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Orillis Francis Rush and Grace Gennieve Runyon

Orillis Francis Rush and Grace Gennieve Runyon

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Surnames: Rush, Runyon, Bradspri
Orillis Francis Rush and Grace Gennieve Runyon are my great grandparents. According to 1920 census Grace was born 1887 in North Dakota. Father was listed as born in Kentucky, mother in Iowa. Her mothers maiden surname might be Bradspri. She married Orillis Rush at an unknown date and travelled west to Washington, Oregon, California. They had children in Ferry Washington 1915, Oregon 1920, California 1925, Oregon 1930. Orillis died 1932 in Oregon. Grace Died 1963 in Nevada, CA. They have many descendants so if we can make a link there might be many unknown relatives.

Phil Rush

Re: Surnames Rush and Runyon early 1900's

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Since you've posted the same inquiry on many mailing lists, I'm providing search findings for other than just Stevens County. Perhaps this will give you a jump start for other names in the family:

In 1900, Grace was living in Spring Valley, Stevens County, WA, census enumerated on 21 July 1900. The actual census image showed the family:
Milo Runyon, 46, April 1854, born in Kentucky to both parents born in KY, miner, married 20 years.
Jane, born Apr 1854 in Iowa to father born in Germany, mother in Indiana, mother of ten children, all living:
John, May 1887, North Dakota
Edna, Aug 1885, ND
GRACE, July 1886 (1886 as identified on the census page), ND
Robert, May 1889, South Dakota
Roy, Oct 1891, Washington
Dilliard, Dec 1894, WA
"Herold" (as spelled), Apr 1900, WA.

The Washington Birth Index has the following births:
"Ruser Ruser", born 2 March 1911 in Ferry County to "Orillis F Ruser" and Grace G. Runyon
Dillard Carlton Rush, born 4 Nov 1915 to Orillis Francis Rush and Grace G Runyon
Harold Milo Rush, born 2 Mar 1900 in Ferry County to "O Willis Frances Rush" and Grace Gennieve Runyon. (Since the 1900 US Census was enumerated in July 1900, the birth date of this Harold must be in error. Also, the middle name of Milo reflects the first name of Grace's father).

I noted you had Grace returning through San Francisco from Guam.
The actual image shows Grace Rush, age 63, born in North Dakota, returning with Avery Bascom Rush, Fallon, Nebraska, age 46, born in Deer Trail, Washington. He carried one footlocker, one box and seven handbags. They were on the ship "General Henry W. Butner".

--The 1930 census for Klamath Falls, Klamath, OR, the image shows this Avery as a son. Family living on 211 Windling Street.
Orville F, age 58, born Kansas to father born in Illinois, mother in Missouri, a laborer in a saw mill, married at age 27.
Grace G. age 43, married at 15
Avery B, age 26, Divorced, born in WA, laborer in saw mill
Harold M, 24, born in Idaho (The birth date would fall 1905/1906, but the place of birth of Idaho does not agree with the birth record in Washington)
Lewis E, 20, born in Oregon
Charles L, 10, born in California
Milton W, 6, born in Oregon
Michael A, Grandson, age 4 1/12, born in CA to father born in Kansas, mother in Ohio
Patrick D, grandson, 5/12, born CA, to father born KS, mother OH.

--The 1920 Census for Portland, Multnomah Co, Oregon, had the family living at 323 17th Street N., renting
"Orvillis R. T" or "R. F" (As shown in the census), age 45, driver for Auto Express, born in Kansas
Grace G, 32, born ND
Avery 16, born WA
Doris, daughter, born Idaho, 14
Harold, 8, born in WA (This confirms the WA Birth)
Charles 8/12, born Oregon

The 1910 Census has an interesting "finding" for Orin, Stevens County, WA
Avery, age 6, born in Washington, father born in Kansas, mother in Colorado
Doris, age 4, born in WA, father in Kansas, mother in Colorado.
both are of the correct age, and father being born in Kansas. BUT, they are listed as Grandchildren of a Susan McClung, 88, widowed born in Tennessee, and children of a Harry Rusch, age 34, married six years, born in Kansas.
---Also in 1910 for Arden, Stevens County,
Avery Rusch, age 6, born in Washington, father in Kansas, mother in "US"
living as a nephew of J.T. Donavon, age 51, born in Canada and Mollie Donavon, age 52 born in Kansas.
----The Avery "Rusch" could be just an enumerator spelling mistake, but the Avery and Doris, with the right age is something to look at for confirmation or later elimination.

