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Surnames: bolckow
Charles (or Carl) Ferdinand Henry Bolckow, Iron Master of Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England was born in Germany circa 1835.

In the 1871 census, he claimed he was born at Loltz, Pomerania, Prussia.

When he applied for naturalisation in 1879, he said his place of birth was Grossen & Varchow, Mecklenberg Schwerin, Germany.

Are these two places close to each other?

Gross Varchow, Mecklenburg-Schwerin and Loitz, West Pomerania

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Hi Jean,

There is a Loitz in the old region of West Pomerania (Vorpommern in German) and this town is about 28 miles north of Gross Varchow, of the old Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin.

There is also another very small town of Loitz in the old area of Mecklenburg-Strelitz and is about 14 miles southeast of Gross Varchow.

Here is an old 1897 map showing West Pomerania (Vorpommern) and Mecklenburg.
Loitz, West Pomerania is on the far left side of the map near the mark 54 on the left border. Then to locate Gross Varchow, (not shown on the map but is near the town of Molln), drop straight south and cross the border into Mecklenburg.

How certain are you of the spellings you had of Grossen & Varchow and Loltz? If you have any question you could post the documents that show these towns to this message board as an attachment so others could help you with the spellings or translation.

Re: Bolckow

Joan Neumann (View posts)
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Surnames: Niebur
I am also looking for Gr. Vorschow in Mecklenberg-Schwerin. Could an alternate spelling be Vorschau?

Gazetteer for All Mecklenburg-Schwerin Towns

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Hi Joan,

If you are having trouble reading a document with German town names on it, please send a email scan to me, or post it as an attachment to this message board. It looks like you are just taking wild guesses that will get you nowhere fast.

Here is a Gazetteer for all old Mecklenburg towns at:

Gr. Vorschow did not exist, it is mostly likely Gr. Varchow, see

Gr.=Gross in German, and is a reference to Large. Sometimes you will also see a Kl. in front of a town, that is = Klein, meaning small.

For example one of my towns is Gross Belitz and Klein Belitz, which equals the main or large town of Belitz, and the other the smaller one.

Re: Gross Varchow, Mecklenburg-Schwerin and Loitz, West Pomerania

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Thanks very much for this helpful advice. The original documents were written in England, so no doubt they suffered from the writer being unfamiliar with the German place names.

Re: Bolckow

Ian Stubbs (View posts)
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It is Grossen Varchow which is associated with the Bolckow family and it is not far from Sulten.

The church in Grossen Varchow is the resting place of Heinrich Bolckow snr. He actually helped to build it. I like Jean French am researching Henry Bolckow Jnr 1806 -1878 a major local industrialist and philanthrapist, who came to England and became our town of Middlesbrough's first mayor and first Member of Parliament. I went out to Mecklenburg and saw the church and other Bolckow related sites and buildings in Rostock, Sulten and Grossen Varchow when I spoke about him to a symposium on migration for the 1000th anniversary of Mecklenburg.
Feel free to contact me at
if you have any queries.
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