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Simmons-Troutman Book

Simmons-Troutman Book

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I have a book of the descendants of Jonathan Simmons and Mary Troutman that includes all relatives through 1970. This book is large and has birth dates, locations, personal histories of all the descendants forward. Anyone needed information can feel free to contact me and I can scan and email the necessary pages.

Re: Simmons-Troutman Book

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Can you tell me where to find a copy of this book? You may find me in there,I am Maureen Mckovich>Wanda Simmons>Don Trader Simmons>William Joseph Simmons>William Allen Simmons>Joseph Simmons>Jonathan Simmons 1749-1824

My book on the Simmons Hendrick Families, there is some Troutman info. I am curious to pursue more on this line.

Thank you,

Re: Simmons-Troutman Book

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This book was handed down to me, I do not know if others exist. I do not see you listed in the index, and I do not see a Wanda Simmons. Is it possible for us to email privately and see if we couldn't track back your family to see where it is linked to the Troutman's? This book does not have a lot of Troutman's but rather is the descendants of Jonathan Simmons (Symons)from around 1701 though 1970. The information was done primarily from family bibles and probate and land records.

Re: Simmons-Troutman Book

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Surnames: Simmons, Troutman, Udey, Cormeny
I would love to learn more about your book. I have been researching SIMMONS/TROUTMAN history for my late sister and brother-in-law's children, who are g-g-g-g grandchildren of Jonathan SIMMONS and Elizabeth CHILDS. Do you have any CORMENY or UDEY surnames in the book?


Re: Simmons-Troutman Book

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Of course. My email is

My lineage is: Maureen Mckovich>Wanda W. Simmons>Don Trader Simmons>William Joseph Simmons>William Allen Simmons>Joseph Simmons>Jonathan 1749-1824>Richard 1706-1784>Jonathan 1674-1726 (the immigrant)

Take a look and drop me an email.

Re: Simmons-Troutman Book

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I do not have those surnames. I have the direct linkage to Jonathan Simmons (married to Elizabeth CHild or CHilds) and the book indicates that they beleive Elizabeth was the daughter of Henry and Jemima (Pottenger) Child. There appeared to be some confusion on her date of birth given an attempt to adjust the calendar change in 1752.

Re: Simmons-Troutman Book

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With that information, I was able to find your line. It does die out in my book with Joseph Simmons, but I can give you what I have about anyone before Joseph and what it says about him.

Jonathan (B in Englad possible New England, his will was dated 1724 and proved December 1, 1726)

his Son Richard was born cica 1706 and died April 2, 1782

his son Jonathan was (1749-1824)

his son Joseph (which is were we break apart as relatives) was born 02/02/1783in St. John's parish, prince George's County, Maryland. Married on July 8, 1806 (or July 10th according to family bible) to Charity Scott [daughter of Thomas and Alice (Glover) Scott]

For all descendants prior to Joseph, I can give you any needed dates, children, etc.

Re: Simmons-Troutman Book

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Classification: Query

If you know the direct line from Jonathan Simmons, I am happy to try and fill in any information, however my book only contains down my direct line (with some variants throughout).

Re: Simmons-Troutman Book

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Simmons, Child(s), too many to list
Thank you for your reply. I have attempted to attach what I have of the direct decendents of Jonathan SIMMONS and Elizabeth CHILD(S) through five generations but this program will not accept the attachment,so I copied and pasted it into this message. Only to have the indentations disappear. It includes five generations. In generations 6,7, & 8 many are still living, but if you are interested in folk in those generations, you are welcome to contact me through the SIMMONS surname list.

