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William McCreight, Autauga Co, AL

William McCreight, Autauga Co, AL

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Surnames: McCreight, Mann, Stoudenmire
I’ve been looking for the William McCreight who was married to Mary “Polly” Mann of Fairfield Co, SC. She was the daughter of James Mann. I think he is the William McCreight who lived in Autauga Co, AL but died in Jackson Parish, LA. Online sources indicate William McCreight later married Margaret Stoudenmire in 1828 and had several more children.

The reason I believe this is the correct William McCreight is because of a Power of Attorney included in the estate file of James Mann, Polly’s brother [File 78, Pkg 109]. This places the sons of William McCreight and Polly Mann in Autauga Co, AL. My assumption is that the William McCreight referred to in the document was their father.

The State of Alabama, Autauga County. …..we Thomas V McCreight and James McCreight of the County and State aforesaid have made constituted and appointed and by these presents do make constitute and appoint William McCreight of the same County and State our true and lawful attorney which we and each of us are entitled as heirs of the Estate of James Mann Sen deceased.......and as heirs of the Estate of Elizabeth Mann late of Fairfield District......./s/ 22 March 1845, Thomas V McCreight, James McCreight

A Petition for Guardianship filed June 14, 1825 in Fairfield Co names the three children of William and Polly McCreight. In it Thomas and James Mann were appointed guardians for Thomas McCreight, James McCreight and Mary Elizabeth McCreight, all under 14. They were the children of William McCreight, who lived outside the state and grandchildren of James Mann. James Mann, the grandfather, died in 1818. The James Mann appointed guardian was a son and a brother of Polly.

Elizabeth Mann (sister of Polly) had died 9 Jan 1843. Her estate file (File 78, Pkg 108) named the children of Mary McCreight: viz Thomas McCreight, James McCreight and Mary E Logan, widow of J W Logan.

Mary Elizabeth McCreight appears to have married 1) J W Logan and 2) Elijah Sims. Her first husband was probably James W Logan who had an obit in the 15 Mar 1844 issue of the Southern Christian Advocate. “Departed this life on the 9th February in Fairfield District, James W Logan, in the 27th year of his age…..member of the M E Church at Monticello…..left a widow (to whom within the last few weeks he had been happily united)”. [Mary was Mary E McCreight in early 1843. She signed Mary E Logan in April 1845.]

I believe all three children show up in the 1850 census in Natchitoches, LA. If I’m correct there are some obvious inconsistencies in the census data.
Elihu Simms, 38 b VA
Jane Simms, 30 b AL
Thomas Mccreight, 35 b AL
Jas Mccreight, 30 b AL
Mathew Mccreight, 25 b AL

And then perhaps in Winn, LA in 1860.
Elijah Sims, 48 b TN
Mary E Sims, 43 b SC
Mahala Rollins, 7
Chesterfield Rollins, 5
Asa Emanuel, 37
James Mccreight, 45 b SC

And in 1870, Mary was in Fayette Co, TX.
Elisah Sims, 58 b. TN
Mary E Sims, 54 b SC
Lucinda Favors, 45
Wesley Favors, 8
Solomon Teddlie, 38

Thomas V was with siblings in Wood Co, TX in 1860.
1860 - Wood Co, TX
Dwelling 272
Mathew McCreight , 25 b. AL
Winney, 21 b MS
Thos V McCreight, 45 b SC
Dwelling 273
J G McCreight, 28, b. AL
Carolina, 25 b AR

1880 census data for William’s children indicate he was born in Ireland, but an entry on Find-A-Grave indicates he was born in South Carolina. Whether that information was actually on his tombstone or added by the transcriber I don’t know.

Re: William McCreight, Autauga Co, AL

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Surnames: McCreight, Stoudenmire, Mann, Simms, Logan
Karol - Doug McCreight here. Well, well, well....what a kettle of fish we've got here.
I think the William you seek is [24] William. I also think [but cannot prove yet] that the James and Mary Elizabeth that appear in the 1825 [SC] and 1845 [AL] docs are children of a marriage this William had after Druscilla BRADY and before Margaret STOUDENMIRE. There's 16 years between these wives. Was it Mary 'Polly' MANN. Sure could be. I cannot find any m data for them. Have you any?
And what happened to Polly? Did she d ~ Mar 1825 in Fairfield Co causing William's migration to AL where he then m STOUDENMIRE and had the 6 x children in AL?
I agree that all the children you show in Wood Co TX are his descendents. All the birth years, places, and spouses agree with TATM. However, the spouse [SIMMS] in Natchitoches Parish in 1850 is 'Jane', not a Mary, or Eliza, or....? You're right that the birth years for the spouses brothers in Natchitoches and Winn are inaccurate. So these families leave me wondering.

Re: William McCreight, Autauga Co, AL

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Hi Doug,

I can see we have some major difference in the way we're looking at this William McCreight.

Thomas, James and Mary Elizabeth are clearly children of William and Polly Mann. The Fairfield Co documents could not spell that out more clearly.

1) Thomas, James and Mary Elizabeth were described as grandchildren of James Mann in the guardianship papers of 1825.

