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Annie Stanton

Annie Stanton

Carol (View posts)
Posted: 938447830000
I am looking for anyone who knows anything about Annie Stanton. I have a Souvenir brochure from Schol District No. 3, Ligel Top, Huron County, Michigan, for 1897-1898. In this souvenir, there is a listing of a CLARE STANTON and a RUSSELL STANTON who were first graders; NELLY STANTON who was a third grader; ANNIE STANTON who was a fourth grader; FLORENCE STANTON and CHARLEY STANTON who were fifth graders, and LENA STANTON who was an eighth grader.

ANNIE STANTON was my paternal grandmother. I do not know when she was born, but she died on February 14, 1967. She was married to a GUSTAV SEMRAU. He died on December 25, 1965. They had three children, Gustav (Bud), Helen, and Stanton Arthur Semrau (my father). My dad was the baby of the family and he was born on April 23, 1920. He died on August 30, 1991.

I do not know how or if all of the STANTONs listed are related or not. They could be brothers and sisters or cousins, or maybe not related at all.

My dad always told me he was related to Irwin McMasters Stanton and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. I don't know if he was "pulling my leg" or not, but I am very interested in finding out any information anyone has.

Huron County is located in the tip of the thumb in the State of Michigan, and include the cities/towns/townships of Ubley and Brown City. Dad also told me that his mother's grandparents were buried in Ubley, but I have not been able to find them. I don't even know their first names. My uncle Bud died in the 1980s and after grandma Annie died in 1967, all contact was lost with my aunt Helen. I don't even know her married name.

I know it's like looking for a needle in a haystack, but if anyone has any information whatsoever, I would really appreciate it. Please e-mail me if you have any information or post it on the STANTON family message board.



edwin m stanton

jean (View posts)
Posted: 938550769000
That is interesting. Edwin m stanton was a great,great,great,uncle to my mother minnie stanton. this generation was from wichita,ks. I am trying to run down the family tree of my mothers but so far have not had any luck. we all may be relatives....


Dorinda (View posts)
Posted: 938584000000
My great-grandmother was Helen Clare Stanton and she was born in Scranton, PA in May of 1892. She married Harry V. Kellam. Helen's parents were Eugene Stanton and Claire Corson. Helen died in Asheville, NC in the late 1970's. My grandmother, Helen's daughter, tells me we are somehow related to Edwin McMasters Stanton. (I don't know of an Irwin.)


Carol (View posts)
Posted: 938611463000

I made a typo in my message. I said "Irwin" but I meant "Edwin".

I wonder if children of the 1880-1890s were called by their middle names instead of their given names...perhaps they were named after a relative and to avoid confusion, were called by their middle names instead.

Does anyone have any information about any of the Stantons coming to Michigan?

I would LOVE to have relatives even REMOTELY related to my dad. All I know about his mother's family is what I have mentioned.

edwin stanton

jean (View posts)
Posted: 938697006000
edwin m. stanton secretary of war he was my mothers great,great, great uncle thats is all that I know. trying to dig further to run down this family tree.

Michigan Stantons

Posted: 940753623000
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I was born and partially raised in Michigan. In the Centreville/Nottawa area. My father, James Hosea Stanton, was born in Indiana but the family moved to Michigan so that my grandfather, John Stanton, could find work as a welder. My great-grandfather, Andrew Jackson Stanton lived all about the Midwest. He was married 2 or 3 times and had two children, John and Charles. I've been told that Andrew Jackson Stanton was a twin and his brother lived in Kentucky/Tennesse area. The Stantons were migrating from the south across Indiana and to Michigan. I don't know if they were following previous family migrations . . . but thought any nugget of info might help.

Andrew Jackson Stanton

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What was the name of
Andrew Jackson Stanton's twin
brother? What was their
birthdate? Where were they

Michigan Stantons

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Andrew Jackson Stanton was born in Sevier, Tennesse in Feb. 1885. His twin's name was James (?) Stanton. According to family lore, their father was also twin. His name is believed to be Samuel. That's all the info my family was able to provide. Do you have a connection?


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It doesn't sound as if it is
my family. Thanks for the

Stantons in Mich.

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I have a small tidbit of info on Stantons here in Michigan for you. My mothers step-fathers mother was a Stanton or was married to a Stanton. The only thing I have though is that a "Cap" Stanton was in the coast guard around Tawas or Marquette at the turn of the century. If this helps, I would like to know.
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