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Christian Miller/John Jacob Miller/William Logan Miller/Samuel Miller

Christian Miller/John Jacob Miller/William Logan Miller/Samuel Miller

Claudia (View posts)
Posted: 986139528000
Any information on this Miller family line would be appreciated. I am of the Samuel Miller family who moved to Oregon. We have a few pictures, but would like to put dates to them, if possible. Thanks, Claudia

Christian Miller

Posted: 987448582000
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What time frame are you talking about? I'm finding that the name Christian Miller is as common as a John Jones

Christian Miller

Claudia Degner (View posts)
Posted: 988018397000
In reply to your question about which Christian Miller, I was surfing the and believe (because of the indisputable fact that I know my gggrandfather had 16 children - 11 boys and 5 girls, and they called my gggrandfather Logan) it is the Christian Miller who was married to Araminta Whitehead, whose son was John Jacob Miller who married Mary "Docia" Holcomb Carson, whose son was William Logan Miller who married Harriet Reeves who together had 16 children one of which is my ggrandfather Samuel Leroy Miller who married Francis Elizabeth Drumm who together had 6 children one who was my grandfather Rollie Leroy Miller who married Anna Esther Elizabeth Fredrickson who together had 4 children one of which was my mother Verbu Marie Miller Lingel and then there was me. I noticed that had absolutely no information about my ggrandfather Samuel, I have only just begun searching for my roots, and few before me in Oregon have done so (to my knowledge). I do have records of local reunions that ended in 1980 and old pictures of family members (such as Logan and his family). Any information that you may have on this line of the Millers' would be more than I probably have now. I Thank you in advance, I would like to know where I came from, and what my heritage is, and I could give my portion of Samuel's family from Oregon. As far as dates go, I personally only have what I have seen others' submit to internet sites. Samuel was born 2-4-1859 moved to Oregon (from? Nebraska, Illinois, or Kentucky)as well as his brothers Willis and Forrest(Fraut)who moved to Junction City, Oregon. I have been told that Logan (William) Miller their father raised race horses in Kentucky, and that their mother was possibly from Spain?
Sincerely, Claudia Degner

Christian Miller

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Claudia: None of the Miller you mentioned are familiar to me. The Christian Miller I am seraching was born about 1790 +/- and lived in Centre County, PA for at least part of his life, I believe. He has a son, my gggrandfather, named David Emory Miller. David's son, John Welch Miller, my ggrandfather moved from Clearfield County, PA to Kansas City in about 1885. I have reason to believe they were Amish and/or Mennonites

RE: Christian

Claudia (View posts)
Posted: 988023301000
Sorry! Too bad, it wasn't the right Christian. Sooner or later we will be on the right track though. Good luck! Thank you for responding!

Re: Christian Miller

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Hi, This Christian Miller married to Araminta Whitehead was a Grgrgrgrandfather of mine, his son Daniel is my line of Millers. You can find more info of this family if you go to the Debord family and type in Christian Miller. I did not know Christian was the 1st one over from Germany. If you have any more info on him please let me know. thanks Char.

Re: Christian Miller/John Jacob Miller/William Logan Miller/Samuel Miller

Posted: 1085103054000
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Surnames: Miller
hello, I'am of this Christian Miller family form Christian's son Daniel Miller and wife Cynthia Denney Miller, who also came to Oregon in the 1852 wagon train. I have a family letter that states they moved to Illionis from Kentucky before going to Oregon. I would love to see any pictures of this family. The letter also states Docia Carson was an aunt of Kit Carsons. Hope you get this. Thanks Charlotte

Re: Christian Miller/John Jacob Miller/William Logan Miller/Samuel Miller

jill miller (View posts)
Posted: 1087874612000
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Surnames: miller
i have same family line more info

Re: Christian Miller/John Jacob Miller/William Logan Miller/Samuel Miller

Posted: 1091168927000
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Surnames: Miller, Carson, Holcomb
Hi all, I am also a descendent of this branch of Millers, through William Logan's son Robert William. I am completely stuck on this Docia, Mary Docia, Meridosia, Mariadocia, Lucia Carson person. I have seen her name so many different ways and I can't cement the connection to Kit Carson.

I don't think she could have been Kit's aunt... somewhere I have her quoted as saying that they were "own first cousins." Furthermore, she is only four years older than Kit and Kit's grandfather, who would have been Docia's father if she were Kit's aunt, was born in 1715 making it highly unlikely that he was Docia's father in 1804/5.

Some have suggested that Docia's father's name was Samuel Carson and that he was Kit Carson's uncle by way of being a brother to Kit's father Lindsey. The problem is that I can't find a real record anywhere of Lindsey having a brother named Samuel. I think someone just assumed that was Docia's father's name because she named one of her children Samuel Carson. Also, there is a highly tainted family tree on right now that records Lindsey as having a brother named Samuel, but it also says that some of the kids were born before their parents so don't trust it! I think it's more likely (although I can't prove it) that if Docia was related to Kit it might have been through Kit's brother Robert. I'll need to do more research to check it out unless anyone has some information they'd like to share!

Furthermore, I'd like to find out where the Holcomb name fits in to all of this. There were Holcombs, Carsons, and Millers all living together in Surry County, North Carolina in the early 1800s. Did Docia marry into the Carson family or the Holcomb family? Was she divorced or widowed before marrying John Jacob Miller? Or, is it possible that her mother was a Holcomb and her father a Carson (or the other way around) and that her middle name was one of their last names?

In 1810 and 1820 ther are Holcomb and Carson families living in Surry County that all have female children of the right age to be Docia. I can't make heads or tails of any of the names, but two that stick out as possibilites are Chloe Holcomb in 1820 (as Docia had a daughter named Chloe) and S. Carson in 1820 (but he lived in a different area of North Carolina: "West of the South Fork of the Catawba River").

If anyone has any information that relates to this or if you have already figured it out, please let me know! I'll be so happy once I can finally disentangle this big mess. :)

My line:
Christian Miller
John Jacob Miller
William Logan Miller
Robert William Miller
Harold Brownlow Miller
Jack Laurence Miller
Kailynn Miller
Braeden Emmel

Thanks in advance, Brady

Re: Christian Miller/John Jacob Miller/William Logan Miller/Samuel Miller

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Surnames: Miller
There is an out of print book called Echoes of the Past, compiled by the Yavapai County Cowbelles, Prescott, Arizona which contains a copy of a letter written by Samuel Carson Miller to a cousin in Illinois detailing his life since age 16 when he came west with his brother Jacob Leroy Miller to find and connect with their dad John Jacob Miller. They were a part of Joseph Reddeford Walker's pack train who left Calaveras Big Trees in California and trekked to Arizona in search of gold. Samuel Carson Miller describes his mother as 'the own true cousin of Kit Carson' whom they met at some point along the trail. Although I haven't yet established the fact, I believe Samuel was recruited by Kit for rather short service in the Civil War. The story is that Samuel did not get along with his older brother 'Logue' so appealed to his mother to leave home at 16 in the company of his brother Jacob.

I descend from Samuel Carson Miller and Mary Frances Sanders through their son Samuel Jacob Miller and Ethel H. Potter. I have source data obtained from the Sharlot Hall Museum in Prescott, AZ, detailing pioneers John Jacob Miller and Samuel Carson Miller.
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