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KENISTON - England / NH. - l500 - l850

KENISTON - England / NH. - l500 - l850

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Four items -
Need background Robert KENISTON and spouse - parents of Henry KENISTON born l575 sheriff at Manchester, Engl. who married 4 Nov l605 Elizabeth LEEZE .
Also - Need lst marriage (Agnes -?-) of immigrant John KINESTON of Dover, NH., (l6l5 - l677). Agnes married 2nd a MAGOON .
Also - Need spouse (Bridget -?-) of George KINESTON of Greenland, NH., (ca. l658 - ca. l7l7) - parents of George KENISTON, l690 - l76l, of Greenland, NH., who married about l723 Elizabeth KING .
And, also - Need spouse (-?- CILLEY) of William KENISTON, l726 - l803) of Greenland and Northfield, NH. - parents of Lydia KENISTON who married David DUSTIN .

William Keniston

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According to my records, William's spouse was Mary Cilley. They were married 9 Sep1748 in Newmarket, NH. Hope this helps. We must be "cousins" if this is your family, 'cuz it's mine, too.

Reply to Carol S. Thacker

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Thanks for your reply to my Query. Please contact me at << >> so we can compare some additional stuff. Two initial questions - l) have you citations to sources for the info you sent me? and 2) have you any earlier generations before William, who m,arried Mary CILLEY ? Regards... John Wolfe / Anchorage, Alaska

Re: KENISTON - England / NH. - l500 - l850

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John Keniston (son of Henry and Elizabeth) married Agnes Moody, but I can not find a last name for Bridget!

Re: KENISTON - England / NH. - l500 - l850

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Surnames: Keniston
Deborah, are you asking about the Bridget that married George Keniston? Harold Thomas

Re: KENISTON - England / NH. - l500 - l850

Deborah (View posts)
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Yes, I am asking about the Bridget that married George Keniston. Do you know her last name? I am info that George's mather was Agnes Moody and her father was Henry Magoun.

? Christopher Keniston ?

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Surnames: Kenaston Kennaston Kinniston Kenniston Cheswill Cheswell
Any data about a Christopher Keniston / Kenniston / Kennaston in the Newmarket, NH area?

I have this document from th Genealogical Dictionary of ME & NH but am trying to connect it all to a Catherine Kiniston, possibly a daughter to Christopher...

I will try to transcribe it as exact as I can...someone did explain the (5) means that this is the son of #5 John of Dover etc....

page 397 KENNISTON

KENNISTON, Kenerson. Kynaston an ancient Shropshire name. The third generation of this NH family should be the subject of further painstaking research.

(1) CHRISTOPHER (5), Greenland, +/- 46 in 1701, served in Philip's war, m. 4 Dec. 1677 Mary Muchemore (List 335a) who witn. Coffin deeds 1707-11. In 1681 he laid the stealing of 2 pigs to his bro. John and Robt. Braines, but offered to pay Lt. Neale for 3 pigs rather than go to law. In 1682 Geo. Huntress asked to be relieved of a trust of L27 for the w. and ch. of C.K. Lists 52, 62, 33d, 332b, 337, 338a. Taxed as late as 1718. Ch: ALEXANDER, +/- 21 in June 1701, m. Elizabeth Reed (Thomas). Lists 67, 336b, 338a. Had ch. Nathan, Judith, Mary, Elizabeth, Elinor (b. in Hampton 3 June 1713) bp. in Greenl. in 1713, Deliverance bp. 1716, and doubtless others. WILLIAM. With his bro. CHRISTOPHER and Edward Bean he assisted his bro. John and John Fox to break Portsm. jail with an axe in 1716, all of them, after getting some good advice from his mother, fleeing to John Wiggin's in Stratham and later to Edw. Bean's in Exeter. Wm. may have been the groom of all or any of the foll. brides: Sarah Stanley, in Greenl. 6 July 1713; Bethia Trickey (both of Portsm.) 31 Aug. 1721; Elizabeth Ford in Portsm. 17 Dec. 1728. JOHN +/- 23 in 1718. After escap. from jail he was recapt. by James Jordan and Wm. Green, tried and acq. on the charge of murdering Hawnwick, a Penobscot Indian, near Furber's Point 1716-1717. And prob. SARAH, m. John Fox 24 Jan. 1711-2 in Greenl.

