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i am serching for senasac,senasach,my grandmother was sadie senasac.her death certificate says born in minnasota,she is buried in family cemetery in nacadoches,tex.her parents john senasac,mother frances breaders.i cant find info.on her parents.sadie ,born 1888,died 1940.

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I did a search of Senasac (and the spelling variations) and in that time frame, there are Sanasac families in seemingly only two counties in Minnesota. (I used the free search site

Blue Earth County, including a family living in Mankato, and Decoria township in Blue Earth County.

The other location of Sanasac in Minnesota is Alton township in Waseca county, MN, and then it seems that family moved to Wisconsin.

There is a Sarah Sanasac married in Minnesota to Clarence Cahill.
groom's name: Clarence S. Cahill
bride's name: Sarah J. Sanasac
date: 15 Oct 1906
marriage place: Janesville township, Waseca County, Minnesota
indexing project (batch) number
system origin
source film number 1320462

So it is possible that Sadie was born in Minnesota, even if her family was moving through, possibly staying with relatives along the way? One of those two families could be related. It's a very uncommon name.

Here is a website with the historical societies for those counties of Waseca and Blue Earth in Minnesota:

A birth in Texas gives no added info on Sadie.

Armstrong,J D 3-19-1928 M Sadie Senesac R. L. Armstrong

I do find it interesting that at I see her name is shown as Sadie J. Senasac

I am not getting to work this morning, but this was what I found when I googled Sadie Senesac

Robert Lee Armstrong (1884 - 1968) - Find A Grave
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Sep 11, 2010 –
Husband of Sadie J. Senesac md 23 Oct 1904 Naco, Naco Co Tx. *Note: Death certificate informant Minnie Armstrong Census 1910 Douglass ...

If they were married Oct. 23, 1904 in Naco, Naco County Texas? She should be on the census of 1900 - if Texas has that as a census date.
Nacodoches must be Naco.

sorry I couldn't find anything more definitive. Sadie is a nickname for Sarah.
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Surnames: Senasac
Thanks, for search. Robert lee is my gdad .family cemetery in Douglas tx. My dad is jd.i have Sadie's death certificate.i can't find a record of her parents.where he came from ,possibly Canada ,her mother frances breeders,nothing. Minnie was step grandmother.married to Robert Armstrong.

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I haven't found the parents of your Sadie. Places to search beyond and Family Search include Minnesota Historical Society - state census, births, deaths -, and Minnesota Official Marriage System

I did find a John Sanasec in Faribault County, Minnesota, born about 1872, found in the 1875 Minnesota State Census at


The Sarah J. Sanasac who married Clarence S. Cahill in 1906 in Waseca County, MN, is found on Find a Grave as SADIE, buried in Portland, OR. Born 1888 in Minnesota.

Her father is said to be Joseph Eli Sanasac born 15 Dec 1857 in Kankakee County, Illinois. Mother Marian Baxter (MARRIAGE of Joseph and Marian found on MOMS 13 March 1886 in Blue Earth County, Minnesota). Joseph had a wife before Marion, Josephine Markett died 1885. 1910 census in Waseca County, Minnesota gives five children in household of Joseph and Marion: Karrie, Florance, Ivan, Vernon, Stanley.

Point being Joseph could be related to "your" Senasacs and if so it might be worth looking for Sadie's father in Kankakee County, Illinois. Could be a wild goose chase - I suggest it only because we're not finding John and Frances in Minnesota.

Also note - some Senesacs seem to have lived in Canada and I suppose a John Senasac could have migrated to Minnesota long enough to have Sadie.
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Surnames: Senasac/senasach
Thanks for information.sadie senasac was married to Robert l Texas.i am finding a John senasac ,union civil war soldier,from Illinois.a deserter .and also a cyprian senasac.

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If Sanesac or Senesac is a Canadian or French Canadian name, it could be the father was Jean - changed to John.

You can search in Canada at or

But, following up on the Civil War Soldier, I googled his complete name in Parenthesis, "John B. Senasac" and found this teaser at (which I don't subscribe to)

Sarah L. Gray, Born in Arkansas, USA on 15 May 1848 to Thomas Shannon Gray and Julia Elizabeth Bales. Sarah L married Pierce Whitley Crisp and had 13 children. Sarah L married John B Senasac. She passed away on 25 Oct 1917 in Texas, USA.

if it's the same family, Frances Breaders died, John remarried, and lived in Texas. And the age of Sadie when she married in Texas is young, so maybe she was there with her father too.

Here is Sarah L. Gray's first spouse, then a list of the kids, then John B. Senasac as her 2nd spouse.

