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Surnames: Salanoa
Anyone with any information on the Salanoa family from Mililani Town, Honolulu or Oceanside/San Diego, California and Aunu'u or Fagasa, American Samoa, Please contact lai at her e-mail. Fa'a fetai tele lava.


leatapo tupua salanoa fesili (View posts)
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Surnames: Leiato, Salanoa, Samauga

Which salanoa family are you seeking? I am from the Salanoa family from Tula, Amerika Samoa who are descendants from Falefa, Upolu, Western Samoa. But in Hawaii, my great uncle Iosefa Salanoa was a devout member of the LDS ward in Laie, Hawaii. And my mother's brother was a LMS faifeau
named Petaia Salanoa from the early 60's to the 1980's. Plus we are tamasa of aiga Samauga of Pagopago, Amerika Samoa and related to Leiato's in Fagaitua. Finally, there are other Salanoa families in both Western and American Samoa that are different. This is why I ask of which aiga Salanoa you are from?


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Surnames: Lealaisalanoa, Mauga, Salanoa, Taufaasau
I am also related to the Salanoa aiga from Tula, through my dad's mother. He was legally adopted by his grandparents "Salanoa" but decided when he joined the LDS faith that he should carry his dad's last name. Since of my dad's passing 2 yrs ago, I have tried and gather as much information about "Salanoa" side of the aiga. I am very interesting in finding the genealogy as far as I can go. If you could help me with this desire I would appreciate it very much.
My mother's mom is from Pago Pago, I also read on your post that you are connected in that village. My mother's mom's last name was "Eselu Taufaasau Mauga." I am also from Laie. I ran into a Samoan aiga in Lakewood, Wash., with the last name "Lealaisalanoa," from Falefa. Remembering what my dad had shared w/us many times about his "Salanoa" side, I knew these people were somewhat connected to me. when I asked the ?? I was very disappointed because they claimed that they are the true "Salanoa" aiga, and my Salanoa was as fake as they come. I was grateful that I have a little knowledge of how I am link to "Salanoa" because I started naming names and they looked at me as if they had seen a ghost. I believe knowledge is POWER!!
My dad recently passed and has left what he had w/me. I have few cousins from Laie, now scatter everywhere, last name "Salanoa" that sprang from Iosefa.
I would love to hear what you know and have. Believe me my interest is only to have the genealogy on that side of the aiga. I have no desire of titles or lands or anything w/monetary purposes.
I am sorry if I may offended you by this remark. I only said it because it seems when I asked about "Salanoa" to aiga members they seem to shy away and don't want to talk about it. when I asked a genealogist about it I was told that they have a fear of sharing that informations due to lands and titles w/in the aiga and Samoa itself.
Whatever you could help me with will be much appreciated.
Mahalo plenty,


Lai (View posts)
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Surnames: Leiato, Salanoa
First of all, I would like to thank you for reponding to my message..I don't remember when I posted my message, but, thank you anyway. As soon as my like at work slows down I will get back in touch with you. Your story is almost as familiar as mine...My father Kaio Salanoa was also adopted. He too died two years ago. I just recently lost my mother from cancer. My brother has notes of our family tree that my father wrote out for his children. So, by my father being adopted by the Salanoa family, I do not know if it matters or not. Now I am looking for any information on the Leiato family. Before my father past, he legally changed his name to his biological family's name "Leiato". He wanted all of his children to do the same. I only know my grandfather Salanoa. I have no history on the Leiato family. So, with this, please let me know if you would still like to hear from me..

Polynesian Alofa,

Lai Salanoa-Children's Services Coordinator
Eastfield Ming Quong Children & Family Services
1710 Pennsylvania Avenue, Suite C
Fairfield, CA 94533
707-421-8051 x100


