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Giles GILBERT, mid 1500's England

Giles GILBERT, mid 1500's England

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Surnames: GILBERT
I have rather extensive info on lineage of Giles Gilbert's lineage that came to CT in early 1600's. Naturally, I am looking for more, especially earlier info if reputable and available. I'll be happy to exchange whatever I have; please specify text or gedcom. I am especially interested in Gilbert lineage before Giles...supposedly the Gilbert line can be successfully traced back to 1200's, but I don't expect a two year vacation anytime soon to root around British libraries (as much as I'd like to!). Anyway, my line goes from Devon, to Hartford and Waterbury, CT to upstate NY. Most of my info is direct line, but I have accumulated some other lines leading up to early last century. The latter is fairly limited, though. I'll post an Ahnentafel soon to this forum...if you see a connection, let me know.

Re: Giles GILBERT, mid 1500's England

dawn dunbar (View posts)
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Surnames: GILBERT

Re: John GILBERT (son of Giles)

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Hi Dawn,
I've posted an ahnentafel to this forum, and it has info on your John Gilbert towards the end of it. If you want the complete gedcom, let me know at my email address:


kathy (View posts)
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dear Scott I am looking for information on several John Gilberts. John born to Lord Thomas Gilbert and Abrey Warde in LittleEllingham, Norfolk, England in the late 1500's. John gilbert born to otho otis gilbert the high sherif and Elizabeth Hill, married to Elizabeth or Eliza Crocker and was born about 1479. John gilbert born to Jonathan Gilbert and Dorothy Stowe married to mary Harris and born 30 jun 1683. John gilbert of hartford hartford died 29 dec 1690 to john gilbert and lydia, married to Amy Lord on 6 may 1647. I also have about 7 Jonathan gilberts. contact me at

Early GILBERT Lineage

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Hi Kathy,

I have some info on the early Gilbert line, the one with Otho, and a solitary blurb of info on the earliest Gilbert from the late 1200's. I'm pretty sure I have the other Gilbert lines from the 1600's (the names sound familiar, but I'm not at home right now to check). My only problem is that I am lacking the link between Otho and my earliest Gilbert direct line. This may not be of much help, but possibly posting a message to and subscribing to their list could help. I originally subscribed several months ago, but haven't heard much useful info...lots of flaming and character assassination messages among professional medieval researchers. Nonetheless, now that my classes are (for a short time) over, I need to post an inquiry to the list about connections of the above-named Gilberts and some other lines of mine.

What I will do in the meantime is this: I will post several lineages to this message board...broken up on account of size...and this will include the names you mentioned. References are included wherever possible. I also have a human source of the Norman line of Gilberts (Giliberti), if this is of any help here. After I get my info together, I need to send an inquiry to him as well. If you like, being that you included your e-mail address in the follow-up message, I will send you my gedcom files in zip format; its about 660K and expands to roughly 3.5 meg. For this, just write a brief followup message to this string; saying something like, "Scott, send me the Gilbert gedcoms" or something similar. I will be notified of a followup via e-mail and then I'll send it right out.

Scott Williams

Re: Early GILBERT Lineage

kathy (View posts)
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Thanks for what ever you can give me. My printer is not working right now. I just started using computers so I am not too smart yet. I am not sure how to get what you were going to send me but maybe I can get someone to help me. AThank you. what I have starts with Gilbert born before 1072 about 1066 to be more exat. Born in days od Edward the confessor (1043-1065) of compton Castle, Manadon parish, Devonshire England Acording to family legend Gilbert was cousin to William the Conqorer. and was his right hand man when he took over so Willliam gave Gilbert the compton Castle for his valor and assistance in the conquest. From there I go to Thomas Gilbert married wife amy in 1072 They had a son named Geoffrey who married Joan Compton they had William who married Elizabeth Champernown and had Son William Gilbert who married Isagbel Gambon who had son Otho or Otis who was the high Sheriff and he married Elizabeth Hill. They had 5 children Elizabeth, John, Thomas, Otys, William. William married Agnes CAlile and they had son Richard who married Jaqust Rolle and then Elizabeth Newton who had a son Thomas Gilbert who married Abrey Wardeathey had a son John wo maarried Lydia and they had a son named johathan who married masry white wo had a son Jonathan who married Dorothy Stowe and they had 11 children: Mary, Jonathan, Mehitable, John, jonathan, jonathan, Nathaniel, Ezekiel(who married Patience Harris), Sarah, Mehitable and Ebenezer I come on down from Ezekiel and Patience.

Re: Early GILBERT Lineage

kathy (View posts)
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Surnames: GILBERT
Hi scott its me agian. I forgot to ask you who your earliest link to the Gilberts is may be I have it in my information and can help you make the link. I have quit abit of information. I have a 3 inch note book full of family grouping sheets.