Descendents of Jonathan Simmons & Elizabeth Child(s) 5 generations
26 Aug 2012
1. Jonathan SIMMONS (b.01 Oct 1749-Landover,Prince Georges,Maryland;d.22 Apr 1824-,Meade,Kentucky)
sp: Elizabeth CHILDS (b.01 Mar 1751-,Anne Arundel,Maryland;m.07 Dec 1770;d.22 Apr 1824-,Meade,Kentucky)
2. Samuel SIMMONS (b.02 Jun 1772-Saint John Parish,Prince Georges,Maryland;d.08 May 1820-Hardin,Breckinridge,Kentucky)
sp: Elizabeth SCOTT (b.08 Oct 1787-,Charles,Maryland;m.26 Sep 1811;d.Aft 1860-,,California)
3. Leven SIMMONS (b.01 Aug 1812-King Haven,Meade,Kentucky;d.03 Feb 1876-Spanish Fork,Utah,Utah)
sp: Harriet BRADFORD (b.Abt 1821-Illinois;m.27 Feb 1836)
4. Ammon SIMMONS (b.1860-Utah)
3. Jonathan SIMMONS (b.04 Jun 1814-Hardin,Breckinridge County,Kentucky;d.1866-Colusa,Colusa County,California)
sp: Sarah FULTON (b.1821-Kentucky;m.09 Oct 1834;d.05 Mar 1859-Colusa County,California)
4. Samuel SIMMONS (b.1838-,Meade,Kentucky)
4. Daniel SIMMONS (b.1839-,Meade,Kentucky)
4. Elizabeth SIMMONS (b.1842-,Meade,Kentucky)
4. Jonathan William SIMMONS (b.21 Nov 1843-Meade County,Kentucky;d.31 Dec 1919-Colusa County,California)
sp: Eliza Frances NOLAN (b.1858;m.09 May 1875;d.1915)
5. Pearl SIMMONS (b.1876;d.1876)
5. Daisy Frances SIMMONS (b.1878)
5. Clara SIMMONS (b.1880)
5. Ollie Stella SIMMONS (b.1882)
5. Kathryn Doris SIMMONS (b.Abt 1885)
5. Mary SIMMONS (b.1886)
5. Jim SIMMONS (b.1888)
5. Hattie Evelyn SIMMONS (b.1889)
5. Richard SIMMONS (b.1892)
5. Grace Loraine SIMMONS (b.1893)
5. Samuel SIMMONS (b.1901)
4. Sarah SIMMONS (b.1846)
4. Martha SIMMONS (b.1848)
4. Levi SIMMONS (b.1848-,Hancock,Illinois)
4. Henry SIMMONS III (b.1849)
4. Hiram SIMMONS (b.1854-,Hancock,Illinois)
4. Taylor SIMMONS (b.1851-,Hancock,Illinois)
4. Richard SIMMONS III (b.1857-,Colusa,California)
3. Levi SIMMONS (b.1818-Harden,Breckeridge,Kentucky;d.1874)
sp: Alice HARRIS
3. Samuel SIMMONS (b.10 Apr 1820-,Meade County,Kentucky;d.26 Mar 1903-Neligh,Antelope County,Nebraska)
sp: Sarah LOGAN (b.11 Mar 1815-Marion County,Indiana;m.18 Dec 1842;d.11 Dec 1849)
4. Elizabeth Ann SIMMONS (b.22 Sep 1843;d.Bef 26 Mar 1903)
4. Mary Francis SIMMONS (b.28 Apr 1845;d.03 Aug 1927)
sp: John Wilson THOMPSON (b.06 Jul 1838;d.Jul 1926)
5. Herbert Melvin THOMPSON (b.07 May 1879)
sp: Alta Alice BARLOW (b.29 Nov 1886;d.13 May 1986)
5. Ollie May THOMPSON (b.14 May 1866)
sp: Will PENROSE
5. Edward S THOMPSON (b.17 Jun 1868)
sp: Elizabeth MacDonald URQUHART
4. Margaret Victoria SIMMONS (b.14 Aug 1847;d.Bef 26 Mar 1903)
4. Infant Boy SIMMONS (b.1849;d.1849)
sp: Mary Ann GREEN (b.22 May 1834-Wisner,Sudbury,O,Canada;m.22 Aug 1852;d.06 Oct 1926-Neligh,A,Nebraska)
