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Posted: 969278400000
Classification: Query
Surnames: FRANKUM
I've just joined this mailing list and this is the first message I've received.
I don't have direct knowledge of FRANKUMs in the south, however in the past few years I have been in touch with other researchers that
have FRANKUMs in KY & GA.
My traceable FRANKUM line starts in Chester county, PA in late 1700's and moves west to Indiana, Ohio, Missouri, Kansas. There is
some indication that perhaps a John & Mary Frankum went to Virginia around 1810 and weren't heard from since. For more, please
contact me. My line follows:
22 Nov 1998 Descendants of: John Frankum

1 John Frankum #32
m. Mary #33
John, wife Mary & son William, natives of Germany moved to
Chester, County, PA and lived there approx. 1790-1807.
After William got married, John & wife Mary moved to Virginia in 1810.
That's all we know.
2 William Frankum #28 b. abt 1780 d. abt 1815

m. 1807 Mary Root #29 b. abt 1790 d. abt 1854


Mary was daughter of David Root.

After William died in 1815, Mary married Peter Posey - their children: Sarah,

Mark, Samuel, Catharine, Mary , Louise.

3 John Frankum #30 [46 yr, 15 days] b. 25 Jul 1809 d. 09 Aug 1855

m. abt 1835 Catherine March #38 [85 yr,1 mo,8 dy] b. 01 Jul 1810 d. 09 Aug 1895

Moved to Pickaway Co., OH in 1836, then moved to Cafs Co., IN in 1844.

4 Henry Frankum #34 [23 yr,1 mo,4 dy] b. 27 Mar 1838 d. 01 May 1861

4 William Frankum #35 [59 yr,9 mo,23 d] b. 3 Mar 1840 d. 26 Dec 1899

m. Mary ? #1183 b. 1841 d. 1924

4 George Wesley Frankum #36 b. abt 21 Oct 1841 d. 27 Feb 1946

m. 1864 Barbara Jones #1184

Learned tailor's trade but never worked at it. Fall of 1833 moved to Pickaway

Co., OH.

For more info, see file:

4 Mary Elizabeth Frankum #37

m. 23 Nov 1871 Andrew J. Decker #1185

Lived near Twelve Mile, Cafs Co., IN

3 George Frankum #25 b. 21 Oct 1811 d. 27 Feb 1846

m. 14 Mar 1833 Rachel Doan #26 b. 18 May 1807 d. 29 Apr 1874


For info, see file:

4 Mary Doan Frankum #27 b. 12 Apr 1834 d. 26 Jul 1860

m. 16 Sep 1853 Shadrach Cole #165 b. abt 1828 d. abt Feb 1865


On 26 Mar 1863, married Mary J. Westfall of Richmondale, Ross Co., OH

Then moved to Nodaway Co., Mo - their children: Eliza, Maude & Clarence

5 George Demmitt Cole #166

5 Francis Wilbur Cole #167

5 Elmer Homer Cole #168 b. abt 1858 d. 10 Jun 1859

Died at 9 months old

4 William Henry Frankum #18 b. 30 Aug 1836 d. 27 Feb 1909

m. 16 Oct 1860 Martha Carolyn Westfall #19 b. 2 Feb 1837 d. 20 Mar 1889

m. Spring 1901 Anna M. Caldwell #244

Carolyn deceased 1889, Wm Henry married Anna Caldwell in Spring 1901.

5 Willis Stanley Frankum #20 b. 18 Aug 1861 d. 15 Dec 1936

m. 30 Jan 1889 Belle Evans #234 b. 31Aug 1865 d. 14 Mar 1941

5 Ethel May Frankum #22 b. 31 Aug 1865 d. abt 1953

m. 7 Sept 1911 Daniel Lord #235 b. 8 Mar 1849 d. 14 Mar 1915

Lived in Corona, CA near Pasadena CA

5 George Harlan Frankum #23 b. 8 Sep 1867 d. 6 Jun 1872

Died from injuries received from a runaway team.

