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Gibbs in PA - IL - IA - MN

Gibbs in PA - IL - IA - MN

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I am researching my Gibbs line. I have the following information. My GGrandfather was George Washington Gibbs b.22 Feb 1874 in Boone Co, IL d. 5 May 1962 in Grand Rapids, Itasca Co, MN he married Agnes Selena England 10 Aug 1898 in Iowa. George's father was William Gibbs b. 10 May 1842 in Geneva, Ontario Co, New York d. 18 May 1910 in Iowa he married Ellen Jane Gilbert. William's father was Russell Gibbs b. 13 Oct 1810 in Luzerne Co, PA he married Nancy Shore 11 Jan 1832 in PA. Russell's father was also called Russell Gibbs b. 26 Nov 1767 in PA he married Rachel Pierce in 1799 in PA.

Does this info match with anyone elses. I also have siblings and spouses for most of them. If it does please Email me at

Thanks for taking the time to read the long post.

help me

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Please see my entry

Russel Gibbs

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Just maybe we're related. My greatgrandmother,Mary Rose Gibbs, was born 1867 in Bradford co. PA. Daughter of Russell Gibbs and Julia Maynard. I am unable to find her in a census. She married in Humboldt co. IA. I found an 1850 Bradford co. census with Russell as a child b. abt 1844 son of Alexander Gibbs. The mormon website has Alexander as a child of Russell Gibbs and Rachael Pierce. Please email me. <>

Re: Gibbs in PA - IL - IA - MN

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Surnames: Gibbs
We have a Russell Gibbs in my family from the 1760s. There is a chance that the Sr. Russell you mentioned is a relative of mine. Most of the Gibbs in my family are from PA (Wyalusing Valley) and upstate NY. I haven't found a way of linking Russell to a specific person in my tree yet but I know he exists. I was told he lived in PA and then moved to NY.

Elisastrees replied to yours mentioning a Russell Gibbs and a father Alexander Gibbs. I have a Burton Alexander Gibbs who had a daughter (Janet) born in 1905. I've noticed throughout this family tree middle names usually end up being surnames or first names of other family members. William, Terry and George are also popular in this family.

It would be cool to find out if there was a connection. Maybe we can have a chat and see if we can find other similarities in our trees.

Best wishes,

Re: Gibbs in PA - IL - IA - MN

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Don't know if anyone is still monitoring this board anymore, but wanted to update that my sign on has changed since originally posting this. If anything new let me new by messaging me on her

Re: Gibbs in PA - IL - IA - MN

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Surnames: Gibbs Bumpus Drake Pierce
Hi Sniper,

Almost forgot I had subscribed to updates on this thread. So much has changed since then.. Have you had any leads with your Gibbs line?

I'm not sure if you are familiar with Alexander Gibbs b. 1821 (twins), brother of your Russell Jr. He is my Great Great Great Grandfather. Russell Sr born 1767, wanted to point out he moved to Rome, Pennsylvania around 1799/1800.. stopping in the Albany area on his way from Vermont. According to family stories he was born in Vermont but there are also indications he might have lived in Connecticut at some point before moving to Pennsylvania. He traveled with a friend Reuben Bumpus who later married Russell Senior's sister Phoebe Gibbs b. 1758. Not to be confused with Russell Sr and Rachel's daughter Pheobe Gibbs (married name Drake) b. 1800. Bumpville, Pennsylvania was named after him and where all of them and many of their children are buried.

Unfortunately its been very difficult finding information pre Russell and Rachel Gibbs (nee Pierce).. it is said there was a fire that destroyed the records many years ago. Visited Bumpville, Pennsylvania earlier this year and spoke with a local historian who mentioned a local house fired there in 1928. That fire (the same fire I heard about? IDK) destroyed a lot of records including the Bumpville (South Litchfield) Cemetery plot map. Afterwards the community got together and recreated the map by memory and research.. still today they are taking great care of the place. I'm hoping someday to find someone out there with a family bible that might know who Russell's parents are. So frustrating.

In researching Reuben Bumpus, came across many Gibbs within his line, generations before him.. Connecticut, Mass, RI.. Even a property record in New England for a Russell Gibbs however paid subscription has limited my access to it. I wonder if the two families traveled from the UK together but its hard to say without a link.

Re: Gibbs in PA - IL - IA - MN

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Well hello,

I was just looking at the Bumpus info myself and was curious if Russell Sr came from Connecticut rather then Vermont. I wonder what the geographic lines were at the time. Was Vermont formed out of Connecticut, or vice versa. While I was searching online for that type of connection I seem to recall coming across something that was a petition or something like that to form Vermont. I am sorry I can't seen to find it now to reference it, but I remember there was a Russell Gibbs listed in the petition. I will search for it and try to give you a link. Nice to hear from you.

Re: Gibbs in PA - IL - IA - MN

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Yes, nice to hear from you too. That sounds interesting! I had not considered the state formation and how it could affect the records with Russell. There is a US map in .gif format online somewhere showing the formation of states, saw awhile back.. might have been through facebook? The common travel patterns of the time have really caught my interest though, especially now that I have at least a dozen lines passing through almost exactly the same areas over centuries. Towns like Wareham, Litchfield, Windsor, etc come up all over New England with these surnames.. which are all names of towns very close by to where Russell Gibbs settled in Pennsylvania. Connection?

Re: Gibbs in PA - IL - IA - MN

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Vermont first really started to be settled after the end of the French and Indian War, in the 1760s. Land patents for Vermont land originated in New Hampshire and New York. Disputes between those patents actually ended up causing Vermont to declare independence in the 1770s. Vermont settlers came from all over New England, including Connecticut. In the beginning many early settlers followed up the Connecticut River into Vermont.

I also have an ancestor who may trace to super early Vermont, or Connecticut. His name was Jesse Gibbs, born before 1765, and he ended up in southeastern Ohio in the 1790s.

How far removed are you from the Gibbs surname? If you have a living male descendent of your Gibbs ancestry whose surname is still Gibbs, I would recommend participating in the Gibbs Surname DNA Project. That's what I did. And it helped me eliminate a lot of potential early New England lines as the origins of my Gibbs line. If you match or can eliminate either the colonial Gibbs clans of Giles Gibbs from Connecticut, or Thomas/Matthew Gibbs of Massachusetts as your lineage, it could significantly narrow your search for Russell Gibbs' suitors for his potential father/parents in colonial New England.

Re: Gibbs in PA - IL - IA - MN

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Hi Freeb1893,

I appreciate the information, it was an interesting read. That places Russell Gibbs Sr right at the beginning of that situation. If memory serves Reuben Bumpus, Russell brother-in-law, or a close relative of his served in that war which connected them to the Albany, New York area. There was something about Reuben being from Connecticut and moving to Vermont as a very young child.. not sure if I have that completely accurate, will have to find it again.

My mom is a Gibbs originally, with five brothers. Most of them funny enough ended up in southeastern Ohio. My Grandfather and I are both very interested in the DNA project however haven't had the funds to do so yet. Here's to hoping that changes in the near future.

Best wishes to you.
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