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Hannan/Hanan, from Headford

Hannan/Hanan, from Headford

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Surnames: Hannan/Hanan
Alice, aged 17 and Mary, aged 16, Hannan/Hanan, daughters of Bryan and Mary, came to Australia on the Panama 1850 under the Famine Orphans scheme.

The documentation says that Bryan was deceased, mother Mary alive, and I'm thinking there may have been younger children living with Mary (unless she was also in the Workhouse).

Would appreciate any information on this family and, hopefully, some connections out there.

Am also wondering what workhouse may have nominated the girls.

Thank you

Re: Hannan/Hanan, from Headford

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Hi Barbara,

I noticed Alice and Mary on this list:

The list indicated that Mary lived in Headford possibly indicating that the girls were living somewhere else at the time.

The workhouse for the Headford/Killursa area was in Tuam about 15 miles away. That place would have been avoided at all costs.

The Griffith's Valuation taken in 1855 indicates that there were no Hannans, Hanans or Hannons in Headford only five years later.

The closest location to Headford with Hannans was the village of Annaghdown roughly midway between Headford and Galway City.

I agree that it is highly likely that there were brothers and sisters, two children families were very rare in those days. Most church records in the area begin in the 1860's when civil records became a requirement for Catholics.

A lot of information for the area, including Griffith's can be found on

Most likely the other children immigrated also. And young girl and women did not always have to be nominated. The authorities were actively recruiting female "orphans" to immigrate to Australia.

Hope that is of some help.

- John

Re: Hannan/Hanan, from Headford

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Hi John,

Thank you for the information - which somehow got buried in the Christmas period email overflow, and I've only just read.

I've made a bit of progress since the initial posting.

Alice and Mary brought their mother, Mary, and younger sister, Ann, to Australia in 1855. There was (at least) one son, Thomas, who went to America.

The elder Mary then proceeded to bring out all but one known child of her sister, Ann. One of her nephews, John, married Alice in Australia.

These cousins of Alice and Mary were all born in Tipperary, Templemore area. So not sure if the older Mary and Ann came from there, or from Galway.

So now have Parents - Mary ?? and Bernard/Barney, Children - Alice, Mary, Ann and Thomas. (The elder Mary must have been one grand old lady - died at the age of 104, survived only by Ann.)

I'll certainly look at the sites you gave me - if nothing else, I'll have some geographic sense of where they were. As an Australian, I have a bit of difficulty with the 'condensed' nature of Irish geography, if you know what I mean.


Re: Hannan/Hanan, from Headford

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Surnames: Hannon/Hannan/Hannin
Hi John/Barbara,
I just came across this thread and I want to correct you on a point in your posting. I live near Headford. My Grandmother was Bridget Hannon from Carrownacrough just outside Headford. Her cousins (also Hannons) lived in Ower, also near Headford. There were Hannons in Annaghdown also, though that's a lot further away from Headford and is not likely to be referred to as Headford. In 1855, Griffith has 2 Hannons listed in Ower and one in Carrownacrough. I haven't managed to determine what their relationships were definitively, though I believe all 3 may have been brothers (John, Thomas and Michael). I believe John was my Great-Great-Grandfather. The website has some of these details listed. I don't know where (or if) Mary and Alice could fit into this family though. All church records prior to 1880 have been lost in Headford. I'm not sure if this helps you but if I find out more I'll let you know. This surname has been spelled Hannon/Hannan/Hannin in different records I've found.

Re: Hannan/Hanan, from Headford

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I'm only too happy to be corrected - but what point are you correcting me on?

The information on the younger Mary Hannon's Native Place of Headford was entered on the shipping document in 1849, Alice's as Clann - so who am I to question that? I can only assume that Alice, or perhaps her mother, gave that information.

By the time Griffith carried out his Valuation, Mary Hannon and her daughters, Alice, Mary and Ann, were in Australia and their father had died.

Thomas went to American but unfortunately I don't know when.

The brothers names you give are quite interesting. Mary, Senior had a sister, Ann, who (deceased by this time) had married a George Hemfield/Hemfrey/Hen-something/Enfield, possibly in Tipperary. The children we know of (one in UK, others in Australia, were born in Tipperary. The family had gone to Sheffield from where all but two Georges, Senior and Junior, came to Australia.

George, Senior, died in 1857 in Sheffield. George, Junior stayed on to see his sons and grandsons born in UK.

Mary, Senior, seemed responsible for reuniting the family in Australia. John Hemfil, his sister, Elizabeth, and her husband, Patrick Purcell, arrived in 1857 (and shortly after Alice Hannon married her cousin, John Hemfil). Brother Michael Enfield, his wife and two small children, and their sister/stepsister Susannah Enfield arrived in 1858.

The children of that first generation born in Australia - ie. the children of John and Alice, Mary, Ann, Michael and Susannah - were all endowed with the same names.

John and Alice, my g-g-grandparents, had no sons but nine daughters. The eighth daughter was named Georgiana but she died as an infant. The ninth, also Georgiana, survived.

I have often wondered, given the age of Mary, Senior, if there were more children. Four seems to be a small family, given the times.