5 John Carl Frankum #11 b. 5 May 1873 d. 8 Dec 1940

m. 22 Feb 1900 Della D. Holt #12 b. 3 Dec 1874 d. 26 Dec 1943


died of heart attack

5 Carrie Demony Frankum #24 b. 13 Oct 1875 d. abt 1937

died of heart attack

3 William H. Frankum #31 b. 10 Nov 1815 d. 5 Mar 1886

m. 22 Jun 1848 Nancy Williams #43 b. abt 1820

Lived & died in Curryville, MO

4 Ann Amelia Frankum #44

4 Mary Martha Frankum #45

4 Thomas Fletcher Frankum #46

4 John Frankum #47

4 George Wesley Frankum #48 b. ? d. abt 1892

Below, I've included a short list of some other researcher's FRANKUMs. I've not been in contact with either of these researchers for
maybe 2-3 years:
Descendants of: Henry Frankum

1 Henry Frankum
2 Robert Lee Frankum b. 9 Jul 1864 d. 2 Jul 1932 m. Lucinda Fellers

3 Anis Frankum b. 4 Jan 1887 d. 11 Jul 1970 m. 1907 ? Peterson d. 4 Oct 1954

4 Gala Mae Peterson b. 8 Oct 1914

3 Barney Frankum

3 Robert Frankum Jr.

3 Lethia Frankum

3 Ethel Frankum

3 Laura Frankum

3 Ida May Frankum

3 Ben Frankum

3 Ibie Frankum
18 Sep 2000 Descendants of: Josiah Frankum

1 Josiah Frankum b. 17 Oct 1830 d. 4 Aug 1882 m. Melinda Young b. 19 Feb 1832 d. 28 Apr 1901
2 Burl Frankum
2 Jim Frankum
2 Luther Frankum m. ?

Fairplay, KY

3 Robert O. Frankum

231 Moser Rd., Louisville, KY 40223

3 Helen Lou Frankum

3 Delphus Frankum

Twin to Doris

Box 425, Fairplay, KY 42735

3 Doris Frankum

Twin to Delphus

3 Elbert Frankum

Box 406, Fairplay, KY 42735

3 Ethel Lena Frankum

3 Paul Frankum

Box 418, Fairplay, KY 42735

3 Luther Owen Frankum

605 Frankum Rd., Fairplay, KY <-- suggested contact for more info.
2 Bob Frankum
2 Billy Frankum
2 Nan Frankum
2 Mary Frankum
2 Lou Frankum b. 30 Jan 1865 d. 23 Sep 1947 m. ? Loy

Bryan, KY
2 George McCallam Frankum b. 01 Oct 1867 d. 15 Apr 1940 m. 27 Apr 1898 Fronie Brickens b. 01 Feb 1878 d. 19 Aug 1973

3 Jesse Dell Frankum b. 08 Aug 1900 d. 1973 m. 04 Aug 1920 Verna Wampler b. 21 Aug 1898 d. 19 Jun 1986

4 George Ray Frankum b. 02 Aug 1923 d. 23 Nov 1997 m. 02 Jan 1942 Adalene Givens b. Jun 1923

Bogard, MO

5 Barbara Ray Frankum m. Donnie McCracken

6 David Scott McCracken m. Lynette Dodson

7 David McCracken

7 Johnathan McCracken

6 Stacy Martin McCracken m. Debbie Dodson

5 Sondra Kay Frankum m. Roger Davis

6 Holly Davis m. Scott King

7 Heather King

7 Rachel King

6 Sharlene Davis m. Todd Mansfield

7 Keaton Douglas Mansfield

4 James William Frankum b. 24 Jan 1926 d. 25 Nov 1980 m. 21 Jul 1946 Jane Dodds

5 Lindal Steven Frankum

4 Lester Dell Frankum b. 23 Oct 1927 m. 09 Dec 1962 Shirley Snider

5 Douglas Frankum m. Theresa Webb

6 Melinda Frankum

6 Ashley Frankum

6 Gordon Frankum

5 Mark Frankum m. Davina Deshayer

6 Cassie Frankum

6 Dillon Frankum

6 Kaylie Frankum

6 Shelby Frankum

6 Marcus Frankum

3 Ruth Frankum m. Herbert Blunt

m. Charles Fox


Bogard, MO

4 Rhonda Fox


Elizabeth V. Frankum ( Micki) (View posts)
Posted: 969278400000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Frankum
Looking for any Frankums. my dad is Marvin Charles Frankum from South Carolina, now living in Miami Florida for the last 40yrs. his father was Albert Edward Frankum who died in 1959. some of my dads siblings are Geneva Frankum living in S. Carolina, Evelyn Frankum living in Florida,Robert Frankum deceased of S. Carolina, Ray Frankum deceased of S. Carolina, Niel Frankum deceased of S. Carolina, Ervin Frankum deceased of Miami grandfather Albert Edward had a sister who left S. Carolina no one knows where she went. if anyone knows these Frankums i have listed please email me at


Bill Frankum (View posts)
Posted: 969364800000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Frankum
Hi Betty Lee,

