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Sue (View posts)
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Looking for information on the following people:
1)William MACKEY--ran a trading post in "Old Oconee Town". (Where was this?) Who was his wife? Did she come to America, with him, from Scotland?
2) Hoppoi Micco--Creek Indian chief. Family legend tells of his daughter (commonly referred to as either "Hoppoi Miccoi" or "Rebekah MARKS") marrying the son of William Mackey (also named William).
3) Milly Amelia--last name presumed to be MACKEY...but I can't find her listed under that name. She was the wife of Robert ETHEREDGE (also spelled ETHERIDGE). They lived in Wilkinson County and had many children & grandchildren born in Wilkinson County. She was born abt 1790 and died 08 Oct 1870. Her son, Shelby Perry ETHEREDGE (17aug 1827 - 22 Apr 1896), was my ggggrandfather.

If you have any information on these people, or if you can direct me to someone who would know about these families, PLEASE contact me.

William Mackey

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Surnames: Mackey, Micco, Ridley, Spears, White

I have fairly definite information back to 1836, when my great great grandparents Allen Spears and Sarah Ridley were married in Wilkinson County. I understand her great grandparents to have been the selfsame Indian trader William Mackey, Sr. and Hoppoie Micco, one of the signers of the Treaty of Fort Wilkinson on behalf of "the Creek Nation". However, at this point I don't really have any hard doccumentation of that.

I would love to hear from anyone who has documentation on any of these folks.

Re: William Mackey

Deb Bretz (View posts)
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Surnames: Ridley, Mackey
I believe I'm also a descendent of William & Rebeka Mackey. I come from Robert Ridley's son-David. Do you have anymore info on the "Creek" side of things or the "Ridley" side??


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Surnames: Mackey, Etheredge, Bartlett
Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to working on the Family Tree. My grandmother (Agnes Viola Bartlett-Brock) died in 2001... and it took a lot out of me. Then, due to my father's death last year (in a 4-wheeler accident), I moved to a small town in New Mexico while I settled his estate. Now, that things are a little less hectic, I'm able to devote more time to my research.
Okay, here are the updates to my original query:
1) Old Oconee Town is located near Milledgeville, GA. There are some books that deal with historical markers that can provide more details. Also, if you contact the DOT, they have old maps that show exactly how to get to the ruins.
2) I haven't been in touch with Otto Etheridge's relatives to determine who has the documents (proving the Creek ancestry) that he told Joe Maddox (author of several books re: Wilkinson County, GA families) was in his possession... while on his deathbed in GA.
3) According to the mother in-law of Chief ("Vonnie") at Tama Tribal Town, in Grady County, GA... There is no way for Little Prince and the "Hoppoi Micco" who signed the treaty at Indian Springs to be the same person. Also, DOT engineers took a group of tribal elders to the site of Old Oconee Town. It is highly likely, in my opinion, that the Creek Nation will reclaim the land...or, at the very least, insist on protecting the site.
4) Earlier email addresses for me are no longer valid. If you have my prior addys ( or please update your address book and show my current email as As this email is not on a paid subscription basis, it is unlikely that it will change in the near future.


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Surnames: Mackey Ridley Spear Etheridge
I missed this when it came by and sure hope that you're still around to see this...

I could be wrong, but it's my clear understanding that Peggy Venable is Vonnie's mother... <G>

