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Relatives of John F. "Honey Fitz" FITZGERALD ???

Relatives of John F. "Honey Fitz" FITZGERALD ???

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Surnames: Fitzgerald, Cox, Hannon, Wilmouth, Linnehan, Punch

I mentioned this week that I would like to attempt to create a family-tree for a close, family-friend. The couple I needed help with were John Francis FITZGERALD and Hazel OGDEN who probably married in MA in 1930. They might have been teen-agers when they married, or at least Hazel was a teen. I've been trying to find out when John was born, and I might need to drive to Cambridge to find out.

Because of my queries and the responses from some very helpful researchers, I found out that Hazel was born in New Brunswick in 1912. Her father had been born in Nova Scotia, but seems to have gone over to New Brunswick to marry and have some of their children. The OGDEN family moved to Hampden, ME, ~1914, and that is a town away from Bangor. Hazel's mother and some of her siblings seem to have moved down to Cambridge, MA, during 1920's. They were there in 1930 census, and Hazel was 17.

The many children and grandchildren of John and Hazel FITZGERALD of Cambridge, MA, know almost nothing about their father (grandfather). He died in 1952 when the children were young. The family-story is that he was somehow related to "Honey Fitz" FITZGERALD. If I need to, I will drive to Cambridge and try to find out the names of John's parents. Since I don't know his year of birth, I can't do any other research on him - yet.

But, I have placed several queries on the FITZGERALD Boards, and have received some important, tidbits of information. The researchers have said that I needed to read 2 books: "The Fitzgeralds and the Kennedys" and "American Presidents and their Ancestors." And, I should read an NEHGS article about the ancestors of "Honey Fitz." I found out that is on-line. The first book has a family-tree chart in it.

I'd like to summarize what these books and charts (and old postings) say. Please don't ask me for "sources" or for "verification." I'm just offering this summary for your consideration:

The top of the chart has James FITZGERALD and Hannah (UNKNOWN) (possibly McCARTHY) in County Limerick, Ireland. Only 2 sons are mentioned on chart, Michael and Edward / Edmund FITZGERALD. Michael seems to have died in Ireland. His wife was Ellen WILMOUTH, and she seems to have come to Boston with their son, Thomas. Michael's brother, Edward / Edmund, also came to Boston, probably both around 1840. Edward had a first wife, Mary LINNEHAN, and had daughters with her. His second wife was Ellen PUNCH and they had children, including 3 sons, James, Edwin, and Patrick FITZGERALD.

Thomas married Rosanna COX in 1857 US, and they reportedly had 12 children. Their first child died very young, and later 2 daughters died as an infants. So, there were 9 children surviving childhood and that was 9 sons. The 4th son born to them was John Francis "Honey Fitz" FITZGERALD (1863-1950).

Edward and Mary FITZGERALD had a daughter, Mary, who married in 1854 to Michael HANNON. They had 9 children, and one of their daughters, Mary HANNAH married her cousin, "Honey Fitz," in 1889. John and Mary had 6 children and their first was Rose - who became Mrs. Rose Fitzgerald KENNEDY. They had 3 sons, Thomas and John, Jr., both married and had children. I couldn't find info on son, Frederick, who died Age ~30.

To get back to Thomas FITZGERALD born in Ireland, he had 4 siblings, including 2 brothers, James and Michael. One researcher believes that James, b1837 IRE, went to either Prince Edward Island or Newfoundland, first, and then later came down to Boston. To confuse researchers, his uncle, Edward FITZGERALD had a son, James, b1836 (first cousin with James, b1837).

So, in summary, for all the people who think they are somehow related to "Honey Fitz" FITZGERALD, important politician in Boston, it's entirely possible. He had 8 FITZGERALD brothers. (I found information on-line for 4 of the brothers; not the other 4.)

The man I'm trying to find out about was John F. FITZGERALD, probably born in MA between 1895 and 1912. So, he would have been the age of Honey Fitz's nephews, or of his many cousins. But, the only nephews with name, John, (on-line) were born in 1881 or 1915.

Thank you for your time.

Betty (near Lowell, MA)

(I still can't post to the Lists. But, I'm told the most probable culprit is -- Comcast. And I will call them today.)

Re: Relatives of John F. "Honey Fitz" FITZGERALD ???

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Hi Betty

I've read many of your posts about the Fitzgeralds, with interest. I had a friend in Reading Ma, whose parents had lived in Medford(prior to Reading) and moved back to Medford about 1957(give or take a year ) Their names were Joh Fitzgerald(don't know middle inital) and I think his wifes name was Agnes. Their daughters name was Sheila. When I knew them Sheila was in grammar thru high school(sophmore/jr year)

I do know that John was a cousin to Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy, but I don't know who her parents were. Would love to find out. John, Agnes, and Sheila all went to JFK's and Bobbys funerals. Asked me to go, but at the time I couldn't.