I'm assuming that you are referring to my response to the Frankum mailing list:

Descendants of: Henry Frankum

1 Henry Frankum
2 Robert Lee Frankum b. 9 Jul 1864 d. 2 Jul 1932 m. Lucinda Fellers

3 Anis Frankum b. 4 Jan 1887 d. 11 Jul 1970 m. 1907 ? Peterson d. 4 Oct 1954

4 Gala Mae Peterson b. 8 Oct 1914

3 Barney Frankum

3 Robert Frankum Jr.

3 Lethia Frankum

3 Ethel Frankum

3 Laura Frankum

3 Ida May Frankum

3 Ben Frankum

3 Ibie Frankum

It will take me a day or so to locate the source of the above info. In the meantime, I've forwarded you an eMail I received 2 yrs ago that
referenced a Robert Lee Frankum.

My address is:

Bill Frankum
845 W Sage Sparrow Circle
Highlands Ranch, CO 80129

"B.G.Lee" wrote:

Hi, Was excited to get your e-mail. Robert Lee Frankum was my Great Grandfather. Barney Frankum was my Grandfather. Would love to have as much
information as you can give me. Also found kin folks Living in Ohio now. If you could send your address. would love to share what I have with you. WE
sorta hit a dead end after Robert. Thanks. Betty Lee


Betty Lee (View posts)
Posted: 969364800000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Frankum, Fellers, Barrow
Looking For information On Robert Lee Frankum and Washington George Fellers and Susan Barrow. Any Information would be appreciated. Betty Lee

Further history

Miles Frankum (View posts)
Posted: 969624000000
Classification: Query
John E. (Ellis) Frankum Jr., fathered Carol Frankum, Jan Frankum, and Charles E. Frankum.
I am Charles Frankums Son, He has fathered 3 sons, Miles, Kyle, and Scott Frankum. If anyone has a family tree, From John E. Frankum and back please let me know. Thank you

re: Any Traces On Georgia's Frankum's

Bill Frankum (View posts)
Posted: 969624000000
Classification: Query
Surnames: FRANKUM
About 2 years ago, I corresponded with a Wilworth Frankum from Athens, Georgia that provided me with the following info:
Descendants of: James (or William?) Frankum

1 James (or William?) Frankum
m. Nancy ?
2 Foster Frankum

m. Fortune C. ? b. 1802 NC


Moved from North Carolina to Batesville, GA. Moved all furniture & belongings

in a one horse wagon.

3 Joseph Benjamin Brinkley Frankum b. 24 Oct 1831 NC d. 21 Dec 1901 Habersham Co. GA

m. Elizabeth McClure b. 1831 Ireland d. 1913 Habersham Co. GA

Private in Army Mar 4, 1862. Served under Col. Moore and General Hood

4 Robert E. Lee Frankum b. 1868 White county, GA d. 1930

m. Estella Tillotson m. Catawbe Island, OH b. 1869

Went to law school in Ohio. Moved back to Franklin Co., GA in 1901 and

taught school.

5 Carolyn Frankum

m. John Rasp

6 Jack Rasp

6 Jimmy Rasp

5 Joseph Frankum

5 Jay Lawton Frankum

m. Virginia Wilson

Graduated GA Tech. - Mech. Engr. for ALCOA in Alcoa, TN.

6 Wilworth Frankum (details excluded)

m. Gloria Enman

Retired from Univ. of GA - Ag. Engineer. Had own Ag. business 1952-1977.

Lives in Athens, GA

7 David Frankum (details excluded)

Controller for Flowers Baking Co., Goldsboro, NC

7 Adelle Frankum (details excluded)

m. Mark Haddon

Executive for Frigidaire Co. Lives in Martinez, GA

8 Mary Catherine Haddon

8 Taylor Haddon

7 Mark Frankum (details excluded)

m. Terri Messer

Lives in Little Rock, Arkansas

8 Jessica Frankum

8 Elizabeth Frankum

7 Lynn Frankum (details excluded)

m. Mark Outlaw

School Teacher in Suwanee, GA


Methodist minister

8 Mark Outlaw Jr.

8 Lindsey Frankum

7 Paul Frankum (details excluded)

m. Terry Melton

Vice President of Flowers Baking Co. in Lynchburg, VA

8 Emily Frankum

6 Beverly Frankum b. 31 Dec 1932 d. 1972

m. ? Barfield

Died of cancer

6 Stephen Douglas Frankum (details excluded)

m. Betty ?

