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Pauleen Cass (View posts)
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Hello from Australia! I am looking for any fellow descendents (born 1830-1848) of Michael O'Brien & Katherine Reddan from Broadford, townland of Ballykelly, Clare. Three sisters (to my knowledge), Mary, Bridget, Katherine, emigrated to Australia around the 1850s. Some of Michael & Katherine's grandchildren also came to Australia (Garveys from Bodyke) and some to USA (Kinnanes? from Hurdleston)

Any information re emigration to Australia would be enthusiastically welcomed!
Welcome any contact with related descendents or other emigrants from Broadford


Pauleen Cass (View posts)
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Surnames: Kinnane, Garvey, o'Brien, McNamara, Burke
Hi, I am looking for descendents of the Kinnane, Garvey, McNamara & Burke families who originated in the Broadford & Bodyke areas of Clare. I am told that many of these emigrated to Baltimore & I have a record of "my" Michael McNamara marrying in Baltimore. All of these families link back on one side to an O'Brien family in Broadford. At least three of the daughters in this family of O'Briens also emigrated to Australia in the 1850s & 1860s as did some Garveys in the 1880s.

Any help much appreciated. If connected I have quite a lot of relevant information.


McNamara/Burke's of Baltimore

Colleen Bell (View posts)
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Surnames: McNamara, Burke
I am the great-granddaughter of Margaret Mary McNamara who left the parish of O'Callaghan's Mills (Broadford) and met Thomas Lyons of Waterford en-route to Baltimore, MD where they married. They moved to NY briefly, then returned to Baltimore. They had a total of 6 daughters. One of the daughters married Patrick Burke, who also emigrated to Baltimore from Broadford/O'Callaghan's Mills. I believe that Margaret ("Maggie") had a brother named Michael who was a policeman. Nora McNamara Minogue lives in the house in Broadford that my great grandmother was born in. Her daughter, Maureen Minogue O'Brien lives in Tulla.

Re: McNamara/Burke's of Baltimore

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Re: McNamara/Burke's of Baltimore

Colleen Bell (View posts)
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Hello Ann,

I was beginning to wonder if there were any of us out there! Where do you live? My family is originally McNamara that married into the Minogue line within the last 3 generations. Nora (nee McN.) Minogue's husband, John James is deceased as of a few years ago. Nora is my late grandmother's first cousin.

Let me know more about yourself!

Best Regards,
Colleen Bell

Re: McNamara/Burke's of Baltimore

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Surnames: Minogue, Allen, McCarthy
Hi Colleen,

Great to hear from you!

My name is Ann, I live in a Evergreen Park a little suburb south of Chicago. I am an only child. I am married and have two children.
I realize you're not a Minogue so some of this might be a little boring but your Mc's were from O'Callahan's Mills too. I am including more details then I normally do.
My Minogue's first settled in Saratoga Springs, NY.
James Minogue married Phebe Allen in Ireland and had the following children Patrick Ignatius Minogue b Feb 11, 1832 in O'Callahan's Mills, Ballynabrone, Co. Clare, Ireland;
d Aug 11, 1910. Margaret Minogue b abt. Jan. 1835, Henry Minogue b abt. May 1837, Mary Minogue b. abt. Aug. 1838, Thomas Minogue b abt. 1842 and Joseph Minogue b abt. 1843 Ireland.
Patrick Minogue m. Margaret McCarthy, rumor has it he came into some money and went to Chicago, Joe Minogue bought a farm a little North of Chicago in Waukegan his parents and brother Thomas lived with him.
Patrick was a grocer and then went into the custom made shoe business. At one time he had several stores.
Patrick and Margaret had the following children Joseph H. Minogue b abt. 1859 Saratoga Springs, Mary Minogue b abt 1860, Saratoga Springs NY d. December 17, 1929 Evanston, IL., John B. Minogue b abt. 1865 d. June 21, 1923, Elizabeth, Agnes, Peter, and Patrick J. Minogue (Agnes and Peter died as children in Chicago in 1879 nine days apart).
My dad was John Baptist Minogue son of John B. Minogue and Anna Hackett. He changed his middle name to Charles on his eighteenth birthday (don't blame him lol). He had two sisters Mildred and Margaret who never married and one brother Edward. Edward married Alice Burke and had 4 girls,
Mary Alice, Margo, Kathleen and Ellen.
My dad didn't get married until he was 48. He married Jarrell C. Bergin (15 years younger). I never met him. He died in Dec. of 1954 of a heart attack. I was born in June of 1955. My mom said he was georgeous, and a true gentleman, she never married again. He was in the family business for most of his life. His dad had TB so he and his brother Edward helped run the business when they were only boys. During WWII he was in charge of personnel for Douglas Aircraft and after the war was teaching aviation and electronics and the principal of night school.
My dads sister Mildred was a school principal and Margaret was a teacher.
The Minogue's were lovely people kind, gentle and very intelligent.
The Minogue men had beautiful eyes and very fair skin.
I don't know who the eyes came from (don't have a picture of James so I don't know if he had them) but from Patrick I Minogue down they had big crystal blue eyes.

