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Andrew Redman/Redmond, brother to Armstead???

Andrew Redman/Redmond, brother to Armstead???

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Surnames: Redman/Redmond, McCurry, Lusk, Austin, Young
Hi everyone!
On the 1840 census for Hamilton County Tennessee is Andrew Redman with family, very near to Jesse, Jesse, Armstead, and Sarah Redman/Redmond. None of them are on the 1830 census.
On the 1850 cesus for Dade County Georgia is; Andrew Redman age 30 b. Tn., wife Didema age 28 b.Tn., with children, Sarah age 10 Ga., Margaret age 6 Ga, John age 3 Al. Elizabeth newborn Ga.
1870 census for Jackson County Alabama, 20 years later is; Andrew Redman/Redmond 53 b. Tn., wife Didemia 48 Tn., Mary E. 19, Ellender 15, Martha M. 13, Didemia T. 9, Uriah J. 7.
1880 census for Jackson County Alabama ; Andrew Redman 69 b. Tn., wife (unreadable?) 66 b. Tn. with son Jefferson age 17 b. Al.
1900 Census for Marion County Tennessee: Jeff D Redmond 37 Al. wife Callie 41 Va., Florence 14, Edgar 12, Robert 10*, Fannie 4, Frank 2. *(next door on the same census is David Pittman wife Bersheba, daughter Nancy Kilgore, Grson William Adkin, and Grdtr Icy Pittman. Icy was to marry Robert Redmond and be widowed young. She then married Gilbert McCurry and had a number of children.).
1910 census for Marion County Tn.; Jeff D. wife Rachiel 54***, Fannie 13, Frank 11, Bessie 7.
1920 census for Bledsoe County Tn; Household of Curtis and Carrie Austin with Mother-in-law Sara J Teisk* and Jeff D Redman, wife Racheal*, dtr Fannie Redman 23. Frank A. Redmond, wife Lena and their dtr Bessie are also on this census. (* Sara J. Teisk is actually Sara Jane Young, widow of Joe Lusk.I don't know if there is any family relationship or why they would be with these people but Joe and Sara J Lusk with dtr Carrie are in Sequatchie County Tn. in 1900).

1930 Census for ??
Jeff Redmond died in Hamilton county Tn. where he was a blacksmith, in 1934. His death certificate names him as a widower with wife named Callie. Informed by son Frank A. so I don't know if Callie was a first or middle name or why she would use the name Rachel on other censuses.
Does anyone recognize these families? Anything? Thanks for any information. Sandy

Re: Andrew Redman/Redmond, brother to Armstead???

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The REDMOND dna project has a sample from the line of
Armistead kit#92302 at ...

QUOTE: "Andrew Redman 69 b. Tn., wife (unreadable?) 66 b. Tn"

I think t is quite readable when you know what you are looking for.
I have attached a copy here.


Re: Andrew Redman/Redmond, brother to Armstead???

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Surnames: Gea, Sea, Seay, Gay/e
You are a whiz!
Thank-you! This is wonderful! And you're right, much better when you know what you're looking at. And did you notice lower down on the page Dock AKA Aaron Whiteaker and Manerva?
This reminds me of what else I had to tell you.
On the 1870 Census for Jackson County Alabama just beneath Andrew Redman and family is Sarah Ann married to William ??Gea?? At least that's how it's been transcribed. I've been over it many times and I believe it actually is Sea/Seay. The inumerator always left the bottom of the G's open and put a loop swirled over the bottom of his S's. Plus, I couldn't find any Gea's anywhere in the area. Though it's also possible it's meant to be Gay/e. There are many of that family on this same census.
Thank's again. Best to you, Sandy

Re: Andrew Redman/Redmond, brother to Armstead???

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QUOTE: lower down on the page Dock AKA Aaron Whiteaker and Manerva?

Can you please tell me how you know tht "Dock" is also called "Aaron" ?

And if you know who his parents are ?

