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Benjamin Hawkins FITZGERALD/Jane COFFEY, Albemarle Co./Nelson Co. VA to Upshur Co. WV

Benjamin Hawkins FITZGERALD/Jane COFFEY, Albemarle Co./Nelson Co. VA to Upshur Co. WV

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Hi there,
Tracing the following FITZGERALD family:
1 Benjamin Hawkins Fitzgerald Sr. b: 1776 in Albemarle Co. VA d: Aug.26.1850 in Nelson Co. VA
..+Jane Coffey, Father: William Coffey Sr. Mother: Elizabeth Osborne
2 Joseph Fitzgerald
2 Mary Fitzgerald
2 Edmund Coffey Fitzgerald b: 1794
....+Jane Coffey b: 1798 m: Mar.26.1832 in Nelson Co. VA Father: William Coffey Jr. Mother: Polly Rippetoe
2 Jane Fitzgerald b: 1802 in Nelson Co. VA
2 Nancy Fitzgerald b: 1807 d: in Nelson Co. VA
....+Asa V. Fitzgerald b: Jan.17.1810 in Nelson Co. VA d: Jun.24.1854 in Pittsylvania Co. VA m: 1830 in Nelson Co. VA Father: John Clarkson Fitzgerald Mother: Nancy E. Carr
2 Benjamin (Jr.) Fitzgerald b: 1810 in Nelson Co. VA
....+Matilda A. J. Fitzgerald b: 1815 in Nelson Co. VA d: in Nelson Co. VA m: Jun.15.1835 in Nelson Co. VA Father: Robert Woodson Fitzgerald Mother: Mary "Polly" Carr
My husband descends from the above listed son Edmund Coffey Fitzgerald.
At least three of Edmund's children seem to have settled in Upshur Co. WV by the mid-1800s. There are marriage and other records there for sons Wyatt and Benjamin Douglas Fitzgerald as well as for daughter Mariah (Fitzgerald) Rohrbough.
Any additional information or corrections would be greatly appreciated.
Bye for now,

Benjamin Hawkins Fitzgerald

Buck Harris (View posts)
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According to his Revolutionary war record, Benjamin Hawkins, (alias Benjamin Hawkins Fitzgerald) was born in 1761 in Orange county, Va. Both he and his brother Bartlet Hawkins (alias Bartlett Hawkins Fitzgerald) born in Orange county in 1759 served with Col. Washington. Both were awarded several land grants in Nelson county for their military service. Bartlett married Maxy Coleman from Albemarle county and raised a large family in Nelson County. Their daughter Judith married James Campbell Jr, a brother to my gggrandmother Catherine Campbell Ramsey. We continue to look for Benjamin and Bartletts parents - do u know them? Would be glad to exchange info. Regards Buck Harris Staunton Va

Hawkins alias Fitzgerald

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Hi there,
No, I haven't found a thing on Benjamin's parents yet, but you have certainly peaked my interest with this "Hawkins aka Fitzgerald" business.
Are you saying that Benjamin and his brother Bartlett may have been born HAWKINS but at some point adopted the use of the surname FITZGERALD or what?
Bye for now,


Bucky Harris (View posts)
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Please e-mail me at so that I can send you supporting documents for Bartlett and Benjamin as well John Fitzgerald. I have their Revolutinary War records, and other legal documents.
I can not at this time tell you why these guys use different names. I have them Gerralds, Hawkins, and Fitzgerald on numereous legal documents. Their military land warrants, grants, and patents list Hawkins as well as legal transactions with the connotation alias Fitzgerald. I have a large family tree that list Joseph Fitzgerald as father and Mary Hoffman as mother of these guys but I can not accept that yet. Joseph, being the patriarch, does not show up again for a 100 years or so. I need to go to Orange county and plan to go soon and hope to find documentation to make the connection. That is where these guys came from. Bartlett married into a "rich family" the Coleman's from Albemarle county. I have the Colemans back to 1400 in England. Bartlett is in my line but Benjamin was his brother. I only started tracking them recently. I have the children of both Bartlett and Benjamin. When they died both were living in what is Nelson County today( evolved from Amherst County in 1808).
Lets go direct to each other via e-mail, so please e-mail me soon. Bless BH


Buck Harris (View posts)
Posted: 983701192000

Please e-mail at in order to send you documents for review. Thanks BH

Thomas Fitzgerald

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To Kathleen Fitzgerald
Trying to trace the kennedy Fitzgeralds. Thomas Fitzgerald was my grandfather's brother. Trying to trace the family to western Ireland . Can you give me any info ? You seem to know something on the subject