My whatsit-cousin made three trips to Ireland, pouring over registers, etc. and came up with baptism dates/places, etc.
Unfortunately, by the time I came in contact with her she was in the terminal stages of cancer. She did give me quite a lot of information, but I never did find out much about Thomas Hannon who went to America, married there and died near Niagara Falls. When? And I didn't think to ask who she had passed all her information on to.

Just going on the forenames, it looks as there's a chance that we are related. That would be exciting!!!

I'll have a look at the Lalley website.

Many thanks

Re: Hannan/Hanan, from Headford

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I've had a quick look at the Hannon information on Lalley. It doesn't look too promising from my point of view. And I'm basing this on the forenames. Not a Bridget in sight on this side of world.

The death certificate of Mary Hannon, Senior, who died in 1895 at the home of her daughter, Ann (Rooney), who wa also the Informant, shows her father's name as William Holloway. There is no entry for the Mother, but I've been told her name was Katherine Mullin, and that she was born in Tipperary. Name of Spouse is Bernard Hannon (which is also recorded on daughter's documents as Barney) and Place of Marriage is entered as Town Not Known.

So unless you have a Bernard in the family ...

Re: Hannan/Hanan, from Headford

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Surnames: Hannon/Hannin/Hannan
Hi Barbara,
My corrections were to John's posting - I should have been more specific - Sorry. He said "The Griffith's Valuation taken in 1855 indicates that there were no Hannans, Hanans or Hannons in Headford only five years later. The closest location to Headford with Hannans was the village of Annaghdown roughly midway between Headford and Galway City.".
Griffith shows 4 Hannons (spelt Hannin) in 1855 in Killursa Parish (covering a significant part of the current Headford Parish) and very close to Headford Town (Michael in Carrownacrough, Thomas in Rinnanknock and John and Thomas in Ower). Annaghdown also has Hannons but it's quite a distance away (10+ miles).

Church records in Headford start in 1880. I understand there were earlier church records that were destroyed when the Curate's house was burnt during the troubles in 1921. Annaghdown church records start in 1834. Civil records in Ireland (for Catholics) start in 1864.

I wouldn't rule out the possibility of there being a connection with my Hannon ancestors yet, though quite a few of the names you mention are not in my family tree that I'm aware of(including Bernard). If you search Griffith's Valuation online for Bernard Hannon/Hannin/Hannan you'll find quite a few in Ireland, though none in County Galway. They're in Counties Roscommon, Antrim, Down, Tyrone and Dublin. There are a few other Headford's in Ireland too - Is it possible that your Hannon ancestors are not from Headford, Co. Galway, but another Headford? I'll do some more research based on your posting above and if I find anything else I'll let you know.


Re: Hannan/Hanan, from Headford

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Surnames: Hannon/Hannan/Hannin
Hi Barbara,
Here is a digitised copy of the Catholic baptismal records from the Headford/Claran (Killursa) parish for all the Hannons baptised between 1880 and 1920.


Re: Hannan/Hanan, from Headford

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Alice and Mary Hannon arrived here in the Panama in 1850 under Earl Grey's Famine Orphan Scheme.

I haven't seen the original shipping documents, but the information was transcribed in Trevor McLaughlin's Barefoot & Pregnant, Vol.2, listing the following Name, Age, Native Place, Parents, & Religion -

Hannon Mary 16 Eckford, Galway Brian & Mary (living in Eckford) RC

Hannan Alice 17 Clann, Galway Bryan & Mary (living in Eckford) RC

Took a while to make the jump from Eckford to Headford. Still not sure about Clann - Clerhaun??

Mother Mary arrived in Australia 12 April, 1855, the shipping document listing her as a widow - so Bernard/Brian/Bryan/Barney had died by early 1855 and unlikely to appear on the Valuation in any county.

Further to that, Alice and Mary paid the passage for their mother and younger sister to come to Australia - £10 for mother, £5 for Ann. Given the various schemes encouraging people to come to Australia by offering much reduced passage, and allowing for the fact that Alice's first job here paid £8 per year (and Mary's would have been similar), I'm inclined to think that paying for passage themselves was an act of desperation after the death of their father, and it would have taken them some time to get the passage money together. Which suggests that their father died somewhat earlier than 1855.

Just out of interest, of the 157 girls on the Panama,
85 were from Co. Mayo; 21 from Co. Galway; 20 from Waterford; 7 from Dublin; 8 from Kilkenny; 2 from Cork; 3 from Wexford; 8 from Carlow; and 1 each from Clare, Cavan and Sligo.

Amongst the Galway contingent there's a Lally. I'll pass that on.


Re: Hannan/Hanan, from Headford

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Thank you for that.

A bit late for my family - unless I find another descendent or two. But I've saved a copy and stashed it in the appropriate file.

The birth registration of Mary, Senior, states under Children of Deceased - Living Ann 57 years, one male and two females deceased.

One would imagine that if Ann included her brother who died in the US, she would have also included any siblings who died in Ireland. Ann gave her mother's age as 104 years which would have made her about 47 at the time of Ann's birth. A bit old perhaps, but not beyond the realms of possibility.
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