The World War I Draft Registration shows a "O'Rillie Francis Rush", born 16 Feb 1873, living in Skamania County, Washington. This could be "O. R. F. Rush"
--Interesting note: there was a John Milo Runyon born 1 May 1879 living in Skamania in the WWI Draft Card Image database. He was married to Susie A. Runyon

California Death Index shows Grace died on 23 Dec 1963 in Nevada. This means she probably died in Nevada and the death certificate was performed in California. She could have died near the boarder and just transported across the state line; or, there may be another Death certificate in Nevada as happens. Her mothers maiden name was 'Bradspri", which is probably shortened by database size or method from a longer name, "Bradspring/Broadspring...??" Grace's Birth date was shown as 30 July 1887, which is one year in difference from the 1900 Census. The census is often wrong either by enumerator mistake in math, or understanding, or the family gave the wrong year. But, Death Index are often wrong also, only a birth certificate from North Dakota could identify any error.

The Oregon Death Index identified an "Orillis Rush", death on 25 November 1932 in Josephine County, Certifcate 133, Spouse name was Grace.

----------Milo Runyon---------
The 1870 US Census for Cedar, Johnson County, Iowa
John Runyon, age 37, farmer and Blacksmith, born Kentucky
E.J. 36, born Kentucky
David E 17, Kentucky
MILO B. age 16, born in Kentucky
Mary E. 13, Iowa
Ida 9 Iowa
Emma 4 Iowa
Silas W 2

In the 1910 Census for Boise, Ada County, Idaho, Milo B. Runyon, a mine promoter was living in the home of a Henrietta E. Bell as a Lodger, he was listed as 61 and widowed, born in Kentucky.

-----Robert G, brother to Grace------
In the WWI Draft Registration Card images, Robert G. Runyon, born May 8, 1889 in Port (Fort?) Buford, North Dakota. He was a Stock buyer living in Hunters, WA living with a wife and Wife's parents.
---Fort Buford is in Williams County, ND:

------Dillard Carlton, brother to Grace------
WWI Draft Registration Card: Dillard was born December 12, 1895 in "Turk", Washington. He was working for Milton Bowen in Hunters. He supported his mother.

-------Roy K, brother to Grace---------
WWI Draft Registration Card: Roy was born Oct 14, 1892 in Davenport, WA. He was a locomotive fireman on the Railroad, living at 2101 Malon, in Spokane.

Re: Surnames Rush and Runyon early 1900's

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Today I looked for Orillis Rush. The below research will take some digesting, but I "Suspect" that Orillis Rush was born "Orillis Butts", son of Orillis F and Julina/Julia Butts in Kansas about 1873. Orillis Butts, Senior, was born in Massachusettes (Not Missouri, but this could easily be a census mistake, or Orillis JR didn't really know as his father died between 1970 and 1980). Julina was born in Illinois. Orillis SR, served in the Civil War from Illinois and "possibly" met Julina there. After the death of Orillis Senior, Julina remarried to a John Keough, they are found in 1880 in Missouri (This is possibly where the Missouri birth for the father originated). Orillis is living with them as step-son.

We now jump from 1880 to the 1900 census where we find the Keough family living in Stevens County, Washington. In this same census, we find an "Orilous" Butts, born May 1873 in Kansas, mother in Illinois, and father in Massachusettes (this matches Orillis Rush). He is married and has a child Orilous Butts, age 2. His wife is from Canada.