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Hi there,
You said:
"....Trying to trace the Kennedy Fitzgeralds. Thomas Fitzgerald was my grandfather's brother. Trying to trace the family to western Ireland. Can you give me any info?....."
Now by "Kennedy Fitzgeralds" I'm assuming that you are referring to the lines that late Pres. Kennedy descends from. In which case I couldn't help you too's probably a safe bet that his Fitzgerald line would be EXTREMELY "distantly related" to ours....if at all!
Both his Kennedy and Fitzgerald great-grandfathers came to Boston from County Wexford Ireland during the mid-1800s....our line of Fitzgeralds were known to have been in North America at least by the mid-1700s.
Also, I'm not sure which "Thomas Fitzgerald" you're referring to when you say "Thomas Fitzgerald was my grandfather's brother", it surely wouldn't be JFK's immigrant great-grandfather, Thomas Fitzgerald (1822-1885), would it?
JFK's great-grandfather Patrick Kennedy (1823 to 1858), the third son of a farmer from County Wexford, was born in Dugganstown, Ireland, in 1823. On board ship (in 1849) Patrick met Bridget Murphy, also of County Wexford, and the couple married when they arrived in Boston. They had four children; three daughters (Mary, Margaret & Johanna) and one son (Patrick Joseph). Father Patrick died of cholera on 22nd November, 1858, and mother Bridget died in 1888.
JFK's great-grandfather Thomas Fitzgerald (1822 to 1885) grew up in the farming community of Bruff in County Wexford, Ireland. His brother James is believed to have came over as a little boy in 1848 or 1849 with his uncle Edmond Fitzgerald and his first cousin, Mary Ann Fitzgerald, Edmond's daughter. They were eventually followed by Thomas' three sisters, (Bridget, Hannah & Ellen) and their mother, Ellen (Wilmouth) Fitzgerald, who is listed upon her arrival as a widow (evidence that her husband, Michael, had died before they left), and still later by Thomas.
On Nov.15.1857, Thomas married Rosanna Cox (1834-1879), daughter of Irish immigrants Philip and Mary Cox. They had at least 12 children; two daughters (both of whom died as infants) and ten sons, the eldest of which died before age 2.
Michael 1858-1860 (named for Thomas' father)
James T.,1860-1950 (named for Thomas' brother)
Thomas J., 1861-1893
John Francis (aka "Honey Fitz"), 1863-1950
Michael J., 1864-1925 (again, named for Thomas' father)
William S., 1865-1899
Edward C., 1867-1940
Joseph A., 1868-1920
Ellen R., 1870-1870 (named for Thomas' mother)
George F., 1871-1914
Henry S., 1875-1955
Mary Ellen, 1879-1879 (named for Roseanna's mother)

~ John Francis "Honey Fitz" grew up to be twice Mayor of Boston. He married Josephine Hannon and their eldest child, Rose, is Pres. Kennedy's mother.
One of the best books that I have found on JFK's genealogy is: "The Fitzgeralds and the Kennedys : An American Saga" by Doris Kearns Goodwin. It's available through your local library and can still be purchased as well.
Bye for now,

Thanks for the help

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Kathleen Fitzgerald
Thanks for taking the time to help. I am related to Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy and that is the puzzle I'm trying to piece together. The two brothers I am told came to Newfoundland and some time later one moved to Boston. I got to look at that book you mentioned , Thanks again ...Ray

Fitzgeralds/Nelson Co.

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I was intriqued by your comments. My great-great-grandfather was William Reily "Buck" Fitzgerald. I cannot figure out WHO his parents were. His wife was Levernia Fitzgerald, d/o Jetsel Curtis Fitzgerald. I have heard through oral history that the Fitzgeralds "made up" their name using two family names from which they intermarried. Any leads?

Benjamin Hawkins Fitzgerald

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Here's what I know. I think it fits with your info.

John Joseph Fitzgerald was born in Ireland abt. 1735, lived in Orange Co., VA and married Mary Hawkins Bartlett (b. 1735) in 1753. Mary was the d/o Col. Benjamin Barlett and Mary Hawkins. This was the first of at least 3 marriages for J.Joseph Fitzgerald.

J. Joseph Fitzgerald and Mary Hawkins Bartlett had three children: Bartlett b. 1759 (who married Mary Maskie Colman), Benjamin (who married Jane Coffey b. 1761, d/o William Coffey and Elizabeth Osborne of Orange Co.) and Abigail b. 1762 (who married Samuel sloan. J. Joseph Fitzgerald d. in 1824 in Pittsylvania Co., VA. He served in the Revolutionary War.

Benjamin Hawkins Fitzgerald went by the name of Benjamin Hawkins (no Fitzgerald) from 1810 to 1817. He joined the Virginia Militia at Fredrickburg in 1777 and was given a pension. He died in Nelson County.

Hope this helps.
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