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Theophilus hill information

Theophilus hill information

Lanette Hill (View posts)
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There is a discrepancy in postings. There are (4) Theophilus's listed. The children listed for Theophilus Hill married to Polly Jordan are the same as those listed for Abraham Hill married to Christian Walton with the exception of the Theophilus Hill (son).
CHILDREN OF: Abraham Hill and Christian Walton; daughter of Thomas Walton of Chowan, North Carolina.
1. Myles Hill b. March 13, 1774 - d. Nov. 4, 1844, Oglethorpe Co., Ga.
2. John Hill b. 1757, chowan N.C. d. 1763.
3. Abraham (Jr) Hill b. Jan. 14, 1759 Rev. Soldier d. April 24, 1818; Will in Wilkes Co. ga. now Oglethorpe Co., Ga.
4. Judith "Judie" Hill b. 1761 Chowan Co., N.C. d. June 20, 1794, Oglesthorpe Co.,Ga. married Josiah Jordan.
5. Clara Hill b. Aug. 9, 1763 Chowan N.C. d. Nov. 16, 1798, Oglethorpe Co., Ga. married Henry Augustine Pope.
6. Henry Hill b. 1767 ChowanN.C. d. Aug. 5, 1829 Oglethorpe Co., Ga.
7. Theophilus (Sr) Hill b. 1769 Born in N. Carolina d. Aug. 19, 1829, Walton Co., Georgia.
8. Wylie Hill b. December 26, 1775 Walke Co., N.C. moved to Wilkes Co., Ga. d. Feb. 13, 1837, Will probated 7/20/1844 Wilkes Co., Ga. HILL Cemetery
9. Mary (Polly) Pope Hill b. 1777, Wilkes Co., Ga. d. June 2, 1849 Wilkes Co., Ga. married Wylie Pope.
10. Thomas Abraham Hill b. July 12, 1780 OglethorpeCo., Ga. d. Feb. 9, 1816 Wilkes Co., Ga. Will in Wilkes Co.,Ga.

Abraham Hill/ Christian Walton

Janet Calhoun (View posts)
Posted: 964645227000
Hi Lanette,
I am having trouble with my Hill line. In fact I have two Hill lines. I have Abraham Hill who m. Christian Walton as the s/o Abraham Hill b. 1698 who m. Judith Hinton. Is that correct? Were Abraham/Judith also the parents of Isaac Hill b. 1748 and if so where was Isaac born?

If they were not Isaac's parents, do you know who was? My other lead is John Hill b. 1719 and H. Brewster of Edgecomb, NC. If the later are his parents, do you have any information on them?

Would love any help you can offer. My e-mail address is

Many thanks, Janet Calhoun

Re: Theophilus hill information

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Looking for info of Rueben Hill and sarah Touchton also Ruebens father who was supposedly Theophilus.Ga Fla area s.Rachel a child of rueben and Sarah married Ruebin Green Corbitt and I evolved from there. any help would be appreciated christy Corbitt Tibby

Theophilus hill information

Norman K. Huppert Sr (View posts)
Posted: 1092012409000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Jordan, Hill, Chapman
I am searching for the father of Williamson Theophilus Jordan, who was born: 14 February 1805 in Wilkes County, GA.

He married to Harriett T. in Jones County 2 Dec 1830.

I read with interest your mention of Polly Jordan.

I feel there is some connection to Theophilus Hill, but unable to put it all together.

Any thoughts, suggestions?

Norman K. Huppert Sr

I have written to the DAR for the information on a Reuben Jordan, and hopefully that will shed some light on my search.

Thank you

Theophilus hill information

Norman K. Huppert Sr (View posts)
Posted: 1092196882000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Hill, Jordan

Have you seen anything about a Williamson Theophilus Jordan in your research?

I believe he is related to Reuben Jordan who fought in the war of 1776 and received a land grant in eastern Georgia for his war effort.

Could he be the father to you your Polly Jordan?

You have a Theophilus Jordan Hill, b: 1793.
I have a Williamson Theophilus Jordan, b: 1805 in Wilkes County, GA

Do you know the other children of Benjamin Jordan and his wife Elizabeth?

Do you have any idea when Polly Jordan was born?

Thank you

Norman K. Huppert Sr
P.O. Box 311770
Enterprise, AL 36331-1770

(334) 347-2022

Thank you

Theophilus hill information

Norman K. Huppert Sr (View posts)
Posted: 1094725513000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Jordan, Buran, Burran, Burrand

During your research of Theophilus Hill and his wife Polly Jordan, have you come across a Williamson Theophilus Jordan, b: 1805 in Wilkes County, GA.

I am having trouble with his parents, as am unsure of their names, but there is some kind of connection to Polly Jordan, who was Theophilus Hill's first wife.

Any help would be appreciated.

Norman K. Huppert Sr

Thank you

Re: Abraham Hill/ Christian Walton

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Hill
Some notations on Abraham Hill and his wife, Christian Walton Hill, and their children, including a son, Abraham Hill.....among others.