Pierce Whitley Crisp

Baby Unknown
Octavie Crisp
Mary Ellen Crisp
Minnie Jane Crisp
Thomas Gray Crisp
Alice L Crisp
Tony Antony Crisp
Tony Artney Crisp
Artemissa Crisp
Julie Crisp
Ephrium Carter Crisp
Martha Dee Crisp
Johnnie Crisp

John B Senasac

I see that Sara L. Gray Crisp, under that name, is buried also in Nacodoches county, Texas. Don't know what happened with the marriage to Senasac.

The person who posted this grave:

You could contact him.

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Original poster, Thanks for responding. A really good lead for a Sarah "Sadie" Sanasac born 1888 in Minnesota was posted. I followed up so that we could rule her in or out as a candidate for "your" Sadie. Ended up ruling her out, as you can see.

We know about Robert Armstrong - got it.

I don't know what you mean about the rest of your reply. Who is the John Senasac who was a Civil War soldier? Who is Cypriem Senasac? Are you referring to people on your family tree, or people who are mentioned in your family stories?

So far what you have said is that you have a Sadie Senesac b 1888 in Minnesota whose death certificate gives her parents as John Senasac and Frances Breaders. She married Robert Armstrong. She died in 1940 and is buried in Nacodoches county, Texas.


That's an interesting find and there could be a connection, in fact it seems likely. John Senesac (or his wife) has to be in Minnesota in about 1888 for "Sadie" to be born there. I imagine Sarah Gray Crisp Senasac was in Texas at that time. If we knew why the original poster mentioned a Civil War soldier, that could tighten the link to your find.

Rusk, Texas
P. W. Crisp 60
Sarah L. Crisp 33
Mary Ellen Crisp 11
Minnie Jane Crisp 10
Thomas G. Crisp 10
Alice L. Crisp 8
Anthony Crisp 6
Artemissa Crisp 2
-- Crisp 8m

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Here's one of the references I found to a Cyprian Sanasac back in the day before you mentioned that name. Age 29 in 1875 in the same township (Jo Daviess), same county (Faribault), Minnesota, as the John Sanasac age 3 to whom I referred earlier. I gave you the link so that you would look at it. Here it is again:

The site I'm using doesn't list families, but rather individuals. I do NOT know the familial relationships of the following people.

Jo Daviess, Faribault, Minnesota
Cykriem Sanasac, 29, female [sic], born Canada
Mary Sanasac,27, born Canada
Mary Sanasac 10, born Wisconsin
Dalphins Sanasac, 8, female, born Wisconsin
John Sanasac, 3, born Minnesota
Joseph Sanasac, 1, born Minnesota
David Sanasac, 0, born Minnesota

Usually I think of Cypriem as a male name.

The Civil War ended in April 1865.

There are two entries for Cyfrien Sanasac / Cyfrun Sanasac on 1890 Veterans Schedule, Blue Earth County, Minnesota. A girl born 1888 would more likely be a granddaughter of a Civil War soldier rather than a daughter.

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Wow Taryn, I totally misunderstood what you said about Find a Grave. So sorry!

Here she is on Find a Grave:

Sadie J Senasac Armstrong
Birth: Sep. 10, 1888
Mapleton, Blue Earth County, Minnesota, USA
Death: Nov. 30, 1940, Shelby County, Texas, USA

Daughter of John Senasac & Frances Breaders. Wife of Robert Lee Armstrong married 23 Oct 1904 Naco, Naco County, Texas.

Spouse: Robert Lee Armstrong (1884 - 1968)
Lone Star Cemetery, Nacogdoches County, Texas, USA


1888 Sadie is born in Blue Earth County MN, father John Senasac.
1890 Cypriem Senasac is on the 1890 Civil War Veterans Schedule in Blue Earth County. He has a son John Senasac b 1872 who would be about age 16 in 1888.

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Hi Debbie - at this point I would say that there may be more information at the Nacodoches county, Texas historical society, if they have one. I don't see a 1900 census for that area online, perhaps there is one. That would be helpful.

It seems that even though Minnesota might be Sadie's place of birth, more information could be found there to help you work backwards. Did she have siblings (obituary)
is there an obit or grave for the John B. Senasac who is hinted at marrying the widow Sarah L. Crisp after the death of Pierce Crisp in 1896? Those are questions that may still be answered in Texas. Was there an obit for Mrs. Crisp that might explain a 2nd marriage. Is there a marriage record for that Crisp-Senasac marriage in Nacodoches county? Probably after 1896, and before her death in 1917.

This website has some genealogy resources for Nacodoches County, Texas. Leave no stone unturned :)

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