Leatapo Fesili (View posts)
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Surnames: Salanoa
Ms. Auelua,I can relate to your experience of frustation and confusion searching for family roots. For starters, the Salanoa title is a gafa tau i aiga tupu ma tamaalii so people might be askance when asked if and what their relation is to aiga Salanoa. However, the name originates from Falefa, Upolu but I learn that there is two Salanoa titles in Falefa. Alaisa and Mago respectively, but Alaisa is the main family title holder. The branch is bigger in Tutuila, American Samoa where as the Salanoa name is found in Tula, Fagasa, and Laulii. Are these different Salanoa related or one of the same family but divided into three villages? Well, the answer is that the Salanoa in Tula is the direct descendants of Salanoa Iuli of Falefa, Upolu. When I visited Falefa in 1988, I spoke to Iuli Lua Veni, the matua for Salanoa and with Moeono were the totoo for Tupua Tamasese Efi's saofai in 1984. The royal saofai was televised in both Samoas and I saw on tv, in Tafuana, Iuli and Moeono presiding for the Sa'o of the aiga Safenuinuivao family, his highness Tupua Tamasese Efi. Back to 1988, I was with a Kananfou malaga that had a afega in Falefa after a wedding we attended in Aleipata of a classmate. I was one of the ushers. But, my brother and I knew that Falefa is where my ancestors are from and like you my mother told us this since childhood. My brother and I were silent and did not make known our family name. However, one of my aoao class mate, an upoluian, told someone that there are alo Salanoa in their malaga. There we met Iuli Veni, Sunday evening, who sent his faletua to inquire about the word that alo Sasalanoa were among the Kananfou Theological Seminary malaga. The funny thing is, Ms Auelua, Iuli had asked me and my brother to which Salanoa family in Tutuila that we come from. So I told him that our mother is Fuatapu Salanoa and she is from Tula. Iuli and his wife feasogi both of us and started to apologize to us that the aiga had not ta'i a sua on our behalf to acknowledge to the seminare our family ties. Long story short, I had asked Iuli Lua Veni of why the family extended itself from Falefa to Tula, American Samoa? According to Iuli, Salanoa Iuli had married the taopou Tulimalefoi of SaMauga family in Pagopago. There the connection Salanoa has with Mauga and referred to as the Tamasa and hold the duty of presiding over Mauga's lagi when he maliu. Furthermore, the marriage lead to the formulation of village of Tula where my mother said that her great grandfather brought people to live there such that the Tagoai, Vaa family, Iuli, etc. The reference of the Salanoa family in Tula is Tama o le vasa. Finally, Iuli told my brother and I that we were suli, true heirs, of the Salanoa title in Falefa. Sad thing is, I heard that Iuli Lua Veni had died and so has Salanoa Augustino who both held the suafas when I lived in Samoa. And the Alaisa family you inquired about must not know about the Tula connection. It is better to talk to Iuli, I am not sure who he is now, but Iuli is the matua and knows geneology as part of his duty.By the way, I am interested to know your father's name and how he is related to Salanoa. I hope this helps. Happy hunting,Po


M.Salanoa (View posts)
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Please e-mail me..I too wish to make the connection for my children's lineage. We were told as well that there were many imposters and that we were the true line.
Let's compare... :o)


smith iuli (View posts)
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Surnames: Iuli, Salanoa
mr. name is smith jupeli iuli and i was born in tula, but brought to america by my parents, at the age of two. my mother was suapeau from the uli family in aua. my father was taumafai iuli from tula. they have both passed on. i am still rereading your response to ms auelua. it has got my interest because you know so much about the history of which i know i am just a little teeny part of. if you would please, time permitted, help me and provide me with info on how/what part my father, taumafai, played in all of this, along with any info on the iuli family in tula. was my father part of the vaa or salanoa family or both? the last time i was in samoa was in 1975 and my father introduced me to salanoa. all i remember was that his house was the first one on the left when you came into tula. my uncle tony, my father's brother was iuli at the time. i am trying to find out more about my family because i am looking to create website for my family. any info that you can provide would be greatly appreciated...very much.

thank you
smith iuli


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Surnames: Aufotu, Salanoa
Talofa!!! i have relatives in oceanside (salanoa family)... im afatasi in search of long lost realatives... from aunuu... my grandparents are Aunuu and Sunema Aufotu. My uncle is Kime Salanoa (my grandmothers brother) for more info my email is .....


Laina Salanoa (View posts)
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Surnames: Salanoa
Sole Teine,

I am your cousin, well actually your second cousin, your mother is my first cousin...girl I knew you when you were a little girl..I have pictures of you taken with my son, Sundown...How are your grandparents doing..the last time I saw them was at my father's (Kaio F. Salanoa) funeral in Oceanside...

I just got back from Florida and checked my email at work...

P.S. Your grandmother Sunema is my father's sister..I was named after grandmother Laina...My sister July & family live in Vista....


Laina Salanoa


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Wow! I was so surprised to read some of the things concerning about the Salanoa family. Let it be known the Salanoa Family from Tula is the real deal. Understand the root of the family name from Falefa, Upolu. O paia ma faaaloaloga i tu ma aga i fanua a Samoa atoa o Tula lea. Faalogo

Lau afioga Lealaisalanoa o le Tama malili e fa
Tei o Tupua, o le Tama sa
O le Alo o Tuulimaleafo'i

O le faalagiga na o Salanoa mai Tula.

My Great-grandfather Leatapo Salanoa. My grandfather Leatapo Lesolo Salanoa


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