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winchester family

winchester family

shannon edwards (View posts)
Posted: 948651737000
i'm searching my family tree and have come to a
dead end. My family started in Monroe, NC. Union
County. I have winchester's coming here from
revolutionary period, they migrated from Pennslyvania
to the land, granted by King George III in the year 1760.
if you have any infomation on the winchester's in Union count,
Monroe, NC. please email.

Shannon Edwards

Winchester Family Tree

Cheryl Winchester (View posts)
Posted: 949088487000
We are Winchesters from Union Co, NC. I don't know if we can help, but it would be worth a try. Send me e-mail as to who you are looking for in Union Co. My husbands gg grandfather was James Russell Winchester, son of William Douglas Winchester and Rachel Matthew.

winchester family

shannon winchester edwards (View posts)
Posted: 949241552000
Cheryl, thank you for your response. I found an article in the News Observer, Raleigh, N.C. dated 8/15/1940 on Pleasant Grove Camp Meet
and in the article it mentions a G.T. Winchester and a G. Allison Winchester. Also made mention of a Elenor Howie who was a trumpeter for
this meeting. She was the gg granddaughter of G. Allison Winchester. The article mentions that in the 1760's the Howies, Wolfes and the
Winchester's before the revolutionary perion migrated from Pennsylvania to take possession of the land granted by King George III. I am
trying to trace our name to that period and find out if these people are part of our ancestry. My gg grandfather was Daniel Wincherster
of Monroe, N.C. Union County, wife; Beatrice, children; Jennie W. Boyette, Lillie W. Hinson, and James (Jim) Winchester.
I have their children's names also. Are we any "kin"? My Granddaddy (Henry Sherman Winchester, Sr.), father was Henry Archibal, married to
Lena Rebbecca Petteway.
If you aren't familiar with any of listed people but know where I can find information I would greatly appreciate your help. We are very excited
to hear from Union County. My sister Sybil Winchester is helping me with the family tree her email address is she is a
genologist. If we can help you all you need do is ask.

Thank you again,
Shannon Winchester Edwards

Winchester Family

Posted: 950121523000
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Hi Shannon,
I'm sorry I haven't checked this message board recently. You have to be related to our Winchester line, just because you come out of Union Co, NC, but...none of the names you have given are familiar. Sorry...Cheryl


Blaine Berkowitz (View posts)
Posted: 950271173000

I came across your note. I am researching my WINCHESTER line from MD/PA. My GGGGGG-GF was WILLIAM WINCHESTER born abt 1760 in either Cecil County, MD or Chester County, PA. I thought there might be a connection between the 2 WINCHESTER lines.

Let me know and I can do more digging.


Winchester in MD/PA

Posted: 950296655000
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Our William Winchester is said to have come from Aberdeen, Scotland and been born in 1730. He was suppose to have come with three brothers, Danile, Willoughby and Francis. He had at least two sons, Douglas and Daniel, that we know of. We think Douglas was William Douglas, which is our line. Daniel served in the Am Rev from NC and then moved to TN. There was a William and Thomas Wynchaster, who also served from NC. At this point, all we are really sure about is our line in NC. Douglas Winchester 1750 VA - 1793 Mecklenburg Co NC marr Sarah Matthews @1772. Sarah Matthews was born 10 July 1759 died 17 April 1839 in NC. We have recently found information, that Douglas' father was a Thomas Winchester out of PA and now we are really confused. Any help would be great.


Blaine Berkowitz (View posts)
Posted: 951281338000

I know it is very confusing!! There is a web site for a WILLOUGHBY WINCHESTER, but I cannot remember the address. I checked it out, but they are not my relatives. There is a THOMAS WINCHESTER who is my relative from PA. He was a brother to my GGGG-GF WILLIAM WINCHESTER. There are so many WILLIAMs and branches of the WINCHESTERs. I have no idea if they are all related or not!

I thought at one point all WINCHESTER were descended from HANNAH (SEALIS) and JOHN WINCHESTER, but I have my doubts now.

Keep me posteed.


Winchester, William Thomas

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We are not related to the Winchester/Sealis
Family of Massachusetts. E-mail me at, I'm really bad about checking the message board. Willoughby Winchester's family went to South Carolina. Willoughby is one of the four brothers, Daniel, William and Francis, who came from Scotland to US @1750, at least that is what is believed at this point. We have a William who we think had a brother Thomas. They were in North Carolina. Where is yours at after PA?...Cheryl

Willoughby Winchester

Posted: 951486975000
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This message concerns Willoughby's son, Willoughby who left SC, and went to Tuscaloosa County, Alabama, where he married Mary Polly Pruitt and together they had 16 children. According to my sketchy records, after going to Alabama, Willoughby was closely associated with James Crawford Winchester. According to government land records, a land patent dated April 24, 1820 showed Samuel C. Winchester owning 159 and 78/100 acres of land in Section 30, Township 17, Range 7 West at Tuscaloosa. This land then became a part of Walker County in 1823. We don't know whether Willoughby Winchester purchased this land from James C. Winchester, however, a deed dated December 16, 1864, shows that the land was sold by "Wilaby and Poley Winchester" to James T. and Mary Ann Dunn. The deed shows the sale of 159 and 78/100 acres, loacated in Section 30, Township 17, Range 7 West. It thus appears that Samuel C. Winchester either left the land to Willoughby or sold it to him. Other indications of a close relationship were that Willoughby named his oldest son Samuel Crawford Winchester. Also, one of his daughters was named Lodice "Dicey" Winchester. An older "Dicey" Winchester appeared in Texas, indicating that Willoughby's daughter might have been named after her. Also, Willoughby's second son, John Winchester had left home and was living in Titus County, Texas on May 10, 1862 where he joined with Company A of the 22nd Regiment, Texas Infantry Company A (Also known as Captain F. A. Brown's Company). He was killed in combat at the age of 23 on December 3, 1862.


Walter C.Johnston (View posts)
Posted: 955481175000
my great great grandfather was
Samual Crowford Winchester
I am also related to Calvin Johnston
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