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'Raybauld' family name, Ennis query

'Raybauld' family name, Ennis query

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Surnames: Raybauld, Casey
I'm struggling to find information about a branch of my family tree with the surname Raybauld (or a variation of the spelling - my father believes this is correct).

My paternal great-grandmother Bridget Raybauld was born in Connelly, Ennis and married into the Casey line of my family.

I would appreciate any pointers or information people are able to offer me.

Many thanks,

Jack Casey

Re: 'Raybauld' family name, Ennis query

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I think the family you are looking for is "Reyball" who are shown to be living in Fahey's Lane, Ennis Urban No.2 in the 1901 Census which you can see at the Clare Library website at . The Ennis Parish records are also online if you google Ennis Parish Records you will find it.

Re: 'Raybauld' family name, Ennis query

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Thank you - I think this may be them!

Re: 'Raybauld' family name, Ennis query

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Surnames: reybauld, ribold, ribald, reaball, reball, reybald, riboldi, darcy
I have found a large amount of information on the family line since locating the census record.

Thus far spellings of the name I have found are:


However - I have hit a wall. I have located members of the family living in both Ennis and Limerick in the early 1800s. However, I am struggling to find records of the birth of William Reybauld (approx 1815-1825) or his marriage to Catherine Darcy (approx 1840).

I wish to discover William's parents' names, as I believe he may be the key to linking the Reybaulds to the Riboldi family of Limerick.

If anyone can advise me, it would be much appreciated.

Re: 'Raybauld' family name, Ennis query

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Some information on the America Rayball/Reybauld name and family.

According to a Professor, via Catholic University of
America, it is of French origin. Possibly, French

Most Rayball's settled in the Lowell/Chelmsford/Merimack Valley region of Massachusetts. Some moved on to upstae New York or Indianapolis, Indiana area.

In addition, if you look at "You Tube," the New York Rayball's have posted some pictures. In the early portion of the 10:00 minute film, the two (2)older persons are: Michael Rayball (Bridget's brother) and his first wife: Anna Wall. Anna died in the 1950's.

That is Gerald Rayball's family. He met a Rayball/Reybauld relative at Shannon Airport, during the 1960's, when Gerald, et al.visited Ireland.

If I can locate some of my information, I will post it.

Re: 'Raybauld' family name, Ennis query

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Thanks for your response!

Yes - we've begun researching the American family branch. Could you post the link for the youtube video? I cannot locate it.

Where did you get the information on the possibility of the name being French Huguenot?

We're exploring the possibility that the Reybaulds were Palatine Germans, as the name 'Reiboldt' appears in lists of Palatine families who left Germany, though I am still searching the names of the Palatines who settled in Ireland.

Re: 'Raybauld' family name, Ennis query

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+++ Youtube or Google: Rayball Family Album Vol1 Large

+++ According to my notes, via Catholic University
of America Celtic Studies, a book written by M.T.
Morlat or Morlet: "Les noms de Famille de France,"
published in Paris, France: 1977 list names such
as: "Reboul, Rebou, Ribou, Reybauld, etc."

+++ If you search out: (LDS - Mormon
family tree site [FREE]) and type in Rayball it will
list some Rayballs from the late 17th Century in the
London, UK region. It appears that this may have
been an entry point for French Huguenots who settled
in the U.K., after the "Glorious Revolution" era
(Reign of William & Mary);after King James II.

Re: 'Raybauld' family name, Ennis query

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Hi I am researching my own family tree and have come across a William rebald who was a sponsor for a grand uncle in 1892. Perhaps you could try the Ennis parish web site

Re: 'Raybauld' family name, Ennis query

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Our family is derived from the Riboldi's of Limerick but we do not have any association, as far as we know, with the Raybauld
family name - or variations of it - . We have commonality with the name Rebolde and various spellings of Riboldi ...Rabolde etc.

We would agree with the posting suggesting the name Raybauld - and variations - is of French origin.


A Holt.

Re: 'Raybauld' family name, Ennis query

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just came across your request for info on Reybaulds from Ennis this evening.
My mother people were Raybauld/ Casey and I have a some info on the family both here and in the USA
Recently unearthed a Widows Penny for William Reybauld who died in WW1.
if you wish to persue you can contact me on
2. calling from overseas 0035387 257 2315

hope this helps
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