TX (Eastland County). James died in accident when horses spooked ran away with his wagon on way into town. Maggie moved into town after his death farm was sold. Their children were: John d. 1920's, Louisa/Louise Davenport Bullock Cullins, Arminta Davenport Rogers, Jesse Dillon/Dillard? ("J.D."), Theodore Leslie (orig. Leslie Theodore) my father, Harold, Janice Davenport Blair (only surviving child of James Maggie Davenport). I am looking on any information anyone has re: my grandfather James D. Davenport or his parents/siblings/ancestry. Also, any further info on my aunts/uncles (his children) ANY documented info re: this Davenport family in TX would be greatly appreciated. By the way, it was well known in family that James was part-Cherokee Indian. Evidently was considered a "scandal" that my grandmother Maggie Poteet married him. If you have any info, please reply to this posting or email me at Thanks, Leslie Davenport Gudermuth

Ollie Mae Davenport

Carie (View posts)
Posted: 967909677000
My great-grandmother is Ollie Mae Davenport. She married Douglas Gaines. My grandmother was born to them on Indian Hill in Commanche Co. TX. in 1925. I have been researching for a while and I haven't found anything about Ollie Mae. My Grand mother was born Lucille Oleane Gaines. If you know of or find out anything about Ollie Davenport will you please let me know? Maybe we have a connection. I don't know her parents' names. A response, even if not positive, would be appreciated. Thank You

Ollie Mae Davenport

Leslie Davenport Gudermuth (View posts)
Posted: 967986394000

I'll be glad to let you know if or when I find a connection in our searches. I know how frustrating it is to be unable to find any information on an ancestor or family line. Please reciprocate contact me if you turn up anything on James D. Davenport or his ancestry. Thanks, Leslie

Ollie Mae Davenport

Mary Gaines-Williams (View posts)
Posted: 968050819000
I am Lucille's sister. Ollie Mae was my mother. I had tried for years to stay in touch with Lucille with little success. I have reasearched much of our family history. Please let me hear from you!

Ollie Mae Davenport

Mary Gaines-Williams (View posts)
Posted: 968051596000
Lucille was actually born Lucy Oleane. Ollie Mae was born to William B. Davenport and Ella Brooks at Coin, Texas (not on any map) in Travis County. Just thought I would send a little info to get you started. Who are your parents? Diane? David? Gary? Sherry? Steve? Miss hearing from Lucille's family.


Posted: 971732729000
Edited: 997593824000
I saw the names Davenport and Williams in your message. I have hit a dead-end on my Husband's Family. His Grandparents were Nattie Ogletree Davenport who married James Walter Williams. I know she had a twin sister a Davenport who married James Walter Williams's twin brother Jake Williams. I believe she had a sister named Ollie Dean Davenport and her father may have been Gunter Davenport. If you are connected with any of these individuals I would appreciate a reply.


Posted: 974502605000
Edited: 993801913000
Hi!! Believe it or not....we are family! My grandfather was ROBERT LEE DAVENPORT b 1896 d 1954(UNION CEM),son of ELIAS DAVENPORT and SARAH FREEMAN. I never knew to much about my dads dad but can remember meeting my dads mom a couple of times. ROBERT LEE had two children
>>>>>>>1.JOHN DAVID b 1928 NM d 1987TX(CAR
m 1st Maybelle/Mabel ?
they had 2 children

>>>> m 2nd Loyce Margaret WADE DOAK
b 1934 OK - LIVING

John Harmon b 1964 NM
This is where I come in.
>>>>>>>>>>>>Kimberly Kay DAVENPORT CARTER
b 1968 OK

>>>>>>2. Jessie Lee b TX d CA

Robert Lee's wife was Lottie Lee COKER
b Feb.8,1909 d March 20,1980. On my dads birth certificate she is using the name KIMMEY WHEELER. I would really like to stay in contact with some of my dads family if possible......he never knew anything about his family. Please contact me at


Davenports in Texas

Carie (View posts)
Posted: 974816936000
Hi. Could you please tell me how Robert Lee Davenport is related to Ella Brooks Davenport. I don't know much about this side of my family. Any information I get will be helpful.


Posted: 974822794000
Edited: 993801913000
Listen, don't think your the only one that doesn't know much about this family. My dad was Robert Lee's and son and all the time I was growing up, I never heard one word about his dad.All we had was one picture of Robert Lee and nothing else. I was always curious about my other grandparents and asked about them every chance I got. Before I graduated high school, I decided to give up hope on ever finding out anything. I had been out of school for about a year when my dad got killed in a car wreck. When it came time to feel in his next of kin at the funeral home, I only had knowledge of one sister. We were it for him.......right then I began to do what I could to dig information from anybody and everybody. I figured I'd be wasting my time placing a message on the boards.....but to my surprise someone replied. And let me tell you, this is a BIG family to learn about. I will now answer your question since I have outwinded the both of us....sorry.

Andrew J. DAVENPORT b June 10,1846 Whitley Co.,KY d Jan. 23,1929 Gustine, Comanche Co.,TX. He was married Feb.1,1866 Whitley Co.,KY to Mossy A. BOYD,dau of Ballinger BOYD and Mary DAVIS. She was b 1843 in MO. He married June 9,1879 in Burnet Co.,TX.

Andrew and Mossy had the following children:

1. Elias DAVENPORT b 1865,KY (my ggpa)

2. William Ballinger DAVENPORT b Aug 28,1869 MO d Sept 28,1951 Comanche Co.,TX

3. Rachel Elizabeth DAVENPORT b May 1,1872 d April 4,1936 Gustine, Comanche Co.,TX

4. Sarah Emmaline DAVENPORT b Jan 3,1875 MO d Aug 9,1950 San Angelo,Tom Green Co.,TX

******Elias DAVENPORT married Sarah FREEMAN b TX. They had only one child that I know of and this was Robert Lee DAVENPORT b June 4,1896 TX d Feb 8,1954 Temple Bell,TX. (This is my grandfather) My grandmother was a little on the strange side and this may have led to their divorce. Her name? Which one? I knew her to have two different names. I believe her legal name was Lottie Lee COKER b Feb 8,1909 d Mar 20,1980. On my dads birth certificate she signed it Kimmie Wheeler.She remarried after the divorce,so nowshe could be buried under any combination of those two names or be using her married name of BLACKWELL.

******The second son of Andrew J. DAVENPORT,
William Ballinger DAVENPORT is the one married to Ella BROOKS b April 15,1875 TX d Jan 4,1929 Gorman,Eastland,TX. They married Dec 16,1892 Burnet Co.,TX.

I have more if you need it. Let me know..


William and Ella Davenport

Carie (View posts)
Posted: 975680270000
Thank's a bunch. This info is very helpful to me. Do you know of the blood heritage, were the Davenport's English or Indian or what? Doesn't the connectioon make you my Grandma's cousin? William and Ella are her Grandparents. Thanks again. Carie
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