I hope I didn't bore you with too many details or confuse you too much. I am just so excited.

My cousin Mary Minogue did most all of the reseach. She and her brothers and sisters are grandchildren of my grandpa John B's brother Patrick. Her whole family (brothers, sisters, parents, children etc.)are going to Ireland, in fact they may be there now. I emailed your message to two of them, one lives in NY, and one in Brussels but I haven't had a reply. I am sure they will be going to O'Callahan's Mills.

I would love to hear more about your family.

My email address is it might be easier to communicate that way.


Re: McNamara/Burke's of Baltimore

Colleen Bell (View posts)
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Hi Ann!

I got your cousin Mary Minogue Kennedy's message- but I'm afraid I won't be too much help to her as I'm really related to Nora Mc Namara Minogue and know nothing of her late husband or his side of the family to even know if there is a connection. In fact, as I told Mary, there are apparently several lines of Minogues in that area, which for some reason, may not be related (!?)

It looks like you and Mary have really done your homework- I hope that she is able to locate your relations. It's been fortunate in that my grandmother and her sisters maintained their connection with the McNamaras over the last century so that l have not had to do that much digging. In fact, when it came time to get documents from the Clare Geneological Centre, the woman at the other end had the reference in a heartbeat and I strongly recommend them as a source. What caught my eye on this website was that a woman from Australia mentioned the Mac/Burke line & Baltimore. I replied to her message (which was quite old) but never heard anything in return. My people arrived in Baltimore (where I currently live) -went to NYC-then returned to Baltimore and got family back home to follow. The rumour was that there was a Mac who went to Australia and one of the decendants became Governor or Mayor or something. Who knows!!

I've never been so humbled as when I was able to view the old homestead and see the expressions (not to mention the similar features) on distant relatives' faces when you have sought them out. They are truly touched that you have made the effort to come "full circle" and they are as curious about you as you are about them.

Good Luck on your continuing search!


Re: McNamara/Burke's of Baltimore

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Surnames: Minogue, Allen
Dear Colleen,

Thanks for all your info.

Keep us in mind if you talk to your Minogue connections.

I didn't know Mary got in touch with you. She is the one that did most of the work!

Thanks again, hope to hear from you again. Hope we didn't overwhelm you.


Re: McNamara/Burke's of Baltimore

Colleen Bell (View posts)
Posted: 997491596000
Hi Ann!

No, you didn't overwhelm me- I just wish I had more info for you. Let me know how Mary does in Ireland.



Mgt Minogue-Baltimore

carol bickel (View posts)
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Surnames: Whibdy, Minogue, McCarthy, O'Brien, Farrell
My great grandmother was Margaret Minogue (Minoque, Minox) who married William Whibdy in Capetown South Africa in 1852 and migrated to Baltimore with four children in 1864. She was born in Ireland. She died in Baltimore in 1910 at age 85.
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