“Page 4--HILL, ABRAHAM, Sr. To wife Christian several slaves, the use of all land on south side of Long creek, including my manor plantation, except 200 acres where son Henry lives. To son Abraham land on north side of Long creek. To sons Theophilus and Noah 200 acres of south side of Broad river, and 460 acres on Appalatchee river in Greene Co. To son Wylie another part of land willed to wife and son…” [End of Page 57]; [start of Page 58} “…Henry. To son Thomas remainder of land on Long creek, after the death of my wife, including four acres used as plant beds. To son Myles slaves, etc., at majority. To dau. Mary slaves, etc. To grandson Henry Blake, cattle. To grandaughter Mary Blake, cattle. To grandson John Pope, cattle. To grandaughter Sarah Pope, cattle. To grandaughter Patsy Jordan, cattle. To grandson Whitman Cocke, cattle. Out of the money due me from Edward Pride a young negro woman be purchased which my son-in-law Josiah Jordan shall have forever for himself and heirs and five shillings. All other money collected for outstanding debts to pay his own, and residue used to finish his house, and a horse purchased for his son Noah. After the death of wife cattle to be divided amongst my children; Theopilus, Noah, Myles, Thomas, Wylie, and Mary. All slaves given to above children to remain on the farm and work under the direction of my son Abraham and my wife till Noah, Miles, Wylie, Thomas and Mary come of age or marry. Wife Christian and sons Abraham and Henry, Excrs. Signed Nov. 23, 1790. J. Abernethie, Joshua Johnston, Test.

Codicil. Whereas in above will nothing was left to sons-in-law Benj. Blake and Henry Pope, Executors to pay to son Henry Pope, five shillings and to each of my sons-in-law Henry Pope and Benj. Blake five shillings. Probated Feb. 29, 1792. Citation, Vol. I., P. 57-58

“Page 60--Dec. 6, 1800. Abraham Hill, dec'd., letters dismissory granted Abraham and Henry Hill.” Citation, Vol. I, P. 36.


“Page 76--May 3, 1814. William Johnson et al caveators, vs Excrs. Sarah Hill, dec'd., admitted to probate and ordered recorded. John and Abraham Hill, Excrs. named in the will, qualify. (not of record).” Citation, Vol. I, P. 186.

“Page 77--Ambrose Beasley, dec'd. Royland Beasley appointed Admr. Betsy T. Anthony and John Hill applicants for letters of administration on estate of Joseph C. Anthony, dec'd. vs Micajah Anthony. Betsy T. Anthony and John Hill appointed Admrs. Abraham Hill and John Colley, Security.” Citation, Vol. I., P. 186.

“[January 14, 1823] Page 81-83--Josiah W. Pope, dec'd. Lemuel Wootten and Abraham Hill, Sr., appointed Admrs.” Citation, Vol. I., P. 202


“November 7. 1825. Page 73--John Hundley's bond as Admr. of Ann Gunn ordered delivered to Pope & Brewer for prosecution. Petition of Catherine Toombs, Excx. of Robert Toombs, dec'd. to carry into effect the sixth clause of the….” [end of Page 216]; [start of Page 217} “…will, that she may educate the children. Thomas W. Cobb, Excr of the third clause to pay dividends on bank stock. Petition of Sarah Stokes, Admx. of Armstead E. Stokes, dec'd. to divide the personal estate. Petition of Abram Hill, Admr. of Josiah W. Pope to divide the slaves.” Citation: Vol. I, P. 217.


“Page 259--HILL, SARAH, dec'd. Abraham and John Hill, Excrs. Returns for 1813 No data.” Citation: Vol. I, P. 233.

“Page 84--RAGGAN, JONATHAN and wife Ann to Abraham Hill 700 acres on Long creek according to orig. grant 1784 to said Raggan. Mar. 7, 1788. Burwell Pope, Test. Citation: Vol. I, P. 278.

“Hill, Abraham 2
"Hill, Burwell P. 1
"Hill, Wiley, gdn. orphs. of Thos. Hill, dec'd. 1” [[Note: This Wiley Hill, grandson of [Abraham Hill] was the son of Thomas Hill, deceased.] Citation: Vol. I, P. 338.

[[Notes: Therefore, these resources about Abraham Hill, husband of Christian [Walton] enumerated these children [but not all children were named]:

Henry Hill;
Abraham Hill [believed to have married Elizabeth McGehee];
Theophilus Hill;
Noah Hill;
Wylie Hill;
Thomas Hill [believed to have married Sarah McGehee];
Myles/Miles Hill;
Mary Hill;
Grandson Henry Blake, son of Benjamin Blake;
Grandaughter Mary Blake, daughter of Benjamin Blake;
Grandson John Pope, son of Henry Pope;
Granddaughter Sarah Pope, daughter of Henry Pope;
Graddaughter Patsy Jordan, daughter of Josiah Jordan;
Grandson Whitmann Cocke, son of not-stated;

In this enumerated, the only daughter identified is 'Mary; although the enumeration of three sets of grandchildren indicate three marriages of other daughters....]]

Source Citation: The Early Records of Georgia: Wilkes County, Vol. I & II, compiled by Grace Gillam Davidson. 1933. Macon, Ga.
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