In the 1910 census as written yesterday and below, we find children having the same names as the children of Grace and Orillis Rush, living with a Susan McClung, born in Tennessee. Julina Butts/Keogh's mother was born in Tennessee as indicated in the census. There is also a possible connection to a daughter of Susan McClung as being Mary in 1900 living with Susan; and then being Molly Donavon in 1910 where Avery "Rusch" is living as a nephew. SO, my conjecture on this: Susan McClung is mother to both Mary and Julia/Julina. Thus, Avery would be a nephew to Mary/Mollie.

BOTTOM LINE: There is enough "evidence" to SUSPECT this is the origin of Orillis Rush. BUT, it MUST BE PROVEN by other documents. IF this is true, there would be birth certificates for Orillis Butts, Chester Butts in/around Stevens County. There would be a marriage certificate (Possibly) for Orilous/Orillis Butts and Ethel. There would be either a divorce document or death document for Ethel sometime between 1898 and 1903 when Avery Rush/Rusch was born. From the Ship documents showing Grace and Avery returning from Guam, Avery was born in Deer Trail (near Hunters/Fruitland) ""

So, this possibly opens up your ancestry...BUT, there needs to be documentary evidence to support this CONJECTURE. I'll look further for what I may have missed.


1880 census for Galena, Jasper Co, Missouri, enumerated June 5, 1880
Orillis Butts, age 7, step-son, born in Kansas, to mother born IL, Father in Mass
living in the home of:
Keough, Jno (John) age 30, miner, born in Canada, father Ireland, mother Canada
Julina age 30, born in IL, father in Kentucky, mother in TN
Keough, ?, 5
Albert Keough 3 (1876/1877)
John N 2

The 1870 Census for Erie, Neosho County, Kansas
Orillas F. Butts, age 25, born in Mass.
Julia age 20, born in IL
--The Civil War Service Records show "Orillus F. Butts", in Company I, 152nd Illinois Infantry, inducted and discharged as a private.
--1850 Census for Cummington, Hampshire, Massachusetts
Erustin? Butts 30
Orinda 31
Orilas 5
Almira 4

1900 Census for White Lake, Stevens County, WA
John Keough (transcribed as Krongsh) born Oct 1847 in Canada
Julina, born June 1850 in IL, father born in Kentucky, mother in Tennessee
John JR, Feb 1879, Kansas
Lewis B, Aug 1888, Missouri
Myrtil, Feb 1886, Washington
Otto O, son, April 1888, Washington
Also in the home a Chester Butts, Grandson, born Sep 1899, 8/12 in age, born in Washington, father in Kansas, mother in Canada

1900 census for Colville, Stevens County, WA
Orilous R Bulls (the second "l" had a line through it, so both "l's" could have been "t's", born May 1873 in Kansas, father in Mass, mother in Kansas
Ethel G, wife, 1882, age 17, born Canada, both parents in England
Orilous R, jr, May 1898, 2

The 1910 census for White Lake, Stevens County, WA
Julina Keough age 60, born in Illinois, father in Kentucky, mother in TN, 2nd marriage
John Keough, age 64 born in Canada, father in Ireland, mother Canada
--both living in the home of Albert E Keough, age 33, born Kansas, with his wife and children. Also in the home is a Harvey Butts, age 9, grandson, born in WA to father born in Kansas, mother in Canada.

Now, from my first posting:
The 1910 Census has...Avery Rusch, age 6, and Doris Rusch, age 4, both born in WA, listed as Grandchildren of a Susan McClung, 88, widowed born in Tennessee, and children of a Harry Rusch, age 34, married six years, born in Kansas.
---Also in 1910 for Arden, Stevens County,
Avery Rusch, age 6, born in Washington, father in Kansas, mother in "US"
living as a nephew of J.T. Donavon, age 51, born in Canada and Mollie Donavon, age 52 born in Kansas.
New info: ------In the 1900 census, I find Susan McClung living in Colville born Nov 1825, age 74 born in Tennessee. Living with her was Mary H. Myers, born Sept 1858. This MARY, is the same age as the MOLLIE Donavon in the 1910 census that were taking care of Avery "Rusch".

