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Jessica McMillen (View posts)
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Hey pplz! This is my first time posting on here and I don't recognize any1. I am 13 and I live in West Virginia. If u think u know me then e-mail me please!! Thanx!!

McMillen in WV and PA

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How can we help you?

Susie/McMillen WV/PA

Ann McMillen Follette (View posts)
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You mention sending a file to those
who are interested.

Please send to me at:

thank you,
Ann McMillen Follette


Sher Dantzer (View posts)
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Hi I am searching for relatives of Wallace
McMillin(en). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Sher

Re: McMillen(in)

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Surnames: McMillen MacMullen
Don't know if this is pertinent, but my grandfather was William Wallace McMillen (MacMullen) b. ~1884.

Re: McMillen(in)

Sher Dantzer (View posts)
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Surnames: MCMILLEN(IN)
Where was your grandfather from? Do you know of any other relatives? Mine came from Venango Cty. PA but I do not know alot of the info on them. Thanks Sher

Re: McMillen(in)

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Surnames: MacMullen McMillen Noland Rupe Elliott Scott Colliver Enos
I have not much info on Willam Wallace MacMullen, but here's what I know so the census records so far, the name is spelled "McMillen", but I have clung to my mother's understanding of "MacMullen", so either may be true.

William Wallace MacMullen was born ~ 1884, but I do not know where. Married Pearl Noland b. May 1884 in Galina, MO Jasper Co., sometime around 1900, apparently in or near Joplin, MO in Jasper Co.

Pearl's parents were Ellwood (Elwood) Noland and Sophronia Jones. Elwood was born March 28, 1857 So. of Carthage, Jasper, Missouri. His parents were James Hardin Noland and Pauline Jane Colliver. No other info about them yet...just found them last night! (Sept. 1, 2001)

William Wallace MacMullen and Pearl Noland had three children, Leona Elizabeth b. July 9, 1903, Thelma b. 1907, Howard b. 1908. I believe all were born in Joplin.

In the 1910 census WW and the three children were living in Joplin w/ Susan Noland, stated to be mother-in-law and grandmother. This may have been a second wife to Elwood, or Sophronia may have begun using a middle name...who wouldn't? LOL

Leona married Roxy Ray Rupe when she was a teenager, had four children...Roxy Ray Rupe, Jr., Norman Wallace Rupe, Goldie Leona Hattie Rupe (later known as "Leigh" or "Lee") and Gretamae Rupe between about 1921 and 1931. Those children all ended up in California, as did Leona after she divorced Rupe around 1938. I have a bit more info about those children if you are interested.

Leona then married Jack Lyman Frost around 1939 and Sharon Darlene Frost (that's me) was born in Yreka, CA Siskiyou Co. on October 15, 1940. Leona divorced Jack before Sharon was born. I have no information on Jack other than he was born in WA in 1903 and his occupation was a car painter. Leona supported herself and Sharon by working in The Yreka Bakery and possibly the Siskiyou County General Hospital.

About 1941 Leona moved to San Francisco and worked in the shipyards as a burner during WW II. She met and married John Enos (born in The Azores, Portugal in 1900, original name Joao Linhares) In 1946 Leona, John and Sharon moved to Mossyrock, WA Lewis Co. John died in 1960 in the Veteran's Administration Hospital in Vancouver, WA and is buried in the Willamette National Cemetary near Portland, OR as a former soldier in the United States Army during WW I. He had 3 children before he married Leona, John, I believe Susan and another child. I know little about that family, other than I think they lived in Nevada or Utah.

Leona died April 21, 1978 in Centralia, WA Lewis Co.

Thelma MacMullen also ended up in CA, married and had a daughter Donna Rae. I do not know her married name.

Howard married Norma <unknown to me> and lived in Reno NV, raised 2 sons whose names I cannot recall. They spelled their name "McMillen" or McMillan".

William Wallace's wife Pearl Noland is said to have died in or around Joplin, MO around 1915. Their three children spent about a year in an orphage some time between 1915 - 1920, apparently due to this death and a house fire in which they lost everything. WW remarried and the children left the orphanage to return to his home. I have no info on the second wife, but evidence points that they stayed in MO or possibly TX, and a large number of relations joined the thread at this point, so were probably related to the second wife. Elliot and Scott were surnames of this group. Many of them ended up in Prineville, OR.

That they were living w/ their grandmother Susan in 1910 and were in an orphanage around 1915-1920 may indicate that Susan had died and was not able to provide a home for them. Leona apparently married Rupe to escape this chaotic life.

Hope there's a hit here for you or someone else reading this!

Re: McMillen(in)

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Well, that's the rub...I know nothing at all about my gfa...except his name! Haven't yet been able to get out of Missouri. :-)

Plus, "William Wallace" is probably the most common Scots male name, second only to "Alexander". Makes it sooooo easy!! LOL

I do, however, know a bit about his wife...she was Pearl Noland, daughter of Elwood Noland and Sophronia Jones. Elwood is believed to have immigrated from County Cork, Ireland, but don't know when.

Elwood and Sophronia were born around 1864. Pearl and William Wallace were born around 1884. Elwood and Saphronia had 5 children, Pearl, Ruby, Albert, John and Jewel, born in that order over about a ten-year span.

And I know about my mother, aunt and uncle. They were born from 1903 to about 1908, in Joplin, MO. Later moved west, ending up in CA, NV and WA.

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