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Two murderers

Two murderers

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Is it possible to find anything more about this case (2nd column, down). I know how this finished, but I'm interested about those two murderers. Where they are from and if they had family.
Anoher link:

Re: Two murderers

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The 2nd link you provided says that John Waisanen was 23 years old at time of his execution in 1885, and from Finland. He had a wife and a child and had come from Hancock Minnesota three years previously.

Maybe this man - b. 1863 Finland on the 1885 census - he is listed with many other men - maybe jail? The census is usually taken in June. The execution was August 1885.

name: John Weisenen
event place: Duluth, St Louis, Minnesota
age (expanded): 22 years
birth year (estimated): 1863
birthplace: Finland
race: White
gender: Male
family number: 1380
volume: St Louis
page: 230
gs film number: 000565754

You'll have to click on the link to see that he is listed with a bunch of other men.

You would have to look at the microfilm to see if it is jail in St. Louis County (Duluth), Minnesota

YOu should be able to get his death certificate from St. Louis county, MN

Re: Two murderers

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Taryn, Did you find John Waisanen's family in Nora, Hamlin, Dakota territory? I can't locate them in the census.

Apparently these two men (John Norland and John Waisenen) were working at logging? for another man, John Farley.

Minnesota state census 1885 (at Minnesota Historical Society) shows the follow people named Norlund in St. Louis County. Not shown as a family group (listed as individuals):

1885 in Fond du Lac, St. Louis County, Minnesoa
John Norlund age 50, born Sweden
Clara Norlund age 48, born Sweden
Adolph Norlund 9
Alvida Norlund 6

I got the following hits on "Norland":

Re: Two murderers

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You can contact two places that may have that St. Louis County, and Duluth history information.

The library staff specializes in assisting patrons with their genealogy/family history research. You may email them at or call them at (218) 254-1222.

Search the site using the spelling Waisanen.

The site has the document of John Waisanen's Hibbing, Minnesota arrest record.
But it's dated 1928, so maybe a different John Waisanen. I would email the email address before paying/ordering the record.

But they might also have other records, including the trial records.

Also, the St. Louis County Historical society might have information:
506 West Michigan Street
Duluth, MN 55802-1505
Fax 218-733-7585
Executive Director: JoAnne Coombe, 218-733-7581

Re: Two murderers

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Thank you very much for the links and info! I'll use them!
Maybe here is Norland?

Re: Two murderers

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Yes, that must be your John Norland you found in the St. Louis County MN Death Index 1870-1899:

NORLAND, JOHN died 09 April 1885 in St. Louis County, Minnesota, USA

WASIMAN JOHN died 28 August 1885 in St. Louis County, Minnesota, USA

I wonder if the John Norlund I found in Fond du Lac could be the right person, since this story, below, was written in Fond du Lac (posted in another thread on this topic). Another newspaper story said he had a wife in Kilkenny.

27 June 1885
Duluth Times newspaper

Fond Du Lac. Editor Tribune (?)
Since the forty days for which Waisenen was remanded to await the action of the governor expired, there has been quite a speculation on the part of the Finlanders here as to the final action that will be taken in his case. There are several Finns here who were personally acquainted with Norland in the old country, and one of them, Joseph Erickson by name, gave me the following of Norland's history: Norland was convicted in Finland for the murder of a postmaster there, and while lying in prison feigned sickness and through the influence of his father, and his money, who, by the way, was well-to-do, his, Norland's, death and burial occured; but in place of Norland the coffin contained stone to make it heavy and represent a corpse, was incased and buried, while the real Norland was spirited away to this country, where he afterwards lived, except for a short time, when he made a visit to Norway, his father sending him money. At one time he sent him $500. Norland expressed to his friends that he would hang himself, and that if he could not do so in Duluth he would when he got to Stillwater [to the federal prison], and that he had committed so many crimes that he had no peace of mind, and that his conscience troubled him so that he would rather end his miserable life than to have it prolonged. His real name was John Hollin [unfortunately, that name is hard to read, might say Holdin], but on arriving in America he adopted the name of Norland to avoid detection. Those knowing him seem to think he, of the two, was the most to blame for Farley's death, but do not exonerate Waisenen, and seem to think him deserving any punishment he may get.

Re: Two murderers

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Thank You! There are so many rumors about John Norland. But this story is not true if he is what he said. This murderer was punished and deported to Siberia. Rumor says that he escaped and travelled to US. I like to find if this is true. I know that many was escaped. But maybe this man (with 9 fingers) only said that he was this man. He told that he lost finger when killed postman, but this was not happen. I know story on this this robbery. Maybe this story find the finish if one his descendant can be found. Movie and opera was done in Finland about this robbery.

Re: Two murderers

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I spent hours doing a lookup for these two individuals in February 2012 for this poster.

Rauno: are you looking for new information in addition to what I found for you a year ago?

not related

Re: Two murderers

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I believe I gave you this information last year:

Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard newspaper, September 2, 1885

In an article about the execution of John Waisenen, he stated "I have been five years in America from Finland. I lived four years in Michigan. I kept saloon a little while in Duluth. My father, mother and one sister live at Nora, Hamlin county, Dak (Dakota). I have not seen them, but get letters from them."

Re: Two murderers

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Yes Beth, I'm still looking for more information to see if those persons were what is said. Some official records or what ever is possible to find.
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