Re: Early GILBERT Lineage

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Hi Kathy,
here it is:
Birth: ca. 1530/1535, Bridgewater, Somerset, England
Death: 17 Jun 1595, Bridgewater, Somerset, England, age: 65
Burial: Bridgewater, Somerset, England
Flags: Earliest Ancestor
Father: [?] Robert GILBERT, M (ca1509-)

Spouse: Joan PIERCE, F
Birth: ca 1539, Bridgwater, Somerset, England
Death: 16 Apr 1597, Bridgewater, Somerset, England, age: 58
Marr: 10 Aug 1571, Bridgwater, Somerset, England

Giles, M (1573-1626)
Elizabeth, F (1575-)
John, M (1577-ca1656)
Joan, F (1581-1615)
William, M (1582->1668)
Anne, F (1583-1615)
Thomas, M (1584-1639)
Susanna, F (1584-1602)
Matthew, M (1586-1637)
Humphrey, M (1588-1642)

Other Spouses Elizabeth, Johan

The existence of William, Thomas, Matthew, and Humphrey do no seem to fit in this family due to duplication of dates. This could be an error from whoever read the source documents or an incorrect conclusion by a LDS Ancestral File input. There is another line of Gilberts bearing quite similar given names from the same region, and these four may belong to that line. Also, I saw posted by a Richard Murdock (I have his email address at home) that the father of Giles, Sr. was Robert. There was nothing noted in the way of sources to substantiate this, however, and I've seen this noted in no other place. Thanks for the help!

Re: Early GILBERT Lineage

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Thanks Kathy,

This is the first time I've ever seen the full line from Jonathan (of Hartford) back to the earlier days. A couple questions I have are these: I guess the line I have, starting from Jonathan of Hartford (1617-1682), which goes like so:
father: Thomas (1589-1659) m. Lydia
gfather: Giles (1530-1595) m. Joan Pierce

may not be correct, or is it possible that Giles may have also went by the name Robert?

Also, the jump from Thomas Gilbert who married Amy in 1072 to Geoffrey, whose death date I have as (if I remember correctly) 1348, is a large jump. An excerpt of this line follows:

(4) Elizabeth Champernoun, F

Wife of William Gilbert, her son William Gilbert is named as an heir in the 1422/3 IPM of her nephew, Otho Champernoun. On 6 July 1380, Elizabeth, widow of William Gilbert was granted administration of her husband's estate.

Spouse: William Gilbert, M
Death Date: bef 1380
Death Place: Compton, Devon, England

Children: William, M (1428)

(5) William Gilbert, M
Birth Date: bef 1380
Death Date: aft 1428
Death Place: Compton, Devon, England

Children: Otho, M (1419-1493)

(6) Otho Gilbert, M
Birth Date: 24 Mar 1419
Birth Place: Compton, Devon, England
Death Date: 2 Feb 1493
Reli: baptised in the Church of St. John the Baptist at Marledon

Sheriff of Devonshire 1475-6, he was a Yorkist and was the first on the list of those to receive knighthood if Edward V had been crowned. His IPM was taken at Exeter 5 Aug 1493 and cancelled 17 Nov 1514 because it was not indented as the statute required.
Re: Pole's Devon, p. 280; IPM, Henry VII, 1: no. 755; Lists and Indexes, 9: 36; Devon and Cornwall Notes Queries, 20: 63; Paget's Prince of Wales, 2: 472; Vivian, p. 405, 486.

Spouse: Elizabeth Hill, F
Father: Robert Hill, M
Mother: Margaret Champernoun, F

Children: Joan, F

(7) Joan Gilbert, F

Spouse: Sir John Norbury, M
Birth Date: ca 1443
Death Date: 1504

What I'm saying is for about 300 years to be covered by 4 generations is odd; did you skip over any generations or is there a misprint in the dates?

This is the first time I had seen the wife of Thomas Gilbert (father of Jonathan of Hartford) mentioned as Abrey Wardeathey. Please keep in mind, I am not doubting your sincerity, Kathy. The info you posted doesn't match up in some instances with mine, so before I change my database I want to be sure of the sources. Let's keep this thread going...I really want to get this line worked out.



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Hi Kathy,

I'm just hopping around from message to message this morning! My gedcom is posted at [] and it has almost all of the Gilbert line I have found thus far; I updated it yesterday, however, I've entered more info since then and need to update it again. I'll check on the ones you mentioned specifically when I get home. I posted a brief Champernoun line at, and there is an excerpt of this in response to one your messages later in this thread.

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