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Orth, Johann

Orth, Johann

Sharon Johnston Whitmore (View posts)
Posted: 964943085000
I am the cousin of Brandy, and I originated the book containing the history of Johann Orth, Archduke of Austria. Johann's first marriage was to a Maria Stubel. Johann did not agree with the military, he had a falling out with his family and took his ship, with Maria to So. America. His ship wrecked off the coast of So. America. The mystery in our family lies in our family here in the states, who claims Johann to be my G.grandfather. Through letters I have found that there was another family before us; mention of a Billy Orth, from another family. I ran across another lady back in the late 70's who claimed her g.father was Johann Orth, also of Austrian royalty and the mystery deepened. We have a signature of "the" Johann Orth but all attempts to find a signature on birth records, etc have not come up with a signature to match. I know that back in the early 1900 it was common for people to pass themselves off as royalty when they were not.. but my family remembers soldiers coming to visit their family and they had to leave the house while these soldiers talked with their father. This other lady also remembers this occurring. I would love to talk to this lady again, so if you are out there, you lived in Astoria, Oregon, please contact me. If anyone else thinks they have connections, please also contact. Thanks

Johann Orth

Lori (View posts)
Posted: 968606489000
Wow! My great, great aunt was Dorothy Johnston. Her elder sister was Lilian Orth (Johnston), both daughters of Johann, born here in the U.S. after 1896. I am a descendant of Lilian - (G.grandmother) and my family shares the same stories of the soldiers visiting their home. Can I get information about the book you originated?


Sharon Johnston Whitmore (View posts)
Posted: 968660565000
Again, please contact me...I have many letters from your g grandmother and would love to share and talk with you about what you remember or any documentation you have.
Thanks so much...Cousin Sharon!!

Johhan Orth

Donna Butler (View posts)
Posted: 969942882000
Your grandparent must be one of the younger siblings of Lillian Orth Weber my grandmother. She was the eldest. I have written her story of the events when her mother Lillian died, but she was a fanatic for privacy and made me change all the names. She was about 80 at the time in the early 70's. She recalled not only soldiers but royality from other countries as well who disagreed with Austria's close military ties to Germany before WW1. She recalled plots discussed to overthrow the Austrian royal family at that time. Rumor was he died in Alaska. She never saw him after her mother's death from pnuemonia at Gram's age of 12. One of her younger sisters, Elsie married an older man who was involved in the plots. They lived in Seattle. Elsie was a bit excentric too. I can recall their lovely old overgrown home (they had money) as a child. I remember Elsie as fragile and scatterbrained, but very sweet. We would arrive for dinner around 6 and see might manage to feed as around 8:30. That was late for us. I remember a secluded back yard with brick and water, maybe some strawberries, but lots of interesting plants. I got a love of plants from my grandmothers side. My dad died over 20 years ago and didn't really know anything. My aunt Madge Irving and and Joy Kooly both disagree on what events happened according to their mother. Madge the eldest seems to really want to know. Joy is recluse and does not share information that she claims to have telling us that it is different than we think.
I also met the head of the Austrian mint and a member of the royal family in the 80's the head of the mint sent me photo copies of and out of print biography of Johann Salvator Orth. It is in German but has some great pictures. My brother Lee Weber didn't look like my dad or other relatives. When I saw a picture of Johann's brother I knew where Lee got his looks! My dad looked like his grandfather Johann.

Re: Orth, Johann

Jan F Johansen (View posts)
Posted: 1155814325000
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Surnames: Orth
I have a lot of info to share with you and maybe you got some information to me as well.
Get in toch with me on:
I Am liviving in Norway

Re: Orth, Johann

Posted: 1222843751000
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The women you are looking for could have been my mother. Do you remember the womens name. My mother passed away some 12 years ago but I do have access to alot of imformation concerning Johann Orth. I have come to believe he is my great grandfather. If interested further leave me a message.

Re: Orth, Johann

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The lady you talked to in astoria years ago was my aunt, Jean Timm I would imagine, she has passed away but I have alot of her information, my sister, my cousin and myself have been working on this mystery now, if you read this please get in touch with me, my email address is I have pics and other info, would love to share.
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