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Walicki, Walewski, Walewska, WALICZKY nobility

Walicki, Walewski, Walewska, WALICZKY nobility

Dennis Walicki Bardos (View posts)
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Surnames: Walicki
any info on the ~1800 to 1840 era on the well know Walicki family of Krakow will be appreciated

Re: Walewska/Walewski

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Surnames: Walewski, Benderowicz
My mother's family came from Suwalki, Poland......My great grandparents were

Wincenty Walewski and Maryanna Benderowicz, their children included Walter, Jadwiga, Casimiera, Mary and, I believe, Ann. Wincenty and Maryanna never left Poland, but all 5 of the children came to the US in their teens. Any relation ? Let me know !

Re: walicki

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Surnames: walicki, naja
Did you have a Franciszka Walicki, daughter of Tomasz and Anges, she married a Marcin Naja? Thank you

Re: Walewski family

Dennis Bardos (View posts)
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Surnames: Walewski, Walewska, Walicki
Does anyone searching the Walewski name knows of their relationship to Marie Walewska, Napoleon's lover?
Clan name?
How were they related to the Walicki families?

Re: Walewska/Walewski

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Surnames: Walewski, Mlotkowski
My name is Wojtek Mlotkowski.
My mothers father was Josef Walewski. He died in 1939 in Rawa Mazowiecka. I don`t know anything about his parents, because he was found as a child with a " name tag" attached to his chest.
I also know about Oliveira Walewska, who plays volleyball for Brasil.
I plan to visit Poland in 2002 ( I lve in Australia). Maybe then I will find out more about my mothers ancestors.
All the best. Wojtek

Re: Walewska/Walewski

dennis Bardos (View posts)
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Surnames: walewski
thank you for your note.
The interesting thing is that count Walewski's youg wife became Napoleon's mistress and bore him a son.C 1808
He was a well known noble man yet no one could give me any info about him.
You are the first to respond yo my many querries.
If you could just find out where I could learn more of his geneology I would be greatful.
Dennis Walicki Bardos
what is your email address? I can send you jnfo directly.

Re: Family from Rawa Mazowiecka

Merav Shub (View posts)
Posted: 1111091916000
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Surnames: koperszmidt
Dear Wojtek,

Did you make your visit to Poland, and did you go to Rawa Mazowiecka? We are planning to visit the town this summer, looking for more information on my grandmother's family, Koperszmidt, who lived in the town until WWII. I just wondered what your experience was if you did actually go there. I am about to write to the records office of the town asking for details on our family members. Have you tried this?
I also read somewhere that the Jewish cemetary in Rawa Mazowiecka is still intact, although vey much dilapidated. We might find some family information from gravestones.

All the best,

Merav Shub

Re: Walewska/Walewski

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Surnames: Walicki, Walewski, Czuchra
My grandfather was Kazimierz Walicki Born 16 Feb 1885 in Poland. I was told from Krakow. He came to USA but don't know date and married Marya Czuchra. They had 3 children, Stella Sophia, my father Walter Peter, and Wanda, all born in Manchester, NH, USA. I take it that your mother was a Walewska which and "a" at the end of the last name designates a female. Do you now have any more information?

Re: Walicki, Walewski, Walewska, WALICZKY nobility

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Surnames: walicki, waliczky, waleski, waleska, laczynska, montagu, ricci, felix
Dear Sir,
I have alredy twice answered this question. Just to summarize once again:

1. Walicki and Waleski: they are TWO different names/families with two different coat of arms (just confirming diffferent between them). Walicki - coa: LADA, Waleski - coa: PIERZCHALA (later also KOLUMNA vel COLONA).

2. There was NOT in the whole (known) history connection between these two noble old Polish families. Waleski
family originated from Leczyca area (ab. 120km West of Warszawa), Walicki from Czersk area (ab. 40km South of Warszawa). Waleski family was first mentioned in the year 1382, Walicki little later in 1436.

3. According to the latest researches - the Walicki family originated from the CLAN of LADA, they later been called KOPANSKI (from the estate of name Kopanica), and finally after receiving in 1436 the WALISKA estate from the prince of Mazovia, they started to be called "from WALISKA" which became the family name: WALICKI (means exactly from the Waliska estate).

4. The Walicki family lived mostly on Mazovia (Central Poland, close to Warszawa), later same branches moved East (Lithuania, Whiterussia, Border Land (Kresy). Some other moved South (Malopolska branch - Krakow/Rzeszow area) or even West (Wielkopolska branch - Poznan area.
In modern history many memebers of this family emigrated to USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, Austria, Hungary etc. etc i.e. EVERYWHERE. I have documentation of about 40 different branches of this family.

5. There was many questions about WALESKA/WALESKI/Napoleon connection.

Here is roughly their family tree:

Anastazy Waleski married Maria Laczynska (1786-1817) coa.

They had NO children.

Maria Waleska nee Laczynska became in 1807 mistress of Napoleon I. They have got ONE son in 1810: Aleksander Colonna Waleski (count).

Aleksander count, later French prince Colonna Waleski
(1810-1868) was married twice:

a/ in 1831 married to Katarzyna Karolina Montagu (1808-1834)
they had two children (Ludwika and Jerzy) - both died in childhood

b/ in 1846 married to countess Anna Maria Ricci
they have 4 children:
Izabella (died in childhood)
Karol killed in WWI (1848-1916) - no children
Eliza Irena (1849-1927)
Eugenia (1856-1884)
i.e. NO MORE man's descedants

in addition Aleksander Colonna Waleski had a son (outside of marriage) with a French actress (Rachel Felix).
This son has been recognized as a legal descedant of Aleksander and the only men's descedants of Napoleon
(with Waleska) came from this line i.e. from Aleksander Antoni Waleski (who lived in France). These lines exist up today.

Wojciech Kauczynski /after my mother Walicki

Re: Walicki, Walewski, Walewska, WALICZKY nobility

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Surnames: Walicki, Czuchra, Humphrey, Pelc, Dowd, Zaydel
I've been in touch via email several times with Dennis Bardos. My Grandfather was Kazimierz Walicki born Feb 16, 1885 in Poland and immigrated to USA via Philadelphia where he met his wife Marya Czuchra, who also immigrated to USA from Poland, while they both were working in a hotel there. They somehow settled in Manchester, NH. They had three children, a daughter Stella Sophie married a Howard Humphrey in NH, Walter Peter (my father) married Helen Pelc in Pittsburgh, Pa when he came to visit relatives, and Wanda who married Francis Dowd in NH. There were 5 Zaydel sisters also in Pittsburgh who were 2nd cousins to Marya Czuchra through their mother who was lst cousin to Marya. Any info on this family line would be appreciated.
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