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Leslie Ogden

Leslie Ogden

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Surnames: Ogden Williams Ostby Gordon
Hello - I've been digging at this one for a few weeks with no luck and am hoping more experienced genealogists will take a look! I'm sure I'm just missing something.

My great-great-grandmother Estella Mabel "Stella" Williams was born to Louis A Williams and the former Sarah Arena Gorden in North Dakota. They moved to Albert Lea, MN and Stella married Otto Ostby and had a daughter, Lucille, before Otto passed away.

Stella then married a Leslie Solomon Ogden, an attorney born in Ontario, Canada but who'd lived in Minneapolis most of his life. According to census records, they had a son, Leslie, around 1913 in Minneapolis. Curiously he does not appear in Minnesota birth records on the birth record site, so I haven't been able to find his exact birthdate.

Leslie's father L. S. Ogden died in 1919, and Stella followed in 1921. I have no idea what became of young Leslie after this. He could've been no older than 8 or 9 when his mother died. I have looked with all the immediate relatives I can think of to see if they took in Leslie, but no luck.

I feel I should mention that Leslie's older half-sister, Lucille, would've only been 13 or so when her mom died, so she would've probably gone to live wherever he did. Unlike Leslie, though, I know what became of Lucille, at least as an adult - she was my great-grandmother, and died at the age of 18. I don't know where she spent the 6 years between the death of her mother, and her own death, however.

My question, then, is what became of little Leslie Ogden, born of Leslie Solomon Ogden and Estella "Stella" Williams. Leslie and Estella were both married previously and had other children, but I found no leads there. If young Leslie had died I'd expect to find him in the death index on, but all I find is his father's death record. What became of Leslie Ogden, born 1913 in Minnesota?

Re: Leslie Ogden

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Here's a full name for Lucille in case it helps someone with parsing.

Sarah Lucille Palma Genevieve Ostby <--------------
Born 23 January 1909
Freeborn County, Minnesota
Mother Maiden Name: Williams
from Minnesota Birth Index at

Have you tried searching Proquest newspaper archive and/or Chronicling America collection of old digitized newspapers?

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Here is the obituary for Leslie Sr. in case it helps


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Yes it does help - it gives the name of Leslie senior's son as Leslie J. Whether the "J" stands for junior, we can't guess, but it seems more likely to be a middle initial.

It also identifies the possible relatives still living on Leslie senior's side, relatives who might have taken in the children, but my guess is butalae identified those persons in the 1930 census and no Leslie.

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Surnames: Williams Ostby Ogden
Wow, thanks for finding Leslie Sr.'s obit! Falsterden is right, I did check his parents and siblings to see if Leslie and possibly Lucille ended up with them, but came up empty. I did find something interesting in my collection of old photos - a photo purported to be of Leslie, taken in February 1920. He is standing with an unidentified smaller girl. Leslie's mom Estella would've still been alive at this time, although his father had passed a few months before.

I am the person who created the Find-A-Grave memorials for Leslie Sr. and Stella, yes. I have searched Lakewood Cemetery's online index of graves but didn't see a likely candidate for my Leslie.

I'm going to dig into those other newspaper archives mentioned in the first reply. I have a subscription to, which does have a good collection of Albert Lea's newspapers, but doesn't have Minneapolis ones. Maybe I'll find more clues in some other newspapers.

Re: Leslie Ogden

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Any chance Leslie Jr went to Canada after his parents deaths?

Also, in case you are interested there is a naturalization record for Leslie S you an order from this site:


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Here is a funeral notice for Leslie Sr with photo

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Surnames: Ogden Williams Ostby
Thank you for the additional info, including the newspaper photo of Leslie Sr., which I hadn't seen before. It is possible that he went to Canada after his parents' deaths, although his father's immediate relatives all stayed in Minnesota and did not return to Canada themselves, as far as I can tell.

Lakewood Cemetery, where Leslie Sr. and Stella are buried, also holds nearly all of the other Ogden immigrants from Canada - Leslie Sr.'s parents, siblings, first wife, and some nephews and nieces are all buried there, as can be seen when searching the cemetery's records online.

My grandmother has passed away, as have all of her immediate relatives who would have had knowledge of Leslie. Clearly my grandma knew of him, since the notation on the back of the photo ("Leslie Ogden, February 1920") is in her handwriting. (She copied it beneath the original, identical caption done in someone else's handwriting, which had begun to fade, so clearly she wanted it to continue to be legible.)

This is really puzzling to me. I badly want to discover Leslie's fate, as his father, mother, and half-sister all died young. It would be nice to know if he lived to be an old man with children and grandchildren of his own.

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If you list when his sister, grandparents, nieces, etc are buried at Lakewood I can look up the dates try to look up obituaries the next time I go to the library. If you're lucky, one of them might say where he lived, or at least provide proof of when he may have still been alive. Also, I would think there should have been a WWII draft registration if he were still alive then


Re: Leslie Ogden

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You're right Leslie - I would think there would be a draft record for him too, though I haven't found anything.

It would be wonderful if you had a chance to look at obits. Here are the Ogdens buried at Lakewood who I know to be related to my Leslie (there are several others buried there that may be relatives but I can't prove it):

Age 60 Death 2/08/1923

Age 85 Death 2/12/1923 [this man is the father of the first Archibald listed]

Age 9 Death 11/13/1883

Age 65 Death 8/24/1929

Age 18 Death 4/03/1900

Age 31 Death 6/19/1921

Age 22 Death 4/27/1895

Age 48 Death 11/28/1919

Age 64 Death 9/18/1903
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