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Remscheid - Adolf Hitler Straße

Remscheid - Adolf Hitler Straße

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I am trying to track down the former residence of my relatives. A letter from Dec of 1936 has them living at 97 Adolf Hitler Straße in Remscheid.

Can anyone tell me what the name of this street is today (assuming it still exists) and what it was named prior to being called Adolf Hitler Straße. Would love to know when the name changed and how long it lasted if the info is available.

Any info would be much appreciated.

Re: Remscheid - Adolf Hitler Straße

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The street was called Alleestraße until 1933, when it was renamed Adolf-Hitler-Straße. In 1945, following World War II, the name of the street was changed back to Alleestraße.

I am puzzled that you asked when the name was changed and how long it lasted. It's pretty much common sense, isn't it? Obviously, the name was changed in 1933, and the name change obviously lasted until 1945. Again, I am puzzled that you even had to ask the question.

Robert T.

Re: Remscheid - Adolf Hitler Straße

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Hi Robert,

Thanks for the info.

As to asking for the specific dates.... I had assumed the name had changed sometime between 1933 and 1936 and that the end date would have been towards the end of the war, but I wasn't sure which year (perhaps 1934 or 1935 to start or 1944 or 1946 to end depending on how quickly name changes could be processed. Today, the renaming of a street can be a very politically charged process depending on the street, the person commemorated and can take years).

Do you (by any small chance) happen to know if there are any pre-war residential dwellings left on this street? Google maps makes it a challenge to get an idea of what is there today, though it appears to be larger commercial buildings or apartment complexes. (approx. address 97 Alleestraße).

Once again, thank you for taking the time to answer despite the fairly logical answer.

Re: Remscheid - Adolf Hitler Straße

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I am living in Remscheid, or better in Lennep, which is a part of Remscheid.
And of course I know the Allestraße, as everybody in Remscheid know it cause it is our main shopping street.

But today you can not see any old houses there. In 1943 the town has been destroyed from a bomb-rain. You can see pictures from 'the day after' on:

The first picture shows the Alleestraße.

Maybe you can use the google translator. I think the text is quite interesting.

Some more pictures you can find here:

The todays Alleestraße is completely changed. Modern buildings with often empty or closed shops. Remscheid has the same problem than many other towns in germany, the peoples buy their things they need on the internet or in modern new shopping malls. And the centre of the town is deserted.

Hope I could give you some more informations. Don't hesistate to ask if you have more questions about my wonderfull home-town ;-)
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