4. Lavina J SIMMONS (b.15 Nov 1853-Henderson County,Illinois;d.20 Feb 1925-Moberly,Randolph County,Missouri)
sp: James McCarty LOGAN (m.11 Apr 1875;d.27 Jul 1921-Moberly,Randolph County,Missouri)
4. Richard H SIMMONS (b.03 Feb 1856-Illinois)
4. Alice P SIMMONS (b.17 Mar 1858-Tywappity,Henderson County,Illinois;d.29 Aug 1956-Neligh,AC,Nebraska)
sp: John W LOGAN (m.10 Aug 1879(Div))
5. Frederick Grant LOGAN (b.19 May 1880-Henderson County,Illinois)
sp: James FITZSIMMONDS (m.04 Jul 1894;d.Abt 1907-Hill City,Pennington County,South Dakota)
4. Martha Deborah SIMMONS (b.30 Jan 1860-Illinois)
sp: William Watson HARVEY
5. Nellie HARVEY
5. George HARVEY
5. Earl HARVEY
5. John HARVEY
5. Ruth HARVEY
5. Veronica HARVEY
sp: Joseph Hampton THOMPSON
4. Samuel A SIMMONS (b.16 Dec 1862-Illinois;d.Aft 26 Oct 1903)
4. Florence June SIMMONS (b.07 Jun 1866-Henderson County,Illinois;d.31 Aug 1944-Omaha,Douglas,Nebraska)
sp: William Henry CORMENY (b.07 Nov 1853-Lancaster County,Pennsylvania;m.28 Jun 1882;d.24 Feb 1927)
5. Alice Amanda CORMENY (b.29 Jun 1884-,Antelope County,Nebraska;d.Abt 26 Nov 1976)
sp: John L UDEY (b.16 Oct 1879-Stanton,SC,Nebraska;m.16 Mar 1904;d.04 Jan 1935-Rogers,BC,Arkansas)
sp: Phillip FRUHOF (b.1883-Austria;d.1957)
5. Cora Margaret CORMENY (b.25 Oct 1890-Antelope County,Nebraska;d.23 Feb 1983)
sp: Ernest W CURTRIGHT (m.15 Feb 1910(Div);d.Abt 1917)
sp: Maurice Charles PERRINE (b.25 Sep 1892-Nebraska;m.1926;d.15 Apr 1975)
5. Mae Genevieve CORMENY (b.23 May 1903;d.09 Oct 1994-Omaha,Douglas County,Nebraska)
4. Capitola Adelia SIMMONS (b.07 Jun 1868-Illinois;d.1965)
sp: Philo Sheldon LYTLE (d.Mar 1937)
5. Raymond LYTLE
5. Melvina LYTLE
5. Herbert LYTLE
4. Alonzo W SIMMONS (b.22 Jun 1871)
4. Malinda R J SIMMONS (b.04 Jul 1872)
4. Esther Rosamund SIMMONS (b.20 Jan 1874-Dallas City,Hancock County,Ilinois;d.17 Aug 1967-AMHN,AC,Neb.)
sp: Charles B BEER (b.31 Dec 1873;m.05 Nov 1893;d.08 Mar 1925-Petersburg,,Nebraska)
5. Vera Capitola BEER (b.11 Nov 1894;d.Aft 17 Aug 1967)
sp: Mr. EVANS
5. Murl Rosamond BEER (b.29 Mar 1897-Neligh,Antelope County,Nebraska;d.24 Feb 1978-AMH,Neligh,AC,Neb.)
sp: Labon Enos ADAMS (b.01 May 1895-Huggins,TC,Missouri;m.31 May 1916;d.09 Jan 1980-K,N,A,Nebraska)
5. Raymond LeRoy BEER (b.19 Jun 1907)
sp: James S STRINGFELLOW (m.07 Jul 1926)
2. Susanna SIMMONS (b.07 Sep 1775-St. John Parish,Prince Georges,Maryland;d.Aft 1821)
sp: Richard WELCH (b.Abt 1771-St. John Parish,Prince Georges,Maryland;m.05 Jun 1793)
3. Rachel WELCH (b.Bef 1815)
sp: Daniel WIMP (b.Bef 1815;m.18 Sep 1815)
sp: William WILLETT (b.Abt 1771-St. John Parish,Prince Georges,Maryland;m.16 Apr 1804)
sp: Edward WILSON (b.Abt 1771-St. John Parish,Prince Georges,Maryland;m.02 Feb 1827)