Was in the Navy CB's. Was an engineer. Now lives in San Diego. Married

w/no kids

6 Julia Ann Frankum (details excluded)

m. Charles Speer

7 William Speer

7 Cherie Speer

5 Robert O. Frankum

m. Irene P.

6 Carol I. Frankum

6 Robert G. Frankum

6 Edwin Lee Frankum

4 Joseph Ecclestin Johnston Frankum b. 21 May 1869 Habersham Co. GA d. 10 Jun 1930 Habersham Co. GA

m. Caroline Hill m. 25 Oct 1892 b. 1872 GA d. 1964

5 Infant son Frankum b. 1893 d. 1893

5 William L. Frankum b. 1896

m. Ina Lee Dawkins

6 Gerald Frankum

6 Jake Frankum

6 Rio Frankum

6 W. L. Frankum

6 Ina Lee Frankum

6 Joyce Frankum

6 Frances Frankum

5 John E. Frankum b. 1898

m. Beulah Kimsey

Served as Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of Georgia

6 John E. Frankum, Jr.

m. Jean

6 Kathleen Frankum

6 Evelyn Frankum

6 Stephen D. Frankum

m. Patricia

6 Joe Frankum

5 Payton Frankum b. 1900

5 Thomas Cole Frankum

m. Bonnie ? d. 1987

6 Thomas Frankum, Jr.

m. Marsha Elain Alley

5 Joseph Terrel Frankum b. 1902 Batesville, GA d. 21 Mar 1969 Detroit, MI

m. Perna Veulah Carson

6 Billy Frankum

6 Margaret Lorene Frankum b. _____ Batesville, Habersham Co., GA

m. Arthur Holden Faleer

7 Robert Arthur Faleer

Asst. Professor, Central Michigan Univ.

609 Crescent Drive, Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858

6 Carolyn Frankum

6 Bernice Frankum

5 Effie Frankum b. 1905 d. 1982

m. Edward G. Kimsey b. 1892 d. 1985

6 Truett L. Kimsey (details excluded)

m. Ernestine T.

6 Frank Kimsey

6 E. G. Kimsey

5 Big Daddy Lloyd Frankum b. 1913 d. 1990

m. Lucy Hasselltine Eller b. 1909 d. 1997

6 Verona Lou Frankum (details excluded)

m. Bobby Jones

6 James Lamar Frankum

m. Jean Sutton

m. Delores Howard

6 Lloyd Frankum, Jr.

m. Glenda Ann Stowe

6 John Douglas Frankum (details excluded)

m. Linda Trotter

6 Paul Stanley Frankum (details excluded)

m. Virginia Ledford

4 Sarah J. Frankum

3 C. Liasidor Frankum b. 1843 NC

Any Traces On Georgia's Frankum's

Miles Frankum (View posts)
Posted: 969624000000
Classification: Query
Do you have any Idea of the Georgia section and history of the Family??? My name is Miles Frankum, son of Charles Frankum. Please give any information you might have, or sources I might be able to come accross this info.

William Frankum #31

Posted: 979214400000
Classification: Query
Edited: 994058467000
Surnames: Frankum
Hi. Your William Frankum was my great grandmother's father. William was bor in Pa., married Nancy Williams in Circleville, Pickway CO, OH, and died in Curryville, MO. Nancy was born in circleville, Pickway CO, OH and died in Curryville, MO. They had a daughter Mary Martha Frankum, who married Milo Deloss Warner Feb. 23, 1871 in Hannible, MO. Mary Martha was born June 10,1851 and died Dec 30, 1914 and is buried in the Herric, SD Cemetary. I have more info and stories if interested. I can be contacted at My name is Kathy


ROSIE FRANKUM (View posts)
Posted: 1007000388000
Classification: Query

re: Any Traces On Georgia's Frankum's

Posted: 1009409481000
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in respones to your frankumsearch, I have been searching for my husbands relatives, he is the baby boy of james & delores frankum(seay) his name is timothy mark frankum, I am his wife beatrice marilyn franklin frankum, we have 3 sons(tim, cory & ryan) and 1 daughter(brittany) my husband has 2 brothers scott frankum married jill shirley with 1 son jake frankum and 1 daughter kodi frankum, his oldest brother is keith frankum married regina taylor & have 2 sons taylor & tyler frankum. James had an infant daughter with his second wife (jean sutton) she was stillborn, her name was jami, they later had another daughter named jodi frankum she married jeremy rosser in 1998 and divorced about 1 year later after having a son named noah rosser. I can try to get you some more information on james brother&sister&nieces&nephews if you would like it . Let me know
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