I'm not sure why you and Peggy were discussing Little Prince... There were two major Creek Chiefs called "Far Away", or in Muskogee, Hopoie (various spellings... the modern standardized spelling would be Hopvye, but you won't find it spelled anything like that or in any consistent manner in historical records and accounts. One was Little Prince, aka also The Bird Tail King, aka Hopoie *Haujo*. The other was Hopie *Micco* aka Tustunuggee Thlucco... who was also... possibly (I'm not entirely satisfied with this) known as George Washington Cornells. In both cases the Hopoie name came to them because they were part of a Creek delegation that accompanied Hoboie Hilli Meko "the Good Child King" aka Alexander McGillivray, to the U.S. capital then at New York City where they met with Secretary of War John Knox (and stayed at Knox's home) and with President George Washington, while negotiating with them the treaty upon which all other Indian treaties since have been based, the Treaty of New York, in 1790. There were many chiefs known as Tustunugee Thlucco, because it simply means "principal chief" but it was often translated as "Big Warrior", so the "name"... a title, really... was applied to a succession of principal chiefs. But there is only one principal chief who is known to history as Big Warrior... that is the person who was principal chief from the time he assumed the role at Ft. Wilkinson (a couple of miles from what later became Wilkinson County) in 1802, until he died in Washington City (Washington, DC) in March of 1825, while trying to prevent Congressional ratification of the Treaty of Indian Springs of that year. He was NOT as signer of THAT treaty of Indian Springs (there were several treaties of that name, at different dates... that was the treaty cooked up by U.S. General/Creek Chief William McIntosh for which McIntosh was murdered). If you read any history of the 1st Creek War or the 1st Seminole War, and Big Warrior is mentioned (probably maliciously, unless the mention was by Benjamin Hawkins), the reference is to him. The 1st Creek War was actually an insurrection against him as principal chief far more than it was a war against the United States in general, though in effect the one led directly into the other... because the insurrection was a result of him attempting to honor the Creeks' treaty commitments with the U.S. in reference to punishing Creeks who attacked White U.S. citizens... and Hopoi Micco called for assistance from U.S. government troops, himself.

Anyway, my point was that you were discussing the wrong Hopoie with Peggy. I have also discussed Hopoie Micco with her and didn't get far because she refused to accept that Hopoie Micco and Big Warrior were the same person. I have an almost absolutely perfect documentary source for that though, and need to take that to and discuss it with her. I say almost, because Hawkins referred to him as Great Warrior rather than Big Warrior. If you will recall the first treaty that George Washington ever signed with the French, he later claimed that he could not read French and did not realize he had signed a document agreeing that he was a murderer... <G> In any case, Hawkins was a linguist, and although there is apparently no documentation of it, it is documented that Hawkins and Washington knew each other well and it is generally accepted that Hawkins served for awhile on Washington's staff during the Revolution, as his French interpreter. In his early years as Indian Agent South of the Ohio, Hawkins wrote a description of Creek Country and started it with a description of the Creek's political system... which he took I think too much credit for altering, but he did alter it and that's one of the things that brought about the 1st Creek War. In that description, he called the principal chief the Great Warrior. When others called Hopoie Micco Big Warrior, it was actually a demeaning of him that disguised and discounted the true nature of his "name" (title) and was probably also a snide reference to his physical size. But when Benjamin Hawkins directly addressed and referred to Hopoie Micco in the Creek National Council (in a speech that he recorded himself) as the Great Warrior... "Hopoie Micco you are the Great Warrior"... in context he was clearly referring to him as principal chief!!!

A couple of years ago I got a copy of a drawing of Big Warrior from the Joe Knetsch, State Lands historian for Florida. Both Little Prince under delegated authority from Big Warrior, and Big Warrior himself, personally, negotiated the so-called Forbes Purchase settling Creek debts with the successor to the Panton Leslie Co. The negotiations took place near the later site of the Negro Fort and Fort Gadsden on the Apalachicola in Florida and at the Creek National Council site at Hickory Ground, in Alabama. Joe has since then published that drawing in a book on the Seminole War. It was found by him in an early biography of Andrew Jackson, and it is my personal belief that it was a death drawing made for a newspaper after Hopoie Micco/Big Warrior died in in 1825. I've made a composite of it, two photos of my dad, and a photo of Shelby Etheridge. Look at their noses... <G> This *proves* nothing, of course, but it sure is interesting.