2. William SIMMONS (b.Abt 1775-Maryland)
2. Cephas SIMMONS (b.Abt 1777-St. John Parish,Prince Georges,Maryland;d.Aft 1800)
sp: Synthia SHAIN (b.Bef 1800;m.08 May 1800)
2. Richard SIMMONS (b.1777)
sp: Sophia HART (b.Bef 1797;m.13 Sep 1797)
2. Robert SIMMONS (b.1779-St. John Parish,Prince Georges,Maryland;d.Aft 1802)
sp: Chloe CHENOWETH (b.Abt 1788;m.18 Sep 1802)
3. Jonathan SIMMONS (b.17 Dec 1804-Kentucky;d.17 Nov 1879-Thurston County,Washington)
sp: Elizabeth C SIMMONS (b.22 Nov 1810-Bullitt County,Kentucky;m.28 Sep 1826;d.12 Jul 1884-Ollala,DC,Oregon)
3. Mahala SIMMONS (b.Bet 1816-1821;d.06 Aug 1850)
sp: Henry Childs SIMMONS II (b.06 Feb 1821-,Meade,Kentucky;m.24 Feb 1839;d.24 Feb 1895-,,Oregon)
2. Jonathan C SIMMONS (b.06 May 1781-St. John Parish,Prince Georges County,Maryland;d.06 Apr 1846-AC,Missouri)
sp: Mary TROUTMAN (b.19 Jul 1793-,Bullitt County,Kentucky;m.11 Jan 1810;d.08 Jun 1850-8MWOFK,,Nebraska)
3. Elizabeth C SIMMONS (b.22 Nov 1810-Bullitt County,Kentucky;d.12 Jul 1884-Ollala,Douglas County,Oregon)
sp: Jonathan SIMMONS (b.17 Dec 1804-Kentucky;m.28 Sep 1826;d.17 Nov 1879-Thurston County,Washington)
3. Barbara Troutman or Omela SIMMONS (b.20 Sep 1812-Bullitt County,Kentucky;d.Bef 1865-Toledo,ChaseCounty,Kansas)
sp: Jonathan Chenoweth CASEBIER (b.09 Dec 1810-CC,Kentucky;m.24 Jun 1830;d.1880-Ozawkie,JC,Kansas)
4. Lucinda CASEBIER (b.1831-Morgan County,Illinois;d.Bef 1925)
4. Louisa Jane CASEBIER (b.02 Jun 1833-Morgan County,Illinois;d.Abt 1849-Iowa)
4. Dolly CASEBIER (b.21 Apr 1835-Morgan County,Illinois)
4. Mary Polly CASEBIER (b.21 Apr 1835-Cambridge,Story County,Iowa;d.1861-Saffordville,Chase County,Kansas)
4. Daughter CASEBIER (b.1836-Iowa)
4. Elizabeth CASEBIER (b.1838-Clinton,Clinton County,Iowa;d.Deceased)
4. Catherine Tabitha CASEBIER (b.03 Apr 1839-Cambridge,Story County,Iowa;d.11 Mar 1925-Emporia,LC,Kansas)
4. Daughter CASEBIER (b.Bef 1840-Cambridge,Story County,Iowa)
4. David CASEBIER (b.1845-Missouri;d.1868-Denver County,Colorado)
4. Matilda CASEBIER (b.1848-Iowa;d.Bef 1945-Jefferson County,Kansas)
4. Maria CASEBIER (b.1848-Iowa;d.Aft 1882)
4. Barbara Pamelia CASEBIER (b.25 Feb 1853-Winterset,Madison County,Iowa;d.31 Jan 1937-Topeka,SC,Kansas)
sp: Absolom Berdine CASEBIER Jr (b.18 Oct 1840-Polk County,Missouri;m.21 Nov 1870;d.21 Nov 1922-)
5. Rosetta CASEBIER (b.06 Jan 1870-Jefferson County,Kansas;d.1930-Hood River,Hood River Cnty,Oregon)
5. Eva Belle CASEBIER (b.21 Nov 1871-Jefferson County,Kansas;d.10 Feb 1904-Jefferson County,Kansas)
5. Charles Everett CASEBIER (b.26 Sep 1873-Jefferson County,Kansas;d.07 Oct 1949-Mclouth,Jefferson Cnty,Kan.)