If you learn anything more will you please post it.

Re: Relatives of John F. "Honey Fitz" FITZGERALD ???

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Trying to figure out how my Great Grandmother Hattie Fahey was related to Honey Fitz's Family. My Grandmother used to tell us how we were related, but she has passed and no one can remember. I am thinking one of Hattie Fahey's Siblings married one of Honey Fitz's brothers. Where can i go to get more info on the brothers?

Re: Relatives of John F. "Honey Fitz" FITZGERALD ???

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Best guess! The John Francis Fitzgerald that married Hazel was born in Boston, Mass. on Sep. 15, 1911. The parents were James and Margaret M. (Leahy) Fitzgerald. James the father was born in Ireland and Margaret was born in Boston. By the 1930 Census Margaret was a widow and residing with her were her two sons James age 20 and John age 18 according to the Census report. The 1940 Census that shows John married to Hazel indicates that John was born 1911. Going back to the 1920 Census and John F. Fitzgerald was 8 yrs old but the census was taken in January 1920 so this would indicate John F. Fitzgerald was born in 1911. The brother James was 10 yrs old which indicates his birth year as 1909. The mother Margaret M. Fitzgerald was a widow in the 1920 Census. Looking at the Mass. Vital Records up to the year of 1915 and I couldn't find anything for a death on James married to a Margaret. This would narrow your search down for a death certificate on James that would be between 1915 and Decemeber 31, 1919.

As I said "best guess" but I do believe this could be the parents of your John Francis Fitzgerald.


Re: Relatives of John F. "Honey Fitz" FITZGERALD ???

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Good morning, Julie...

Please contact me direct at re source for information on Kennedy/Fitzgerald families.

Re: Relatives of John F. "Honey Fitz" FITZGERALD ???

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There are records for 1916-1920 for Mass online at but they are only browseable you can't search!

You could go to the Mass Archives - they have on microfilm the BMD index for the years 1915-1976(they are in the process of putting records on microfilm for 1916-1920)find the death on the index and then ask a staff person if they have the death record available for you.


Re: Relatives of John F. "Honey Fitz" FITZGERALD ???

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You could go to - free databases.


Re: Relatives of John F. "Honey Fitz" FITZGERALD ???

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Surnames: Fitzgerald
This sounds about right for the ages and time frame you've given for when they would have been married for John F and Hazel and provides you with additional information on birth and parents:
name: John F. Fitzgerald
event date: 06 Sep 1930
event place: Portsmouth, , New Hampshire
age: 28
estimated birth year: 1902
father: Michael A.
mother: Ella Blackely
spouse: Hazel B. Ogden
spouse's age: 18
spouse's estimated birth year: 1912
spouse's father: Albert
spouse's mother: Amelia Crossman

It does say on the marriage record when you look at the image that the bride was born in Nova Scotia. John was born in Malden, MA.

Children of Michael and Ella:
name: Michael Albert Fitzgerald
event date: 17 May 1909
event place: Boston, Massachusetts
father: Michael A. Fitzgerald
mother: Ella Blakely
NOTE: There is a baptism record for ALBERT FITZGERALD (same parents) on the same date of his birth. Maybe his AKA was "Albert?"

name: John F Fitzgerald
event: Birth
event date: 18 Sep 1910
event place: Malden, Massachusetts
death age:
father: Michael A Fitzgerald
mother: Ella Blakely

name: Joseph Fitzgerald
event: Birth
event date: 31 Jul 1915
event place: Boston, Massachusetts, United States
father: Michael Fitzgerald
mother: Ella Blakeley

I hope this additional information will help you sort out your research and assist you in finding if there is a relation to Honey Fitz.

Re: Relatives of John F. "Honey Fitz" FITZGERALD ???

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I am also trying to find relatives through marriage . The story I was told is that my great grandmother Martha married a Fitzgerald (Honey Fitz brother). They had a daughter Harriett (hattie). Martha remarried after her husband (Fitzgerald) died to Lyons and had my grandfather. Therefore Hattie and my grandfather were 1/2 brother/sister. Hattie would have been a first cousin to Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy. My mother remembers aunt Hattie very well. So there is no blood relation to Fitzgerald but am curious still on which Fitzgerald was married to Martha. I don't know Martha's maiden name.

Re: Relatives of John F. "Honey Fitz" FITZGERALD ???

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Rose had a cousin named John (as well as others you've mentioned). John was married to either Agnes or Mary(its been a long time since I knew them and both are now deceased) They had lived in Medford and Reading(where we met) and later on Cape Code in either Denis or Dennisport.
They had one child Sheila who may be living in Florida now(lost touch with her years agao).
I also met JFK Ted and Bobby, around 1953-55 at a fourth of July get together in South Boston I think.

Anyone have any connection to John or know him.?

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