But speaking of proving things... my 2 great grandmother was Sarah Ridley who married Allen Spear in Wilkinson County in 1836. Allen's father Allen, Sr., had been in Thomas County, Georgia, since 1820, and how Allen, Jr., got to Wilkinson County to marry Sarah is a mystery to me. My best guess is that the Spears may have found it a bit "warm" during and near the hostilities of the 2d Creek War, and retreated a bit away from them. Do I *know* that Allen, Sr., and/or his wife were Creek? No, I do not. I don't even know who his wife was. But I do know that if they were that would fit a pattern.

By 1840 Allen Spear, Sr., was apparently deceased. His two sons William and Allen, Jr., appear on the same page in the census, and David Ridley lives 5 households away from Allen Spear, Jr. (See: and BTW: "Mary" (Lucy Nelson Haven) Haven was my widowed 3-great grandmother whose husband had just died while serving against the Seminoles in the Florida Mounted Militia, Right (Wright) Sellers was a brother of one of my 2-great grandfathers, and Presley Prevatt was a very distant uncle or cousin of mine.) Can anyone tell me what David Ridley's kinship would have been to Allen's wife, Sarah Ridley? Is this likely to be the "Deacon David Ridley" that I have down as possibly being the nearest son in age to his sister Sarah? Is David Ridley known to have resided in Thomas County... or conversely has his whereabouts in 1840 hitherto been unknown?

Also, can someone give me the family tree information for the Etheridges, down at least as far as Shelby Etheridge. I would like to be able to figure out his exact kinship to my dad.

But then the real clunker. I have been told by someone monitoring the Wilkinson County list, that Sarah Ridley was the daughter of Robert Ridley, Sr. and Nancy Mackey. HOWEVER, I've been unable to find a shred of documentation of that. If anyone has anything even remotely resembling documentation of that, please let me know... and, for this purpose, written down, "Great Aunt Susie told me so..." *is* documentation!!!

Oh yes... before I forget... I only recently figured something more out about how William Mackey, Jr.'s wife's name came down to us... Hopoi Micco means "Far Away Chief"... with the "chief" in this case meaning something akin to what we would call the mayor of a town. "Hoppoi Miccoi" is an altered form. The "i" on the end appears to me to be an added sound indicating another word now spelled "oye". Oye is a Muskogee word that can mean either WIDOW or widower! I believe, however, that Rebekah Marks was most likely a different person.

Richard White
Tallahassee, Florida


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Oops! I forgot to include the URL for the composite:



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Surnames: Mackey
Thank you for this information. I have just begun researching further into my family tree and this is all so complicated! I found the history lesson very interesting! I got really confused when I encountered the Hoppoi Miccoi/Rebekah Marks situation. Still confused, but know now to keep digging. I am a descendent of William Mackey.

Thanks for the info and hopefully I'll be able to find more so I can keep on going...

Alison (Savage) Folendore


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This family of yours is related to mine. I'm not expert on how they all relate, but I bet there are others who know more about it that you could contact. Are you on the WILKINSON CO. GA email List (GAWilkin) ?>? If not, you shd be. Why dont you post your info there, if you havent already.
My lines related to yours are : KEENE, KINGERY, HOOKS, HOLLIMAN, WATKINS, WYNN, HOGAN, SMITH, etc etc., ALL OF Wilkinson Co. Ring any bells?

Re: William Mackey

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Surnames: Mackey/Etheridge
Dear Mr. White,
If you are still around, we are still hung up over this Mackey/Etheridge thing. My sister and I communicated with you a few years ago. Have you learned anything new that might make the origin of the Mackey wife of the Etheride in Wilkinson county any clearer? I think you were the one who gave me information about the Virginia people who swear this Rebecca Marks was from Virginia. I have still not found any evidence of a William Mackey, Indian Trader, but wondered if he might be connected with the Mackeys that ran the Indian post in Augusta where the Revolutionary War battle was fought. Let me know if you know anything new on this.

Re: William Mackey

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I am interested as well. I am stuck on the same thing. Not really able to make heads or tails of exactly who Rebecca is or where exactly William was a trader at (Old Oconee/Milledgevile and/or Augusta area). I would like to exchange emails if you want. It's nice to know people researching the same thing.

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