In the 1860 census for Wea, Lykins County, Kansas Territory, I find a "Sarah" McClung, age 37 (1823) born in Tennessee. She is married to a "J. McClung", age 38. They have a daughter "Jane", age 10 (1850), born in Illinois.

Re: Surnames Rush and Runyon early 1900's

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Okay....It's fallen together. Julina's maiden name WAS McCLUNG, daughter of Susan. I'm pretty much convinced that Orillis Rush was Orillas/etc Butts. All of the facts found seem to support that conjecture. BUT, until a DEFINATE connection between the Butts and Rush is made by name change, documentary evidence, it is still considered EXTREMELY coincidental, but still concidental until proven.

About all I can do from here.

----------------Additional Findings-------------------

The Keough family lived near Keogh Lake, possibly named for them?

In the 1885 Washington State and Terrirotial Censuses:
Jno Keough age 37, Canada
Julia 36, Illinois
Orillus Butts, 11, Kansas
Wm H? Keough, 9, "O? Terr" (Oregon Territory?
Albert 8, Kansas
Jno W. 6, Kansas
Louis B 2, Missouri

In the Family Data Collection I find:
Otto Oscar Keough, AKA Jack, born to John Mathew Keough and JULINA MCCLUNG - (SHE WAS A MCCLUNG).
born 28 April 1888 in Chewelah, Stevens County, WA
Married Ruth Bertha Pauline Brutcher in Seattle on 1 Jan 1922,
Married Lena Agnes Conrady on 26 Dec 1906, born 27 May 1886 in Chewelah, died 16 Dec 1956.
Otto died in Sacramento, CA on 23 Nov 1953.
There is an Alison Glass that had other information on Otto, is perhaps related to him, a wife or children? Her data has Julina McClung born 6 June 1850, death on 18 April 1915. Julina was daughter of James McClung and SUSAN Luster. HERE IS THE SUSAN MCCLUNG.
Albert E. Keough born 29 March 1877 in Chautougua, Perry County, KS to John Mathew Keough and Julina McClung
Married Migretta Murray on 20 Aug 1898 in Colville, WA
Died on 17 Nov 1951
Myrtle Jane Keough, born 4 Feb 1886 in Colville, married 1902, died 20 Jul 1972 in Portland, Oregon
William Henry Keough, born 4 March 1875 in Colville, married 20 Aug 1898 to Luella Young, died 4 Mar 1927 in Colville.

Here is the burial place for some of the Keough family:

1910 census for White Lake, Stevens County
Albert E. Keough, 33, born Kansas, father Canada, mother IL
Etta M, age 29, Born IL, to both parents born in Missouri
Lawrence, 5, (1904/1905) born in WA
Alevine, 3, born in WA
John 64, age 35, born Canada
Julina 60, born IL. mother of 11, 6 living
Butts, Harvey, age 9, born in Washington to father in Kansas, mother in Canada
Otto, son age 23
Lena 26, wife,
Lottie B, dau 3
Ralph W, son 6/12

Re: Surnames Rush and Runyon early 1900's

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Surnames: Rush Runyon
thank you so much for the above information, it opens up a lot of possibilities. I noticed in the washington census for the late 1800's that there was a harry rush living with susan mclung, also listed another year as harry mclung, and then the harry rusch that you told me about. I believe in one of those he was listed as marriedd to a marry miers? It's hard for me to read the scanned image.

Phil Rush

Re: Surnames Rush and Runyon early 1900's

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In the Evergreen cemetery website I sent, Susan McClung is found, as are Mary and John Donovan. But there is no "Rush" or "Rusch"

In the Stevens County WA Gen Web site:
At the bottom, you'll find a square for "Biography". If you go to that, you find a "Keough, John". It gives some good information...BUT, some of this information is either incorrect, i.e. Julina is named "Bucks" when it was "Butts" in the census, James and Susan were identified as "McClelland" when it was McClung in the census, and on the tombstone.
There is also identified a "Peter Rusch", but none of the information or names match.

