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Looking for Galvan history

Looking for Galvan history

Jose Galvan (View posts)
Posted: 972396864000
Looking for the orgin for the Galvan name. Can anyone help me out? Can anybody tell me what it stands for? Please e-mail me with any info.

Galvan surname

Linda T. Campbell (View posts)
Posted: 973689308000
Mother's name; Romona Galvan (shortened from
Galvantos) Father Francis or Francisco Xavier
Galvan / Galvantos
Mexican. From where is your family?

Galvan name

Theresa Galvan (View posts)
Posted: 973768624000
Hi Jose, where are u from? We have family in San Antonio Tx. Grandfather Antonio Galvan. Please respond.


Jose Galvan (View posts)
Posted: 973875894000
hello there theresa. Im from los angeles, ca born and raised. im not relly sure where my family comes from. my dad left a long time ago.

Galvan ancestors from South Harlingen

Dana Galvan (View posts)
Posted: 977057342000
Hi, I am searching for any information on a Desiderio Galvan born in Mexico and raised around Hildago Cameron,Texas. Does your family know of this name. We have been told that some one evil took his land that he had back in the 1890s or so maybe 1910. Would you like to exchange family ancestor names and locations. Did your family have some land taken away from their ancestors? Please reply with any info. Thanks so.
Go to your DESTINY!
Dana Galvan from Kansas City

family Galvan

Theresa Galvan Siville (View posts)
Posted: 978032808000
Hi Jose, we are from Modesto, CA. we are about 8 hrs. north of you. we came here from San Antonio, Tx. in the 70's. we have alot of family back there however no one seems to know where my brother Jose is at. If you could ask your moother if your fathers family is from tx. we may have some info. thanks for your reply and good luck.

Re: Looking for Galvan history

Posted: 997295745000
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Surnames: Galvan
My brother's name is Jose Galvan. Are you my brother?

Re: Galvan name

Posted: 997295906000
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Surnames: Galvan
My grandfather's name is also Antonio Galvan and I have a relative named Theresa Galvan. I also have a brother named Jose Galvan. What a coincidence...

Re: Looking for Galvan history

Patrick Galvin (View posts)
Posted: 1024009477000
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GALVAN - - is a Spanish name found in Ireland & Spain & Mexico and is derived from the Latin first name of "GALBAANUS," which is derived from the Roman name of GALBA, GALVANI, and GALVANO. It cognates to GAVIN.

The Galvan's came to Ireland from Spain due to the Spanish Armada shipwrecks on the west coast of Ireland in 1558. The Spanish Armada was returning from a battle with the British in the Irish Sea, and the surviving ships chose a route back to Spain that had them go around Northern Ireland, and then down the west coast of Ireland. The Spanish plan was to make a stop in Limerick, using the Shannon River to refuel and get food for their badly injured armies before heading back to Spain. The storms made the landings worse and many Spanish ships were lost.

The Spanish that did make it to shore were helped by the Irish, but if captured by the British, were murdered.

This Spanish surname is now considered Spanish and Irish.
GALVIN - - The surname of "Galvin" is French (that is, Norman) and came to Ireland sometime after the Norman invasion of Ireland. The Galvin's settled mainly in County Clare and many of the "settler families" eventually became Irish, & some were said to have become "more Irish" than the Irish themselves. The Norman name of "Galvin" means to "enjoy oneself" or "waste and wine" (from the OLD-FRENCH of "galer" and "vin"), & nickname for a cheerful drunkard.

This French surname has remained in Ireland for centuries, and therefore, "Galvin" is now considered French, British, and Irish.
GALLIVAN / O'GALLIVAN - - the surname of "Gallivan/O'Gallivan" is an ancient Gaelic name dating back to A.D. 254 and the name was spelled originally as O'Gealeabhain (Geal is for bright or white & rewritten as Gall \ ea is for i \ bhain is for van = O'Gallivan/Gallivan). O'Gealeabhain means "descendant of the brilliant, blond one."

The O'Gallivan's (O'Gealeabhain) are descended from Cormac Cas who had a brother named Eoghan More who the O'Sullivan's (O'Suileabhain) were descended from, making the O'Gallivan's and O'Sullivan's distant cousins. These two families were from County Kerry.

Gallivan is ancient Irish.
NOTE: English surnames & family names were adopted by some Irish families during the 17th & 18th centuries when Irish names like O'Gallivan were discouraged by the British.

Re: Looking for Galvan history

joe (View posts)
Posted: 1024899554000
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Thank you for this info. It was very informative I did not know any of this history....
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