2) Elizabeth Mann died intestate 9 Jan 1843. Distribution of her estate was made 28 Feb 1845. Item 3 reads “To the children of Mary McCreight deceased, viz Thomas McCreight, James McCreight, and Mary E Logan widow of J. W. Logan each 167.76 ½” Step children would not have been considered heirs.

I don't understand the belief this William connects to Drusilla Brady. I don't doubt Drusilla married a William, but was it THIS William? There is no indication that this William had any connection to Pennsylvania which is where Drusilla was from, correct? Based on what you have put forth I imagine you think William is a son of James, but once again, I don't see how William of Alabama and Louisiana connects to James and Pennsylvania. Are there papers out there somewhere that show a connection?

There is a post, I believe on, that says the following.

"William McCreight, born in 1787 in Ireland came to South Carolina in 1792 and applied for citizenship on Nov. 16, 1813 in Fairfield Co. He was married in Fairfield co in 1814. Thomas V. McCreight was born to this union. He then married Margaret Stoudenmire and had the following children: Jan McCreight, John George Stoudenmire McCreight, Matthew McCreight, William Ray McCreight, Rosanna McCreight.all born in Al."

I may try to contact this person and find out where the information came from. I think I can check whether a William McCreight became a citizen in 1813 at the Archives. Perhaps there is information with the citizenship papers that would give clues to his origins.

There is also a World Connect tree or two that says William and Drusilla had three daughters named Jane, Mabel, and Martha. Jane married Jared B Evans. In a history of Jefferson Co PA she was described as a niece of Benjamin McCreight of Brookville. Another niece was Jane McCreight.

On a site called tombstonehopper ( is the following.

“Pennsylvania, USA
Plot: near Col. Wm Allen's flat grave

Martha McCreight, was born in 1816 in Indiana County, PA, where she lived with her parents until her father's' death when she was 7 years of age. About 1823, she came to Brookville to the home of her uncle, Benjamin McCreight where she resided until the age of 16 years.

She became a teacher in the subscription schools of Jefferson County when she was 16, and in 1860, she began teaching in the public schools. Her career as a teacher included nearly every term of school for until the end of the school year in 1893. Having taught school for 50 years, she retired in 1893, going to DuBois to live with her niece, Mrs. Bell.

Martha McCreight died May 13, 1898, in DuBois, and was buried in the Brookville Cemetery.“

I don’t know if there’s any way to prove William and Drusilla were the parents of Jane and Martha, but the Fairfield Co records, in combination with the Autauga Power of Attorney, certainly prove they weren’t the parents of Thomas.

Re: William McCreight, Autauga Co, AL

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Karol - you're right. As it sits in the 5th Edition there is a disconnect. Your focus on BRADY of PA conforms to other data given me by some fellow genealogists. The named daus agrees, locations, etc. So...there is a fix required to get the PA family into the PA clan and figure out who William was connected to in FSC - if anybody.

It makes sense if the William you describe [from] emigrated in 1792 to FSC that there is probably no direct connection to the senior McCreight 'fathers' living in the district at that time. There is 20 years between the migrations.

I'll also see what I can find about Wiiliam of AL.

Thanks for keeping me straight on this one.

Re: William McCreight, Autauga Co, AL

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Hi Doug, I’m just glad I finally found Polly Mann’s family. Figuring out families in one county is tough enough, figuring out a family spread all across the country adds another layer of difficulty. Thanks for helping when I fumble around with the McCreight family. I'll let you know if I get anything on William. Karol

Re: William McCreight, Autauga Co, AL

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...and my sincere Thanks to you for setting this straight.

Re: William McCreight, Autauga Co, AL

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James McCreight died 1848 in Bibb Co, AL with no wife and children. Heirs were children of his brother, William McCriehgt of Autauga, AL, one page mentions that they had removed to Louisiana:

Thomas V McCreight
James McCreight
Mary Sims, wife of William Sims?
John G McCreight
Jane McDonald, wife of William McDonald
Matthew McCreight
William McCreight
Ann Magdalean McCreight
Rosannah McCreight

Also listed as heirs to James McCreight:

John J McGraw
David McGraw
Alexander McGraw
Elizabeth (or Eliza J) Vinson
heirs of Mary McGraw Chadwick
Almond Chadwick
John Chadwick
George Chadwick
Moses Chadwick
Mary Chadwick

These McGraws appear to be the children of Charles McGraw, son of Edward McGraw of Fairfield Co, and a Jane McCreight. This links this Jane McCreight to William McCreight. I believe these three, James, William and Jane McCreight, belong to the widow Mary McCreight shown in 1810 census living near the Mann family.


Re: William McCreight, Autauga Co, AL

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I had wondered who J Mcright was in the 1830 census,just a few lines from W Mcright. Your find answers that question I think.

Re: William McCreight, Autauga Co, AL

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Mary McCreight is shown in 1810 census in Fairfield Co near James Mann with 3 sons 16-25.

Jane Mccreight married Charles McGraw before 1810, oldest daughter born 1809. James got several land grants in Autauga, then Bibb Co where he died. William also got land grants in Autauga as did an Alexander R McCreight, who assigned his grant to James H Melland?. I believe he is the other brother. He must have died without heirs. Mary appears to be living with James in 1830 census.
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