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Johnson Johnston family

Johnson Johnston family

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Surnames: Johnson, Johnston, LaRoche, Anderson, Nielson, Jennsen, Jonsen
Looking for Charles or Carl Johnson family who had reunions in Canada from time to time in the early 1900's. He was born in Sweden abt 1855 December, married in Michigan 1882 to Carrie/Caroline/Karen Anderson who was b. in Denmark in 1865. Children born alive in MI were Edward, Carl, Annie L., Emma, Tillie Matilda. Charles name could have been changed or the first name could be different, he was known as Charley. He worked in Lumbering, and mining. Lived in Wisconsin and Upper Michigan. Lived in Menominee MI, Faithorn MI, Norway MI, Iron Mountain MI, Rhinelander WI.

Re: Johnson Johnston family

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Surnames: Lundberg Johnson
Okay, I’ll put this one out as I’m pretty stumped finding the history. Not an exact match to what you have, but I can’t trace back the Lundbergs to anywhere before Carl/Charles/Karl J. Lundberg (Johnson?). I was hoping to have an obituary for him that would say something about surviving family. Oh - and there is another Charles/Carl J Lundberg, married to a Mathilda in the Muskegon, MI area with very similar birth dates from very close to the same time period with many family name parallels that seems to be unrelated but makes travel records quite confusing!

This is what I have. Some of it contradicts stories I’ve heard from some family, but is almost all coming from census data and marriage/birth/death records. I found from census to census, birth years sometimes shift a slight amount, and first/middle names are often used interchangeably). Anything anyone can add helps shed light on things. I’m mostly trying to figure out siblings and parents for Carl.

Carl was born around Feb 1858 in Sweden. Came to the US by way of Canada (family story), settling in Iron River, Michigan in the 1881-1883 timeframe (immigration date in later census data). Handily enough, this is right AFTER the 1880 census that may have given me some useful information. :\

First wife was likely named Mary Johnson (married name?), and they had a son, John C Lundberg (SSN 378-30-4168, b Apr 1884, Iron Mountain, MI. d Jun 1966, Iron Mountain, MI). John Married Clara Holtein (b 4 Apr 1886 in Florence WI). The only mention I have of Mary Johnson is as Mother of the groom on John’s wedding certificate. Haven't found an obit for John yet that might name his mother.

Sometime after arriving he (Charles) supposedly changed his name from Karl Johnson (or similar) and moved to Iron Mountain, MI. The first real mention I have of him on paper is on his marriage registry to Mathilda “Tilda” Magnason, (b 1861 in Sweden) in Iron Mountain dated 23 Dec 1886. By that time he was already Charles/Chas/Carl J Lundberg.

Their children I have listed are
Alma ( 4 Dec 1887 – 15-Apr 1969)
Arthur (21 Sep 1889 - ?)
Salem (3 May 1891 - Dec 1962)
Ester Emelia (31 Mar 1893 – 29 Jun 1983)
Adolf Ferdinand (10 May 1895 - ?)
Ruth Elizabeth (26 Mar 1897 – 23 Dec 1985)
Astrid (22 Apr 1899 – 10 Mar 1975)
Mable (16 Mar 1901 – 9 Jul 1991)
George H (15 Sep 1904 – 9 Mar 1993)
Dorice Gertrude (26 May 1906 – 5 Jun 1908)

Anyone have anything more on Carl? I've seen some other bits and pieces of things that could be related, but nothing that sticks without some more information to glue it all together. Thanks!

Re: Johnson Johnston family

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I did find this, if it helps.

Line 57

Shows a 16yr old Carrie Anderson (~1866) of Horseno, Denmark marrying a 25yr old Farmer named Charles C. Johnson (~1858) of Sweden in Stephenson, Menominee, Michigan on 05 Aug 1882.

Hmm... Could "Mary Johnson" be a fake name? Still doesn't explain the kids, unless there were more I don't know about.

Re: Johnson Johnston family

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Surnames: Johnson, Johnston
The Charles and Carrie Johnson marriage is correct for my family. I don't know about Mary except if he had been married before and either she died or divorced him. Carrie ended up divorcing him later when the kids convinced her not to take it anymore. But like I mentioned before, when Carrie used the name Gorgensen, she was using the last name of her grandfather who raised her. Unless she is using some relation name Mary or Charles was married to a Mary before Carrie? They had 5 living kids I think it said once, but 6 more were born don't know when they died, birth or later in life? All I know is I have someone helping me with his line, but I want to be sure I get the right one. Is there something I could look for in his hometown in MI that might have been filled out with his Swedish origin? I have his land plot. He is listed on there as only CC Johnson. I wish I had gotten into this when my grandmother was alive she would have known all of this being married to his son. I tried social security and found out that they don't keep the records of dead people back in the 1940's and they reissue the social security numbers to other people wanting or needing one. I didn't know that fact. If I knew for sure his date of birth was correct, that would be good, because on the 1930 census it shows his imm date was 1869, other records before showed 1873, and my mother when alive said he was 18 when he came here and came by himself?? So I don't know what facts I have are correct and maybe that is why I can't get very far on him. If he owned a business, which he owned a sawmill, would there have been forms or loan papers that initially had to be made out? What about the property that he had owned??

Re: Johnson Johnston family

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Surnames: Lundberg
My Carl would have been a Lundberg and starting a family by 1886. Immigrated 1881-1883ish. He was on the 1920 census and his wife was a widow on the 1930 census. Sounds like he was an alcoholic and was hospitalized for it at Newberry in Luce, MI. Died there from the sound of it.

Re: Johnson Johnston family

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Mine was an alcoholic too and died in 1942 in Rhinelander WI he and wife had been divorced since abt 1919. Although similar, different. Unless my Charles had more than one wife at a time or with marriages. Back then it would be hard to control that.
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