5. Ida May CASEBIER (b.21 Apr 1876-Jefferson County,Kansas;d.11 Mar 1959-Topeka,Shawnee Cnty,Kansas)
5. Frank Perla CASEBIER (b.22 Jan 1879;d.07 Apr 1935-Pueblo,Pueblo Cnty,Colorado)
sp: Sadie F CASEBIER Casebier (b.1893;d.1963)
5. Mettie CASEBIER (b.1881-Jefferson County,Kansas;d.1887)
5. Noah Otis CASEBIER (b.20 Dec 1883-Jefferson County,Kansas;d.16 Jun 1973-Topeka,Shawnee Cnty,Kansas)
5. Lulu Omy CASEBIER (b.06 May 1885-Jefferson County,Kansas;d.17 Apr 1973-Ely,White Pine Cnty,Nevada)
5. Ira Burdine CASEBIER (b.19 Sep 1887-Jefferson County,Kansas)
5. Maryetta CASEBIER (b.1889-Jefferson County,Kansas;d.1889-Jefferson County,Kansas)
5. Daughter CASEBIER (b.Abt 1891-Jefferson County,Kansas;d.Abt 1891-Jefferson County,Kansas)
5. William Harrison CASEBIER (b.29 Jul 1892-Jefferson County,Kansas)
3. Michael Troutman SIMMONS Sr. (b.05 Aug 1814-Shepherdsville,Bullitt,Kentucky;d.15 Nov 1867-Toledo,L,Washington)
sp: Elizabeth KINDRED (b.15 Feb 1820-,Jackson,Indiana;m.01 Jan 1835;d.23 Mar 1891-Oyster Bay,,Washington)
4. George Washington SIMMONS (b.07 Jan 1836-Independence,,Missouri;d.10 Sep 1929-San Francisco,SF,California)
sp: Virginia HUBB (m.Abt 1863)
4. David Kindred SIMMONS (b.Abt 1838-Independence,Jackson,Missouri;d.1884-Drews Prairie,Lewis,Washington)
sp: Barbara CUNNINGHAM (m.Abt 1874)
4. Floyd Francis SIMMONS (b.15 Feb 1841-Independence,Jackson,Missouri;d.12 Jan 1929-Puyallup,Pierce,Washington)
sp: Ellen LEWIS (m.Abt 1863)
4. McDonald SIMMONS (b.17 Apr 1842-Independence,Jackson,Missouri)
sp: Julia MCALLESTER (m.1874)
4. Christopher Columbus SIMMONS (b.11 Apr 1845-WFV,NCC,Washington);d.07 Jul 1931-Olympia,T,Washington)
sp: Asenath Ann KENNEDY (b.26 Jul 1851-,Pike,Illinois;m.23 Aug 1864;d.06 Oct 1940)
4. Benjamin Franklin SIMMONS (b.15 Sep 1848-Oregon Territory)
4. Charlotte SIMMONS (b.17 Feb 1850-Tumwater,T,Oregon Territory/Washington;d.24 Jan 1924-MP,SM,California)
sp: John KOMTZ (m.13 Nov 1867)
4. Douglas Woodbury SIMMONS (b.03 Apr 1852-Tumwater,Thurston,Oregon Territory/Washington;d.Infancy)
4. Mary Ellen SIMMONS (b.31 Dec 1853-Shelton,Mason,Washington;d.01 Feb 1919)
sp: William SIBLEY (m.03 Jan 1873)
4. Catherine Troutman SIMMONS (b.05 Oct 1857-Shelton,Mason,Washington Territory;d.01 Feb 1941)
sp: James CANTWELL (m.Abt 1877)
4. Charles Mason SIMMONS (b.10 Mar 1860-Shelton,Mason,Washington Territory;d.1943-Vader,,Washington)
sp: Barbara CUNNINGHAM (m.1882)
4. Michael Troutman SIMMONS Jr (b.08 Oct 1862-T,T,Washington Territory;d.24 Feb 1939-Ellensburg,K,Washington)
sp: Louise GAVETT (m.1884)
3. Catherine Troutman SIMMONS (b.19 Jul 1816-,Meade,Kentucky;d.20 Oct 1906-Seattle,King,Washington)
sp: Israel BROSHEARS (b.Abt 1816;m.06 Dec 1832;d.07 Jun 1850-8MWOFK,Nebraska (Oregon Trail))