Another site having research data is the NE Washington Genealogical Society:

I find Susan McClung in the Washington State and Territorial Census, enumerated on 19 May 1887. She is identified as being 63 (1823/4), born in Tennessee (Her tombstone indicated Nov 1819). Living with her is Harry Rush, 15, born in Kansas, Adella Miers, 10, born in Colorado.

In the 1892 WA State and Territorial Census, John Keogh (no "u") 45, Canada: J "W"?40, IL; O R Butts, 19, Kansas,
W. N? Keogh, 17, "Ind. Ter"? Albert Keogh, 15, Kansas; Jown W. Keogh 13, Kansas; Louis Keogh 8, Missouri; Myrtle Keogh 6, Washington, Oscar Keogh 4, Washington.
-- On the same page, right side: Susan McClung 67, Tennessee; Harry McClung 20, Kansas; Minnie McClung 21 Oregon; David McClung Wisconsin; Thomas Riggin, 1, Washington.

There just isn't ANY record of anyone else being Orillis, than the one being the son of Julina and Orillis Butts. For 'whatever reason' he changed his name. As far as your comment in your offlist email "it is a little hard to digest the possibility that my surname is incorrect." : What is in a surname? Half (more or less) of all children are born to mothers that lost their surname. If you lived in Scandinavia up to about the turn of the 20th century, your last name was nothing more than the first name of the father, with an added "son"/"sen". So, if you were Ole Iversen, your father was Iver, he could have been Iver Hansen/Hanssen. Your surname IS correct for you, probably your father. But, you are not a product of a surname, you are a product of who YOU are. Just because you're a Kennedy, Roosevelt, Dupont, or an Adams, doesn't mean a thing. Would you rather be a Rush, or a Butts? MANY surnames were changed because of the word meaning changed.

Anyway. Will take this off list unless significant finds are made that should be posted for other potential family members to find, or local Stevens County history. These postings should help correct the biography posted.

Ron Bestrom

Re: Surnames Rush and Runyon early 1900's

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Again thank you for all of your help, and I agree 100% with you on my surname not dictating who I am.

Phil Rush

Re: Surnames Rush and Runyon early 1900's

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I am very curious as to how Harry Rush/Rusch/McClung fits into all of this. Is it possible that Harry and Orillis are the same person?

Phil Rush

Re: Surnames Rush and Runyon early 1900's

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They were both shown in the 1892 WA Territorial Census, Orillis living with the "Keogh" and Harry living with Susan McClung. But, census enumerators often duplicated people.. I haven't seen it with the same person being listed as two different ones though.

Detailed research is needed now in Stevens county as to prove who these were. I'm pretty much convinced that Orillis Butts became Orillis Rush; BUT, this conjecture must be proven. I DON'T think he is Harry, but it could be a nickname and he lived in both houses. I'd REALLY HATE to have that nickname with that born surname. Perhaps the reason of the name change?

The people in Colville/Stevens county are experts in helping. There might be the evidence you need readily available in the books listed. I'd also contact the potential family member that had the email address I identified. She might have the answers.

Answers? In the genealogy work that I've done...One answer sometimes leads to two questions.

Re: Surnames Rush and Runyon early 1900's

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Surnames: McClung, Rush, Bascom
Three years later, I read your exchanges as I search for answers in tracing my father-in-law's lineage. His name was Almon Walter Bascom, b 1925 in Portland. According to family records, his father was Howard Rush Bascom, b 1902? in Washington, grandfather was Harry Rush, b 1872 in Kansas and his great-grandmother was Belle McClung, b. 1856 in Colorado. I can find no birth records for Howard, but I do find Harry in Colville in 1900, married to Laura V and with one daughter, Theodosia. In 1910, I find Howard in Colville living with Almon W. and Belle Bascom, ages 59 and 54, and listed as their son. I'm speculating that Howard was orphaned and then adopted by the Bascoms, who were his grandparents. However, I can't link Harry directly to the McClungs. He shows in 1885 listed with Susan McClung (and Daniel and Pauline McClung) in Colville and in 1887 also listed with Susan McClung. Any thoughts?
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