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Parrett Family

Parrett Family

Jennifer Parrett (View posts)
Posted: 971201931000
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Surnames: Parrett
Hi I am from Wallace Michigan and I am trying to get info on our family. I know the Parrett family is big but there are a lot of us in Michigan. My grandpa always told me about all the family we have through out the united States I would just like to know where. I hope to here from one of you. I always like meeting my family. Thanks for taking the time to read this and if you respond I will be so happy.

Robert Taylor Parrett

Posted: 971521459000
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Surnames: Parrett

Don't know if we are related, but I've found a bunch of Parretts buried in Atchison, KS; and a few in Iowa. That's where my great grandfather (Robert Taylor Parrett) was buried. He was supposedly from Wales. Do you know where your Parretts are from?

Parretts from Michigan

Jennifer (View posts)
Posted: 971526568000
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Surnames: Parrett
Hi, Do you know if you are related to any parretts from michigan. Well anyway my granfathers name is Ray or raymond. I am not really sure if we are related but it would be nice to find out if we are. I am not sure how we would do that but if you have a way you can find out that would be great. All I know is that I have relatives in almost every state so who knows well I hope we can figure out if we a relatives or not if you want to talk just drop me an e-mail. even if we are not realated I may just have made a new friend. fluffo84 is my instant messenger name if you want to talk faster. Well hope we can see whats what. talk to you later


Parretts; France & Switzerland

Posted: 975267810000
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Surnames: Parrett
Mine were Parret and from France and Switzerland. Not Wales. It's not an English name, as far as I have heard.

Parrett (vs) Parrott

S Barnes (View posts)
Posted: 975392777000
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Surnames: Parrett
Tony Parrett it is my contention that the name Parrett is French. I have spoken with several French folks and am trying to run down some information now on the origination of that name. My mother was a Parrett and several of the folks on this community are from the same group of Parretts.
I'll keep the site posted with what I find out.

Alfred F. Parrett Family; NC > Tennessee > Kentucky

S Barnes (View posts)
Posted: 975395854000
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Surnames: Parrett
Jennifer I am interested in knowing some of the names of your family to help make a better match. I come from the Aflred F. Parrett family. They originated in NC and moved throught Tennessee into Kentucky and later to Ohio and probably Michigan. I know I have at least 3 1st cousins living in Michigan at this time. Please send me an email and we can discuss them and others if any of this matches your list or findings.

Porrett, Parrett

Julie (View posts)
Posted: 975523355000
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Surnames: Parrett, Porrett
My mother-in-law was born and raised in England, Her maiden name is Porrett. Looking for more info on the porrett line if anyone is out there. There isn't a porrett page here yet. Julie


S. Bar (View posts)
Posted: 975695979000
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Surnames: Porrett, Parrett, Parrott
Julie, I have researched the Porrett/Parrett/Parrott families lines for a while and it is my finding that there are two or three separate and disctinct lines out there. One or two origninated in England and the other in France. Porrott is English, Parrott is English. Parrett is French.

I am not sure where you would find Porrott but my suggestion is to try the ships registries that came from England. They are on line if you can access them. I have had serious problems trying to access anything in

Re: Porrett/Parrett/Parrott

Julie (View posts)
Posted: 975700608000
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Thanks for the input! My mother-in-law's family still resides in England, so she is the first one of her line over here in the states. I'd love to hear more info on the English line if you have anything. My email is, thanks again, Julie

Parrett's in Australia

Jim Parrett (View posts)
Posted: 987725943000
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Surnames: Parrett
Hi, my name is Jim and I live on a small farm at Leeton, a rural town in NSW Australia. I have just started to research the Parrett line and have discovered that there is only 38 families of Parrett's living in Australia, some have been here for four or five generations, however I cant find any information on where they originated from.
There appears to be many of you in the US, can anyone give me some information on where the name may have originated from, I can trace some lineage to France and some to England but keep drawing blanks when I try to go any further.
I thought it ironic when I saw your name on this web page as my wife is aslo a Jennifer.
Hope someone can help and would like to hear from any Parrett's who care to drop a line to one of their ilk on the other side of the planet.
Cheers from Oz
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