sp: David Swinson MAYNARD M.D. (b.22 Mar 1808-,Rutland,Vermont;m.15 Jan 1853;d.13 Mar 1873-S,K,Washington)
3. Mary Magdalena SIMMONS (b.06 Jul 1818-,Meade,Kentucky;d.22 May 1906-Oak Creek,Douglas,Oregon)
sp: Gideon CHENOWETH (b.17 Jul 1814-,Logan,Kentucky;m.10 Jun 1834;d.11 Dec 1867-,Andrew (DeKalb),Missouri)
3. Charlotte SIMMONS (b.30 Jul 1820)
3. Henry Childs SIMMONS II (b.06 Feb 1821-,Meade,Kentucky;d.24 Feb 1895-,,Oregon)
sp: Mahala SIMMONS (b.Bet 1816-1821;m.24 Feb 1839;d.06 Aug 1850)
sp: Nancy Ann PENDER (b.15 Jul 1823-,,Ohio;m.May 1851;d.24 Mar 1902-,,Oregon)
3. Susanna SIMMONS (b.03 Aug 1823-,Meade,Kentucky;d.Aft 1883-,Thurston,Washington)
sp: Samuel J RIDER (b.Abt 1813;m.30 Jan 1840;d.Deceased)
3. Nancy Ann SIMMONS (b.23 Nov 1825-Bullitt County,Kentucky;d.15 Mar 1899-Dixonville,Douglas County,Oregon)
sp: Joshua MATTHEWS (b.23 Jan 1816-Indiana;m.07 Jan 1842;d.10 Mar 1894-Dixonville,Douglas County,Oregon)
4. Lemuel Green MATTHEWS (b.29 Jan 1858-Roseburg,Douglas County,Oregon;d.12 Dec 1929-Roseburg,DC,Oregon)
3. Andrew Jackson SIMMONS (b.14 Aug 1828-,Morgan,Illinois;d.12 Feb 1872-Cowlitz Prairie,Lewis,Washington)
sp: Martha WILLIAMS (b.1828-South Bay,Thurston,Washington;m.1858;d.1868/1869-,,Washington)
3. Jane SIMMONS (b.11 Dec 1830-,,Illinois;d.22 Sep 1831-,,Illinois)
3. Charlotte SIMMONS (b.1832-,,Illinois;d.Deceased-,,Oregon)
sp: Alfred A HILLS (b.Abt 1822-,,Illinois;m.08 Mar 1848)
3. Robert Morton SIMMONS (b.18 Aug 1834-,,Iowa;d.Deceased)
2. Joseph SIMMONS (b.02 Feb 1783-St. John Parish,Prince Georges,Maryland;d.Aft 1806)
sp: Charity SCOTT (b.Bef 1806;m.08 Jul 1806)
2. Henry Childs SIMMONS (b.Abt 1785-St. John Parish,Prince Georges,Maryland;d.Aft 1800-,,Kentucky)
sp: Elizabeth UNKNOWN Simmons
sp: Sarah FERGUSON
2. Tyler SIMMONS (b.Abt 1787-,,Maryland)
sp: Margaret WOODS (b.Bef 1813;m.16 Feb 1813)
2. Enos SIMMONS (b.Abt 1789-,,Maryland)
sp: Alice SCOTT (b.Bef 1819;m.29 Jul 1819)
2. Samuel SIMMONS (b.Abt 1790-,,Maryland;d.1820)
2. Elizabeth SIMMONS (b.Abt 1791-,,Maryland)

Re: Simmons-Troutman Book

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Simmons, Chamberlain, Noe
Hello --
I am a new member of and saw your listing of Birtle Hazel Chamberlain Simmons. She was my aunt. I knew her and her husband Carl Simmons very well. I recently completed a 108-page history of the Chamberlains, which includes photos and storys of Birtle, the Chehalis river farm, her Centralia beauty shop, her brothers and sisters, mother and father, and the early Chamberlain history. Contact me if you would like further information.
-- Bob Chamberlain
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