(2) DANIEL, Wells, absent from meeting 1702, his master Thos. Barber (6).

(3) GEORGE (5), Greenl., acc. of theft from Joseph Hall's wife, Thos. Pickering and others, he fled the juris. and was liv. with Joshua Brown shoemaker, in Newbury in 1678. Taxed in Greenl. 1690, 1691. Tenant of the Hall-Packer farm in 1697, when he was +/-40. Lists 62, 335a, 338a. D. 14 Mar. 1717-8, adm. being gr. 10 Nov. 1718 to wid. Bridget. She was taxed 1718-1719, and in 1720 she compl. that Jonathan Weeks, Tucker Cate, Jeremiah Lary and Abraham Sanborn stopped her 3 sons who were raising a house frame, assisted by Christopher Kenniston and Charles Allen. Ch: JOHN, m. Sarah who was adm. to Greenl. ch in 1728, and had a son John who m. Susanna Durgin (Francis) bef. 1738. List 338a. GEORGE, m. Elizabeth King, adm. to Greenl. ch in 1726 and had ch. George, Elizabeth, William and John bp. 1727-1732. SAMUEL. BRIDGET, m. 11 Aug 1719 Jonathan Smith. MARY (prob) +/- 16 in 1696 when ment. with George.

(4) JAMES (5) Stratham, m. bef. 1693-4, when his w. had a seat in Portsm. ch., and marked 'gone' in Grennl. tax-list that yr. Grantee of Thos. sr., Thos.jr. and Elizabeth Reed in 1707. John Drisco sold him and John Satchell land in 1716 which he and wid. Eleanor Satchell divided in 1726. In 1732 his w. was named Dorcas. Old Mr. J. K. d. in Strat. 28 May 1747. In 1748 wid. Eleanor (Place)(Satchell) Durgin willed prop. to each of the ch. of J.K. of Strat. deed., naming: JAMES, Greenl., weaver, m. 7 Nov. 1723 Elizabeth Durgin (Francis). JOSHUA, m. 22 Apr. 1725Dorothy Dockum. His fa. deeded him prop. in 1736. BENJAMIN, m. 12 Dec. 1729 in Greenl. Abigail Bryant. MOSES, m. Ann Lary (Samuel). His fa. deeded the homestead to him in 1746. D.

page 398

(continued) bef. 1768 leav. 2 sons, James of Greenl. and Bickford of Strat. ABIGAIL, m. John Crown. Also JOSEPH, 18 in 1701. Adm. gr. to bro. Joshua in 1724 with consent of his fa. A Jospeh m. Abigail French 22 Feb. 1721-2 in Greenl.

(5) JOHN , Dover, 1663, but marked 'gone' in 1664 tax-list, was settled in Greenl. by 1665. Sued by Capt. Champernowne in 1666, Gr. j. in 1667 and 1668, subscr. toward Portsm. minister in 1671. Lists 326bc, 330a, 331a, 356b. On 16 Apr. 1677 his ho. was burned and he was k. by Ind. His wid., who had sat in the stocks for railing in 1676 and who was gr. adm. 1 Aug 1677, was Agnes Magoon in 1681 when she and her son Christopher conv. land in Greenl. to Geo. Huntress. Ch: WILLIAM, ordered that he should continue with his master Walter Abbott, accord. to his indentures, in 1663. CHRISTOPHER. JOHN, Dover, +/- 40 in 1697, +/-48 in 1702, liv. with Lt. Anthony Nutter. Finded in 1681 for departing without a license, Joseph Hall bondsman. ALEXANDER, drowned crossing above John Pickering's mill-dam on his horse, inq. 10 July 1671. List 327b. GEORGE. JAMES.


I don't have the document nor any other information about these pages...(just a xerox copy of the above typed items)... I'm still looking for a Catherine (possibly a child of Christopher)...Sandy in Sacramento
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