I just found that some researchers are mixing up 2 different Aarons who are about 10 years different in age.

Thanks :)

Re: Andrew Redman/Redmond, brother to Armstead???

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QUOTE: family is Sarah Ann married to William ??Gea??

I looked at the 1870 census & agree with you that his G's are left open, so I think it must be SEA also.

Do you think they are related to your people somehow ?

Re: Andrew Redman/Redmond, brother to Armstead???

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Surnames: Redman, Whitaker, Quarles, Davis
I absolutely see why some researchers are confused. There does seem to be 2 different Aarons. And it's very possible one of his cousins named Aaron, and also from Virginia is living nearby him.
What I found though was even more confusing.
The reason I think Dock Whittaker and Minerva on the same census page as Andrew and Dydemia Redman in 1880 are of their family is because they named two of their children Andrew 6, and Didema 4, Whitaker (Also Mary 2, and William 1). And we know, as you pointed it out to me and I found it also that Martha Manerva Redman, daughter of Andrew and Dydemia married Aaron Whitaker.
I thought also that this Aaron was the son of John Whitaker and Martha Fulcher. His sister Rachel Caledonia married to Martha Manerva's brother Jefferson D. Redman. The DOB's for Aaron and Manerva match very closely with the census records I found for John and Martha Fulcher Whiteaker's children. Making Aaron born ca. 1853. This could be where the error is...but?
Then I found the two censuses for 1880 and that blew everything up. Because in one 1880 in Jackson County Alabama is Dock b 1852 and Manerva b. 1858 Whitaker and then in the 1880 census for nearby Dade County Georgia is Aaron Whitaker, Martha M Whitaker, with children Hattie J. 5, John A. 2, Mary L. 0.
The death certificate for Aaron says he was the son of John and Martha Fulcher. It says his wife was Ann Quarles. And their is a record for Ellen Jane Quarles Clouse, widow of George W. Clouse marrying Aaron Whitaker as second spouse.It give his birthdate however as 27 Dec. 1847. DOD as 3 Nov. 1932. Informant Jim Davis*
Now the DOB is suspect because John Whitaker didn't marry Martha Fulcher until 9/26/1849. They are on the 1850 census in Smyth County Virginia with 3 sons presumably from John's previous marriage, Alexander 8, James 6, and William 5. No Aaron. And no Daniel D. Whitaker. He was the next child, 2 years older than Aaron.
The next confusing issue was the death records for Hattie Jane Davis ( John Walter Davis) and Bessie Whitaker Davis (A.G. "Goldie" Davis) Both state their parents as Aaron Whitaker and Manerva Redman.(The Dade Co. Ga. group)
So...Dock and Manerva may not be the same as Aaron and Manerva. And I can see it being so close, that a property on the county line may have been accidentally inumerated twice, once for each county, but I can't understand the different names of the children of each couple. Or the fact that the second couple's children claim the family of the first couple. (Jeff clearly the son of Andrew and Dydamia) This is really strange. I have to wonder if Aaron wasn't up to something. Maybe things will clear themselves up as I get more information. Let's hope anyway.
Regards, as Always, Sandy

Re: Andrew Redman/Redmond, brother to Armstead???

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Hi Sandy :)

These records are really confusing because they seem to overlap. I will keep working on them but meanwhile, there is one thing I can clear up.

quote: "His sister Rachel Caledonia married to Martha Manerva's brother Jefferson D. Redman"

Andrew & Didemia's son is named Uriah Jefferson REDMAN & I don't know who he married.

But Rachel Callie WHITAKER married a different guy named
Jeff(erson) David REDMAN & here is his line ...

