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german name origins

german name origins

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lots of german name origins are at .(language: german, hungarian)

Re: German Name Origens

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Surnames: GRETER
My maiden name was Crater,[originally in German, Greter]
I know they came from the Alsace region but i know nothing about the name. Can you help me?
C. LaVesta

Re: German Name Origens

Istvan (View posts)
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Hi Clara,
Unfortunately I'm not an expert of the origin of names so I suggest you should write to Mr Anton Tressel. He is the owner of the site and I think he can help you (his e-mail address: *

Re: German Name Origens

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Surnames: Crater
Hi LaVesta, I think we corresponded before. What I have on the family name CRATER comes partly from family lore and partly from German language dictionaries. Very few German names start with "C". Creeter could be a variation of Krauter, ie. a seller of spices (such as those used in sauerkraut, --braten, etc.) The dictionary of names suggested Creeter refers to a surly, bad tempered individual. Regards, Harold C.

Re: German Name Origens

Sylvia cloer (View posts)
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Surnames: Cloer,kloer Clore cloure
Hi Harold,
I saw on your message that very few German Names start with C,do you have anything on cloer, who came from Germany .Possibly in 1700's.I can not find anything about them. I would love to know from what region they came.
My e-mail is;
Thanks, Sylvia ,

Re: German Name Origens

Terri (View posts)
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Hi! I am Terri. The name Crater has a lot of mispelling. Crater/Crader/Grater/Krater many more. But, the name is to come from the German name Greter/Grether. Take a look at the latter day saints site.

my email is

I am researching Craters also.

Re: German Name Origens

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Surnames: Cloer, Cloueur

The reason you cannot find your name under German origins is because it is not a German name.

Coming from the Alsace, there is a mixture of German and French family names, since this area belonged at one time to the Holy Roman Empire, then to Germany, then to France, and then to Germany, and now again to France.

Your name is almost surely from the French word "cloueur", which means someone who makes or sells nails, or is a nailer.

The word "clou" is the French word for "a nail"

In modern French, for example, "un cloueur pneumatique" is a pneumatic (automatic) nailer.

Robert Stanley
Former teacher of German and French
Armonk, NY

The name Greter: the true story

Liane Greter (View posts)
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Surnames: Crader Greter Grether Gretter Crater
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Re: The name Greter: the true story

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Surnames: Greter
Hi Liane. I was very excited to get your message. I would very much like to know everything that you can tell me. My families name was spelled Crater and I have my familys history back to Hans Jacob Greter, ID:116021, born about 1680. His son Jacob Greter came to the 1731. he was born in Germany in 1708 in Lower Alsase. He settled first in Pennsylvania married there and had 1 son Johann George. That wife died and he then married Maria Catherine Heren, < widow Moll>. they had 3 children, Elizabeth, Jacob, and Catherine. They moved from there to North Carolina in1774.
Hans Jacob was my great, grt. grt. grt grt. Grandfather. If you can tell me anything about this line of Greters that goes further back, that would be just great. Thanks again for the info. I go by my middle name LaVesta and I am very proud of my heritage. I will be waiting to hear from you. Bye now Lavesta.

Re: The name Greter: the true story

greter vincent (View posts)
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Hi, my name is Vincent GRETER.
I live in France (near Paris).
I try to work on my family tree.
For the moment, I can only go until my Gr-Gr-Grandfather.
His name was GRETER (GRETHER ?) Alois Joseph.
He married Emma STOCKLIN.
That happens in the area of Ettingen, north west of Swiss, near Alsace.

Thanks to the discussions you make on internet and thanks to other pages like , I think it is possible to find a link between our families. Do you think you can find something about the people I speak here above?
Hope we can share some information.

For information, I have a personal home page you can visit:

Best regards

GRETER Vincent or
per page

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