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FTM 2012 - Tree Sync

FTM 2012 - Tree Sync

Posted: 1317484498000
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Edited: 1317488825000
First, my PC: i5-2500k processor. 128 Mb SSD as Drive C. 16 GB of Ram. 2 500 GB data drives. Win 7-64bit OS. Speed index of 7.0. I have a 12 Mb download and 768 kb upload internet connection.

My experience is as follows:

1. Started 2010 and backuped. Installed 2012 (abt 8 minutes) Imported 2010 file and noticed one difference. The file size changed from 128,690 Mb to 151,618 Mb (abt 20%)
2. 27,218 people, 7997 marriages and 4050 surnames.
3. Started Sync process and left the defaults; after 45 minutes I went to bed.
4. This morning, the FTM tree was sync'd to a new Ancestry online tree with the same file name that was opened.
5. All data points as people, marriages, etc. where identical!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had hoped it would sync to my already existing tree on Ancestry that had slightly different entries; but, it did not give me that option. I understand that was a BIG hope. So, now I need to reinvite all the previous people that I had from before. But, this should be the last time I have to do it!!!!!!!!!

So, at this time I have no complaints.

I had not been using 2011 FTM due to it's terrible slowness.
Now, I will see how 2012 behaves?????????


Re: FTM 2012 - Tree Sync

Posted: 1317486574000
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Is your FTM login going to the same account that this existing tree is in as the owner?

Your use of "mb" I hope is incorrect, as Windows 7 will not run on a machine with 16Mb of ram. It needs at least 1 GB of RAM. I think you also mean that you have 2 500GB drives for data storage.

I have read where the SSD drive are fast, but they are not large enough to hold ALL of the Operating System, so the over all performance is much slower.

Sounds like you did NOT do a sync, but uploaded a NEW Ancestry Member Tree.

Re: FTM 2012 - Tree Sync

Posted: 1317487755000
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I think the OP did indeed do a sync. Although I don't have my copy yet, from what I've been reading you need to start with one tree as the master, and create an 'exact copy' of that tree in the other place and then sync from then on.

You can start with an AMT and download to FTM, or start with FTM and upload to an AMT.

This seems perfectly logical.

1) if one didn't do this, there could be massive differences between the AMT and FTM tree that would be difficult to resolve.

2) I suspect that the initial sync (in either direction) creates some kind of unique identifiers for people that are common on both trees, and that is used from then on to compare records for changes.

Paul Gray

Re: FTM 2012 - Tree Sync

Posted: 1317488936000
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I believe you are right Paul. No matter which direction you are starting from, FTM or AMT, you are creating a sync (unless of course you are using the option to download without linking or upload without linking). What is not possible is to take an existing AMT and an existing FTM file to create a synced file.

Re: FTM 2012 - Tree Sync

Posted: 1317489233000
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Edited: 1317489579000
Thanks for catching typos. It is indeed GB.

My SSD drive is 128 GB. An OS can be below 40GB; so, there is no issue here (my 119GB SSD has 80GB free). My performance score went from 5.9 to 7.0 due to the SSD. All my "Libraries" are on the Data drives; not, the SSD.

It appears the first sync has to be to a new tree to make things go smoothly. So, no I did not sync to my existing tree, but to a new nearly identical tree. My old ancestry tree was not current anyway. It is also safer that way, so an existing on-line tree doesn't get corrupted. I will just reinvite the people and delete the old online tree.

Re: FTM 2012 - Tree Sync

Posted: 1317489739000
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Charles, you did not mention media. Did you have any uploaded and if so how many?

Re: FTM 2012 - Tree Sync

Posted: 1317493194000
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There are 15,945 media records; mostly census, birth, dead records from ancestry. It appears that group was 15871 in size. The rest photos, I think.

I had some family photos and they are showing in the online tree.

I have done very little with media.

Re: FTM 2012 - Tree Sync

Posted: 1317496470000
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I could not use 2011 due to how show it performed. Is 2012 much faster? How does it compare to 2010?


Re: FTM 2012 - Tree Sync

Posted: 1317496863000
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I have very few new records at this time. It does appear to behave like 2010 more than I remember 2011, which I haven't used in over a year!
Hope this helps.

Re: FTM 2012 - Tree Sync

Posted: 1317619635000
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Tree sync works every time; at least 3 days in a row.
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