.1 William M. REDMAN=REDMON n=UK,Ireland d=USA
m=05 May 1819 TN,Blount-Co to Rebecca PATE

..2 John REDMAN m=Elizabeth ???
...3 Jacob REDMAN

..2 Moses A. REDMAN, Sr. n=08 Jan 1815 NC d=15 Apr 1899 AL,Morgan-Co
m1=bef.1836 Sarah KLINE=CLINE (divorced=1851/09 TN,Monroe Co)
m2=24 Dec 1851 TN,Monroe-Co to Jane YOUNG

...3a William H. REDMAN n=abt.1835 GA d=abt.1860 ARK,Pope-Co
m=19 Jul 1858 ARK,Pope-Co to (Charity) Elmira HUFFSTEDTLER

...3b Moses Andrew REDMAN, Jr. n=abt.1856 TN
m=15 May 1879 ARK,Pope-Co to Elizabeth SMITH

...3b Jason=Jacin=Jacen M. REDMAN n=Jun 1860 TN
m1=26 Nov 1885 ARK,Pope-Co to Mary I. VICK
m2=abt.1896 Liza B. SWITZER

...3b Jeff(erson) David REDMAN n=abt.1865 d=25 Nov 1934 TN,Hamilton-Co, Chattanooga m=Rachel Callie WHITAKER n=abt. Apr 1860 VA,Smyth-Co,Rich-Valley



Re: Andrew Redman/Redmond, brother to Armstead???

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I had hoped we had this cleared up.
I completely agree that Uriah J is Jefferson Redman. However if you compare the different censuses of Andrew and Didamia Redman with their children you will notice; Sarah becomes Sarah Ann(marries William Gee), Margaret J(marries as second wife of Leroy Choate), Ellender on another census becomes Sophie E., Mary E. beomes Elizabeth,ie Mary Elizabeth, Martha M (marries Aaron Whiteaker)becomes Manerva, Didamia T.(marries William Harris) becomes Tennessee Harris. So the idea that a family that uses it's middle name in such a fashion might call their son Uriah Jefferson just plain Jeff, or that he may have a nickname that we're unaware of is not so strange.
Then there's this:
1850 census Monroe Co. Tennessee
Moses Redman age 34
William Redman 15, Mary Redman 13, Jane Redman 12, Sarah Redman 11, There is no wife present. M.A. Redman marries Jane Young on 24 Dec. 1851 in Monroe Co. Tn.
1870 census Alexander, Benton, Missouri
Moses Redman age 55 Tn.
Jane Redman age 41 Tn.
Samuel K. Redman 17
Moses A Redman 14
Margaret Redman 12
Jasen M Redman 10
Jefferson D. Redman 8
Rebecca A Redman 6
Anney M. Dixon 52
Riley Dixon 14
Hariett Dixon 10 ..... Also present in Benton Co. Arkansas is Jacob Redman who marries Margaret Robinett 1877. I believe this to be the son of John and Elizabeth Redman of Monroe Tn.
1880 census Illinois, Pope County, Arkansas
Moses A Readman 65 Tn
Jane Readman 50 Tn
Jacin m Readman 20
Jeff Davis Readman 18 Tn
Rebecka A Readman 16 Tn
dtr Maggie Phelps 20 Tn
gr-son Ralf Phelps 4 Ark
gr-son Otius Phelps 1 Ark
I don't see how the Jefferson I'm referring to can be in two different places at the same time. 1870 in Benton Mo. and 1880 in Pope Ark. All the while moving through Dade Co. Ga., Jackson Co. Al., Marion Co. Tn., then Hamilton Co. Tn.
If There's DNA it may show a connection with the family of Moses. That's entirely possible. But, is there DNA to show this is the same family? And then remember, if the DNA of Jefferson that's married to Racheal Callie Whiteaker is the only sample people are going on and it's attached to the wrong family then everything prior to him is wrong. Is the any DNA from any of Moses other sons or John and Elizabeth's sons to match it to?
I still strongly contend that The Jefferson married to Rachel Callie Whiteaker is the son of Andrew and Didemia Redman and not the son of Moses and Jane. Plus, the name Uriah is the name of Jeremiah/Uriah Redman in Hamilton Co. Tn. that's related to Armstead Redman. That's what made me curious to start with.
Regards as Always and Best Wishes, Sandy

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